Within Amatsu, The Pyro Pandas hold a strong grasp over the firework market, and have steadily grown towards monopolization since its conception. However, their growth did not come about through suffocating their competition. Rather, The Pyro Pandas have readily welcomed (if not consumed) smaller businesses into their organization, and have expanded in that manner. Nevertheless, a hierarchy exists.

Kagerou Arai, a brusque, and intimidating man, commands the organization as a formidable entrepreneur. The Arai family’s lineage stretches endlessly into Ba Jinian history—although this may simply be a rumour exaggerated to mythic heights—and is the main family of the organization. Stemming from the notion of “main families,” The Pyro Panda hierarchical structure is constituted in a manner akin to that of the honke-bunke system of real world Japan.

Easily recognizable, and a household name, the organization is famous for their ornate fireworks and panda based branding. Members of The Pyro Pandas are identifiable by their affinity for panda hats, and their brilliant red clothing.

Ba Jinian celebrations are often accompanied by the fiery presence of The Pyro Pandas. New Years, festivals, birthdays and other celebrations are common events for the organization to cater to. Their clientele ranges from the smallest of families to nobility. And similarly, their products range from the tiniest of sparklers to firework cannons, reflecting their dominating presence in the pyrotechnic industry.


Ever since the advent of gunpowder, Ba Jinian artisans have long sought to repurpose the explosive mixture for creative expression. Although first invented to scare away evil spirits, and then used for warfare, fireworks have eventually become a mainstay in the cultural quilt of Ba Jin.

The Pyro Pandas started out as a small vendor of gunpowder in Louyang. Steadily, as the new invention catalyzed more innovation, demand for the powder soared. It was inevitable that the business flourished in response. Although war is oft a disruptive force, The Pyro Pandas took advantage of the sudden economic surge, and helped develop weaponized technology using their knowledge of pyrotechnics. After the civil war between the 115th Emperor’s descendants, their base of operations moved from the ashes of Louyang to Amatsu and has remained there ever since.

Currently, The Pyro Pandas continue to supply the majority of fireworks to the Ba Jin Empire. Furthermore, due to the advent of airships and other means of improved transportation, small attempts to reach international markets such as the Orbis of Midgard have begun through ambassadors selling Pyro Panda branded goods.

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