House of Reason

“For truth and reason, never to wane in Dark Ages.”

Type: Philosophical Institution
Country: Rune
Headquarters: Prontera
Leader(s): Nephilia Lacroix, Hibram Godfrey
Members: 250+

Purpose and Reputation

Based on philosophy and reason, the House is an evolving institution that promotes skepticism as well as finding one's inner peace in themselves rather than in the gods, recognizing that morals are taught by primarily people, living within a society. Its clerics and vindicators are all equal, with no gender preference, and the House operates as a replacement to its predecessor: the Church of Odin.

The House operates as a peacekeepers between existing beliefs in Rune, while providing guidelines for the people to believe what they wish to believe, while being tolerant toward others'. The House of Reason itself, however, has no Bible that it adheres to, but a Moral Code written by the Matron. While common and foreign people consider it as a new religion, in reality it isn't as its own teachings are not a dogma, but ideal morals that are debatable. Its clerics are also multi-disciplined in different foreign religions, from Rachel's Freyanism to Bajinian's Awakenism, increasing awareness and gather knowledge in regards faith, related magics and culture diversity.


After the discovery of Odin's true nature and the last Inquisition ever held, the Church fell to be replaced with the new philosophy of the House of Reason. This change has been welcome as well as heavily criticised, as it meant that the people have hammered the final nail in the coffin for the draconian era of Rune.

The Former Pope Lacroix, now known as the Matron, swiftly debunked the Sacred Bible to be replaced with two newer books hand-written by herself, supervised by the Patron, and re-revised by newly-appointed Arbiters. These are the Codex Moralis, also known as the Moral Code, and Codex Clericus, being the Cleric's Code. With the Moral Code being freely distributed throughout the keener Runian crowd to grow familiar with the newborn philosphy, the Cleric's Code grew to be a staple book for all newly appointed Clerics of the House.

From there on, the House expanded and seeped well into the country's fabric, keeping active through projects and services for the benefits of Rune.


  • Acolyte: the lowest rank in the Church. They take care of the mundane tasks such as delivering messages, maintaining Houses of Reason, and studying both scholarly and martial means to help defend the new-born philosophy of Rune.
  • Clerics & Arch-Clerics: the second rank of the House, and are the priest equivalent. They handle relief efforts and giving aid to less fortunate communities. Additionally, Clerics manage “calmer” magical disturbances within the land of Rune. The Clerics are handled by a small group of Arch-Clerics, who in turn report to the Grand Cleric and/or the Matron & Patron.
  • Laymen: They branch into two types: Laymen (re-purposed Paladins of the Holy Order) and Monks. They serve the House of Reason but also the King, and are promoted either from Clerics or straight from Acolyte position. They manage disputes between religious sources and handle matters that involve magic. Diplomats and investigators, these peacekeepers are trained and instructed to use force as a last resort, despite of their rigorous physical training. They are highly trained in Holy Magic, and varying degrees of martial combat.
  • Vindicator & Arch-Vindicators: the “wet-workers” of the House. Their training funded by the King, these individuals are picked from the most open-minded and intelligent of Clerics. Skilled with Anti-Magical means and equipment, the Vindicators react to crimes involving religion and the magic that often goes with it. All Vindicators go undercover one time or another, and have been given code-names befitting them. While they are secretive, their actions are made public by the Grand Vindicator (And Matron/Patron) to prevent a new Inquisition.
  • Arbiter: second most respected figures within the House. They act as a group of advisers to the Matron/Patron. An Arbiter’s role in the Church is oriented according to what he or she has been serving as all throughout their career with the House. For example; if an arbiter has been in the Cleric sub-tree and managed to arrive to its peak, therefore the next promotion comes with two titles: the Master Cleric and Arbiter. This pattern counts for all other positions, be it Master Vindicator, Master Laymen and Abbey Master. They also decide who the next Matron/Patron is through a democratic vote from nominations of the most respected in the House.
  • Matron & Patron: the most respected figures. These two individuals exalt the tolerance and kindness that serve as examples to the rest of the House. They handle managing the House, raising funds, and teaching the more important lessons of the house.

Recent Development

  • Received a very generous donation of 150,000z. Plans on-going to put it in use for the poor, as asked by donator.
  • The House of Reason proudly declares the second milestone of Project Grace, which is separately funded by most of the authorities in Rune! It entails the construction of the biggest medical facility to be ever established: the Common Hospital. This new facility would further research and development by providing much better healthcare with the advancement of new medication, procedures and betterment of services. A piece of large property has just been purchased, in process of knocking down old building and building anew. Estimated time of completion is between 6 months to 1 year.


  • Wizardry Licence
  • Merchant Licence


  • Bunkhouses and Condominiums.
  • Storage and Meeting Hall.
  • Larder and Kitchen.
  • Superior Workshop.
  • Superior Sanctum.
  • Superior Forge. (Semi-Closed)
  • Library. (Restricted)


  • Prontera Cathedral: The main base of operations, it houses most of the Arbiters, the Matron and the Patron's workplaces as well as the Clerics.
  • Common Hospital: Under construction. A very large property bought in Prontera for its construction. Estimated time of finish is 6 months to 1 year.
  • Houses of Healing: Once Churches, these buildings have been re-furbished and equipped with much study of very advanced Holy healing techniques, treating more complex and heavy injuries by the most skilled Clerics throughout Rune. These are situated in Prontera, Karnorc, Alberta and Aldebaran.
  • Abodes of Healing: Once known as Chapels, these buildings have been re-purposed has hubs for minor healings and treatment of common injuries. These are situated almost everywhere in Rune.

Members and Associates

  • Nephilia Lacroix, Matron
  • Hibram Godfrey, Patron
  • Amdusias, Abbey Master/Arbiter of Prontera
  • Aletheia San Domingo, Arbiter of Alberta
  • Terion Dupont, Master Layman
  • Xalvador Moore, Cleric of Prontera

Allies and Enemies

  • Allied City-States of Rune: Situated in and loyal to the lands. Partially funded by different patrons from all the cities.
  • Church of Dawn: Believed to be wiped out, it is suspected that priests and nuns may still be roaming about. The House keeps wary and on the lookout.
  • Church of Odin: Believed to be disbanded, the House still keeps a close eye in case it sprouts once more. A new version of the Church has just emerged, which makes the House rather sceptic and worried about this slow uprise of new holy crusaders.
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