Alberta Adventurer's Center


Type Political Guardian
Country The Holy Kingdom of Rune
Headquarters Alberta Port
Leader Kid Item
Total Upkeep Costs 32,500z
Members 32+
Status Recruiting
Merchant’s License The Holy Kingdom of Rune
Munition's License All Countries
Alchemy License All Countries
Wizardry License All Countries
Military License All Countries
Guild Funds MAY
Adventure Store 000z
Member Donations 000z
Finances 10,000z
Potion Creation -3,000z
Upkeep -Paid by Rune
Total 177,150z

Rules and Guidelines

It is implied that what's written below is known ICly by any character that joins. It is posted in the lounge of the A.A.C. base. And is written in each personal file of newly recruited members. They are as follows:

  • Members agree to use their best judgement and “Common sense” in ALL of their decision making affairs.
  • Members abide by all regulations of the land. Respecting figures of authority that represent law enforcement, understanding they themselves do not supersede such.
  • Members do not openly seek conflict. Of any sort. Where self defense is justified it is allowed.
  • Members understand that while participating and accepting jobs they do so of their own volition and do not bring reproach to the guild.
  • Members are free to accept donations of both a personal and professional nature. But never insist on payment from clients and quests.
  • Members are always allowed to pursue personal endeavors however, when outstanding work orders are present they must apply for work orders.
  • OOC:If your character resides in the home country of A.A.C. (Rune) It is implied they stay at the base in some capacity. Even if they “Camp out” as in alternative to sleeping inside…like people… This is because joining the A.A.C. provides the Decent living style, which is benefited from no matter where the character travels. If they are away from base for a extended period of time, it will be ICly implied care packages are regularly sent. Such as tents and camping materials, rations, and changes of clothing.

Purpose and Reputation

Alberta Adventurer's Center, formerly known as Entropy's Cure, is a growing organization dedicated to supporting Rune, and adventurers world wide. by maintaining a solid hold in several communities worldwide and funding through Rune, the A.A.C. Consists of highly skilled scholars, magicians, ex captains, well verse medics, strategists, negotiators, combat specialists, and information brokers. the A.A.C. is well prepared to handle any need the land may have.

Despite their past involvement in global affairs the A.A.C. is focused more on local concerns. Still, all members are allowed to engage in personal pursuits that may station them anywhere. Their leader, Kid Item, provides all that he can in the support of the worlds adventurers. Firmly believing their allied and united front in the world is the major driving force of exploration, protection, and discovery in all lands.

Starchord Estate Facilities
Bunkhouse A place for a troop of 25 members to rest, this provides frugal upkeep to members. It includes bathrooms, but offers little privacy.
Condominium Spacious rooms meant for use by single or pairs of people. Provides free decent personal upkeep for PC Guild Members.
Hall A large room, built for meetings and dining.
Kitchen Food is stored and prepped here for cooking. Large enough to supply the Estate.
Storage A place for storing things, it provides a strong lock to secure it.
Forge A place to craft tools and weapons from wood, stone, and metal. Does not include bows, crossbows, magical catalysts, or firearms. CLOSED
Workshop A place to craft fine items, weapons, and devices like bows, crossbows, and firearms. (Not melee weapons or magical catalysts.)
Sanctum A place to craft simple magical items, like catalysts and trivial magical devices.
Laboratory A place to craft potions from minerals, herb, and the like.
Starchord Adventure Store A small shop recently opened to provide additional funds to the guild.
The Starchord Clinic A small clinic run by Winlow Castiel, offering medical care for it's members and civilians.
Training Grounds Indoor and Outdoor training grounds for members, they also maintain the grounds around it.
Starchord Armory
Common Armor Set XX
Starter Weaponry Set XX
Nahr Tribe Fire Spears 69, +1ATK, Fire Attribute
Poison Dagger Applies stacking DoT on targets it hits. Poison deals 1 damage, and lasts 2 turns. Stacks infinitely.
Counter Daggers 2, +1 Damage, automatically counter attacks any attacks made in melee
Ruined Armor Not magical. Just plain light armor that needs to be repaired. Fitted for a male elf.
Fire Dragon Scale Lowers all Fire Spell cooldowns by 1.
Wind Dragon Scale Lowers all Wind Spell Cooldowns by 1.


Entropy's Cure, now Alberta Adventuer's Center, was founded by ex-captain Teresa Starchord as a small mercenary unit. Comprised of several men and women who defected from several armies or other prominent factions. The original purpose of the E.C. was to be an elite covert tactical force strictly meant to subdue enemy spies and prevent espionage of any hostile government. Not the support of just one. But to ensure no one sought war with one another. It was Teresa's solid belief that even though it's possible for all to live in peace mankind has not yet reached a state of wisdom and maturity to actively seek it as a united people. Until that time came, her and her troop will keep each nations sword pointed down.

Over time it became apparent that there were extensive local needs. People needed food, protection, healthcare. These were not the duties a knight could satisfy. No king could appoint a task to quell all the citizens problems. So the E.C. opened its remodeled doors as a community help center. Taking both city and government jobs varying in size, pay, and severity. Helping the community became paramount to helping the country. And the thoughts of expanding for material gain, trivial.

This is how Entropy's Cure has function. From it's founding 10 years ago. To it's current state today. Since the passing of Lady Teresa Starchord there has been new management but the goal and focus has remained the same. Preserving peace, until mankind finally feels the need to do so unitedly.


Arunafeltz Emirates Good
Assisted in solving the conspiracy against Malik Rahan Jandis, keeping the conflict between the Bashir and the Capital to a minimum. 2Star member Adriana Dupont found and provided a cure for a poison used on the people of Rachel, as well as it military. Currently now in a business with, selling Cool Coats.
The Floating City of Juperos Establishing
Home to the second base for Entropy's Cure. Plans to operate from said base in the making.
The Kingdom of Glastheim Great
Often sends aid to the kingdom, as well as supplied for rebuilding. They have a business relationship based on Cool Coats.
The Holy Kingdom of Rune Good
Having a base in the country while maintaining a firm neutrality can be difficult, they often send troops and supplies to help cities while at war - Often offering medical aid to it's citizens free of charge.
Vahk'SalaCountry Strained
While on positive terms with Marcvharias Goldwing, being a predominately human guild they are viewed poorly.
Sograt Regime ???
Currently underway to send aid to the country, in hopes of setting a postive example in aiding it's people in their time of need.
Entropy Guild Members
Kid Item
Lael Maizer Fourth Star/Guard Often positioned at the gates of Entropy's Cure, no one is permitted entrance without her say so.
Sol Arcturus Fourth Star/Guard Fellow subordinate. Armed and trained to protect the E.C. compound.
Winlow Castiel Third Star/ Doctor Head of the Clinic, she assists in the creation of potions.
Adventure Members
Oliver Celes Comet Field worker. Diligently accomplishes assigned tasks.
Lunette Gael Comet Field worker. Diligently accomplishes assigned tasks.


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