Organization Name

Type: Governmental Force and Educational
Country: City-States of Rune
Headquarters: Aldebaran's Clocktower
Leader(s): Archmage Stanford and the Colors
Members: ~50000, ~3000 within Headquarters
Total Upkeep Costs: Not available to Players


The Wizard's Guild's purpose has been the hoarding and cataloging of magical knowledge, and to teach safe, practical magic to the masses that are willing to learn and wish to learn. The guild leaders forbade lofty, world-changing ambitions for mastery of the basics and applying knowledge to improving life via magic.

However, the practical uses of magic may supercede the tenant of control and patience. Enchanting is such a case, and some leaders encourage greater enchantments while others consider such things reckless.

Enchanting aside, the Guild stands for control, order, and respect of magic. It is a power to be feared, not exalted.


The Wizard's was established centuries ago, just after the Divine Right of the Royal Bloodlines were established in Rune. It has persisted through the times due to the consistent, responsible leaders that seek not to prevent learning but regulate it.

Nearly every magic school, in human-ruled cities, had a Wizard's Guild managed school at one point or another. And when they did not, those schools conformed to the rules and laws imposed by the tower out of practicality. While not perfectly respected, the tower was respected in one way or another.

While the Wizard's Guild had served governments before, it never truly held any real power save for when it was called upon to deal with magical issues from varying cities or the Royal Court.

Recent Development

  • The Wizard's Guild, since the dissolution of Divine Right and the establishment of the democracy of the Allied City-States, have gained full control over Aldebaran and rule it as its core political force. The hamstrung nobles of Geffen that fled to the city attempt to gain power
  • An ancient tenant was destroyed, which resulted in somewhat resentful concessions made to the Sage's Academy in the Northern Republic. They now share information and research with each other (in varying degree.)
  • After the Cycle of Mana, Rekkenber has severed most of its business ties with the Wizard's Guild due to their inability to control the violence of spectators during the presentation. While not immediately in danger of financial risk, the Wizard's Guild finds it is losing money at a steady pace.
  • With the Northern Republic becoming more and more starved and desperate, Aldebaran has allowing Republic Hunting companies to hunt within its territory.


  • The Wizard's Guild sells all licenses, as they are a governmental force..


  • The Wizard's Guild has many facilities related to enchanting and research of magic. However, most of them are only available to high ranking members of the guild.
  • Public Facilities are the basic library, and basic classes available to non-guild members. These contain the basics of learning, studying, and practicing magic.


  • The Wizard's Guild owns and manages the city of Aldebaran, and thus control many services and resources within it.
  • Tissanfonia - A “Demon” consultant of the Wizard's Guild. Her collected knowledge of Os magic and extensive knowledge regarding the soul are being exchanged for resources so Tissanfonia can continue her research.

Leaders and Ranking Members (NPCS)

  • Archwizard Tefari - Deceased
  • Archmage Stanford - Leader of the Wizard's Guild

Magi of the Colors - Senior Members of the Wizard's Guild, specializing in a specific element.

  • Yancy the Red - Fire Master
  • Timothy the Blue - Water Master
  • Charles the Green - Wind Master
  • Samantha the Yellow - Earth Master
  • Eve the Black - Dark Master
  • Clarence the White - Light Master
  • Sedrick the Grey - Spirit Master

Player Members (Non-Leaders)

  • Luciel - Wizard (In good standing)

Guild Ranks

  • Archwizard - The greatest of all magic-users, elected by popular vote from the Color Magi. They serve until death, or until they fail in their duties. This role is never contested by a duel or political means.
  • Archmage - The second greatest of all magic-users. A proxy role to the Archwizard, who manages both the tower and related facilities (or delegates them in a effective manner.) This position is garnered by competition and a vote.
  • Color Magi - Council Members that help rule and organize the Wizard's Guild. Some are even teachers, but most have duties beyond study. Color Magi handle external issues dealing with the guild (Politics and Militaristic issues.)
  • High Wizard - Highest ranking guild members outside of leaders. They act as clerks, researchers, teachers, and service providers to the public. All are of great skill, magically speaking, but most handle more practical and mundane tasks.
  • High Mage - High Mages, under High Wizard but above Wizards, are internal servants and instructors of the guild. While some High Mages may as much or more skill than High Wizards, they pick this role to ensure research freedom or teaching opprotunities.
  • Wizard - Members with varying responsibilities, but most are researchers who work independently or cooperatively. Life-time students are Wizards, as well. Occasionally, the guild has Wizards handle outside tasks when War-Mages or Mages are preoccupied.
  • Battle-Mage - Enforcers and the most “Adventurous” sort of the guild. They handle and engage in actual combat or dangerous situations the most. They are the hardiest, or most resourceful, of the guild and are the first to be sent into situations requiring tenacity.
  • Enchanter - Laborers of magical creations. They provide products the guild sells to non-magic-users. These members also research the practical uses for magic that can be placed on mundane, simple things to better life.
  • Mage - Greater than the basic students, these members have guild obligations and expectations to fulfill. In exchange, they enjoy certain services.
  • Apprentice - Aspirants to become full-fledged members through indentured service.
  • Student - Guild members only the sense they are obligated to pay for the classes they apply for. Otherwise, they are treated as non-guild members.

Guild Services

  • The Guild Library - A vast bank of magical knowledge, restricted by many levels of permissions. Level Zero, the public levels, is available to people in good standing to the Guild. The max level is Four, then esoteric levels of records related to all the elements in particular.
  • The Lecture Halls - Staffed by guild members, these teachers give hands-on practice and tutoring for those that qualify for such services. While most people pay for the service, devoted guild-members enjoy these lectures for free.
  • The Magi Quartermaster - An internal shop for guild members, who exchange Zeny or other currency for Guild Orbs. Orbs are used to purchase varying materials or services unavailable to non-guild members.

Guild Perks

  • Mage - Access to varying levels of lectures, without paying a fee. Access to higher levels of the library, above the public (zero) level. What is accessible is personal to each Mage, and should be noted on their Character Page, not dice sheet.
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