The Richarte Clan


Type: Undead Hunters
Country: Vahk'Sala
Headquarters: Misthollow Manor
Leader(s): The Elder Council
Members: Approx. 35 active hunters, 50 non-combatants

Purpose and Reputation

Born from the exile of their ancestor, Christopher Richarte, the Richarte Clan has devoted themselves to hunting those of the dark arts in all forms. Despite being forced out of Rune centuries ago, they remain close to it's border, ever watchful for undead threats both without and within. Wielding a curious mixture of holy magic and witchcraft, they often prefer to remain solitary and unnoticed, for there are few outside their close allies that appreciate their unprejudiced zeal in their task.They are also very loose in those they consort with. Over many generations within Vahk'Sala's borders, many elves and even cubi have intermingled into their bloodline, with humans only making up roughly half the clan.

With the help of the Ebony Eye, they keep up to date on the movements of dark forces around the region, dispatching trained slayers to track down and contain the situation before the local populace can become alarmed. Few among Rune or Vahk'Sala are aware of their efforts, and that suits the Clan just fine. They conduct themselves with the nobility their heritage brings, but remain ever humble in their tasks. Though rare, Slayers and Exorcists among the clan have been known to embark on journeys to the Sograt region, or even Arunafeltz. Though this typically only occurs in chase of a major target, such as a powerful vampire or lich.


The Richarte Clan was once a well regarded noble family among Geffen. Despite being a smaller family among the other nobles, they were known for producing many bold paladins and pious priests. Some 500 years ago, during the chaos of Glastheim's fall and the rise of the Prince of the Damned, a youthful paladin named Christopher became Lord of the family in it's aftermath, and set to be wed to Maria Selestre. A tragedy occurred in which the lord of the neighboring Tanner family fell victim to the vampiric plague and was reborn as Count Tanner, a fiendish undead. Having lusted from the young maiden of the Selestre family for some time, the Count stole the bride-to-be away one night, leaving Christopher for dead.

Christopher recovered, but despite his pleas, none of the noble families were willing to grant him aid or even acknowledge one among them had become a vampire. His own family was far too weak and devastated from the war against the Prince to help him. Desperate, Christopher sought out the Priestess of the witchfolk, Medea. Having seen how powerful the Rune Mistress was against the Prince of the Damned, he hoped that such forbidden magics might too help him in his hour of need.

Though the witchfolk were suspicious of this paladin in their midst, Medea sensed the earnest desire in the young man and granted her aid to him. After many weeks of tireless study and practice, Christopher had reached a point he was ready to face the Count. Setting out to the dark estate beyond Rune's borders that Tanner now called home, Christopher worked his way through all of the traps set before him by the malefic vampire. Finally clashing one on one, Tanner was unexpected of Christopher's growth in power and forced to flee.

Though Tanner was defeated, Maria was said to have been lost. Wearily, Christopher returned to Geffen, but faced immediate charges of heresy by the other noble families. Being led by the lord of the Kristelle family, the nobles forced Christopher and what few members of his family and servants remained into exile, for the sin of conspiring with witches. With his family in tow, Christopher took them to Misthollow Manor, the estate abandoned by Count Tanner after his battle.

Knowing full well that Tanner would be heard from again, and knowing that others of his kind would one day threaten good people, Christopher resolved to rebuild his family as hunters of the night. Growing ever stronger over the next several centuries, the family would turn into a far more noble, and far more militant version of it's former self. No longer merely Paladins and Priests, they would breed great Slayers and Exocists and push back the eternal night.

Recent Development

  • On the trail of Count Tanner with Gabriel Skybranch's, young Slayer Nathaniel encountered a group off to rescue Captain Aren Tensard from Levantis Olim's clutches. During the course of the events, Nathaniel discovered Olim to be in control of Tanner and the tragedies he brought upon the Richarte Clan, but at the cost of having to let Tanner escape once more.
  • Through talk of Nathaniel, the clan's elders has decided to send a few among them to ascertain to the situation in Rune and perhaps open a path to negotiating with the current Pope.


Misthollow Manor - The lair of Count Tanner prior to his first battle against Christopher. In the aftermath of the family's exile, Christopher took over the estate and made it into a new home for the family. Expanding over the years, the estate is now a sprawling castle fortress than a mere mansion. Within it's walls one will find training grounds in both martial and magic arts, luxurious halls for dining and rest, and the grand Richarte library, a source of all the gathered knowledge by the clan over it's 500 year history. It remains an open place of rest to all who would travel near it, family or not. Called home by a majority of the non-active members of the family and their servants.

Members and Associates

  • People
  • People

Allies and Enemies

  • The Ebony Eye - Allies in their battle against the endless night. One of the few groups to fully embrace the Richarte's and their ways.
  • The Church of Rune - The Clan prefers to remain unnoticed by the church, not wish to deal with a backlash for their “heretical ways”.
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