Ebony Eye Guild

Type: Government Enforcers
Country: Vah'ak Sala
Headquarters: Supposedly in Geffenia
Leader(s): The Overseer
Members: Unknown. Suspected over 50

Purpose and Reputation

Ebony Eye Guild oversees the use and abuse of magic, mana and anything associated with it though Vah'ak Sala. For the most part the guild keeps away from public eyes but it`s existence is well known and respected. Their agents often lurk in any hot spots, picking valuable information regarding dangerous or potentially dangerous people.

Citizens of Vah'ak Sala regard them as the highest enforcers of the law and general peace keepers. Because of the secrecy of this guild its agents can often, and most likely, be mistaken for ordinary citizens as it is part of their job is to blend with the masses.


The guild was founded roughly 600 years ago. Their base of operation is unknown though rumored to be in Geffenia.

In the past the Ebony Eye Guild is known to have dealt with past highly dangerous criminals and preventing the abuse of mana.

Majority of their cases are classified but well kept in their archives.

Recent Development


Grand knowledge of magic, artifacts, relics, magical enchantments, and magical creatures.

The Ebony Eye Guild is funded by all of the noble families in Vah'ak Sala

Members and Associates

  • The Overseer - ????
  • The Watchers - They assign and oversee missions but rarely personally get involved. They determinate the resources and items which would be spent on a mission. All seekers report to the watcher assigned for their group. (Known Watchers: Galadriel Skybranch)
  • The Seekers - Highly trained agents often working in a group who execute missions assigned by The Watcher. (Known Seekers: None)
  • The Observers - Those agents` sole purpose is to gather information, rumors and deliver messages. They are well trained to blend with the common people. (Known Observers: None)

Allies and Enemies

  • The Richarte Clan - Allies. They often exchange information and knowledge.
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