Witch Covens & Gatherings

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Type: Magical & Alchemical Tuition. Cultural.
Country: Orbis of Midgard
Headquarters: Kingdom of Glast
Leader(s): Medea/Sif, Diana, Morgaine, Hekate, Cernunnos, Circe, Frigrith, Loki
Members: Unknown

Purpose and Reputation

Witch Covens and Gathering serve the purpose to continue their long-standing practices of Witchcraft, along with its traditions and lifestyle. Witches are somewhere in between being scholarly, alchemical and magical in their approach as they delve in High Magic with particular focus on Spirit Magic, Artifice and Alchemy.

Witches also do uphold certain kinds of beliefs and myths, but do not quite embrace the concept of dieties or celestial beings. Instead they recognise the Os as being one of, if not the most, ancient of races on Aurora and for a very long time (even now) they are still led by their “founders”, with Medea being considered as the Queen over all witches. Diana the Wise, Morgaine Le Fay, Hekate, Cernunnos the Horned One, Circe, Frigrith (deceased) and Loki the Trickster are regarded as the following most important figures right after Medea, and all of them being Os.


The following information can be found in history books, specifically designed to teach about Witchcraft Origins. Its accuracy can be disputed greatly, but so far it is what is known.

  • Late 1490s, early 1500s - The Magic Council of Galdea: Witchcraft descends from the Magic Council of Galdea, where there was a mixture of Nos and other beings that operated in this particular Council. The Council was made of eight individuals, which are Medea, Cernunnos the Horned One, Morgaine le Fay, Loki the Trickster, Diana the Wise, Hekate, Frig and Circe. Their major dispute, which theoretically led to the end of the Council, was a feud about whether or not their magic should be taught to the beings of the new world. Coupled with Galdea's disastrous fall, this marked the end of the Council.
  • 1500s - The Epic Poem: At one point in time, a Poem of unknown author has detailed a story that has been regarded as the biggest treasure of all the witchfolk. It is the grand myth that witchfolk regard as the shining example of how one is to make their journey through the Craft, which follows a character being the first witch named Aradia. She embarked upon a grand journey that made her know the symbolic God and Goddess of the world (not actual dieties, but characterisation of the world's aspects), its seasons and its days of the year that originated their calendar as well as their 8 most important days of the year. Through the journey she also learns of the Paragons who has passed her on a set of morals which are still upholded nowadays, which are the Rule of Return (what is done comes back threefold) and harm none, and do as you will
  • Early 1510s - The Commoners' Magic: Witchcraft was growing rapidly with many Covens opening up, with 8 big Covens that had the High Priests and Priestesses being the original 8 Council Members. This was followed by an uprise of smaller covens driven entirely by beings that lived on the new world. The practice of the Craft always had a rocky start; being deemed as the magic of the common folk, credibility was hard to build when the Church of Odin was continuously opposing its rise. Their rivalry with the Wizard's Guild was also something that hindered its development, having the Guild recognised by authorities but not Witchcraft. Eventually, Glastheim accepted Witchcraft as being a proper form of legal practice, until it got routed with Holy Wars.
  • Late 2400s - Oath of Silence: After Glastheim's fall, Witchcraft was labelled as being dangerous and nefarious more than ever before due to “consorting with demons”. Covens were permanently sunk into hiding, and all of the Covens adapted the Oath of Silence to preserve their practices both as Coven as well as individual Witches. The Oath dictated that no coven could interact with another and all witches cannot speak in public about their craft, not even among members themselves if foreign eyes are upon them. Such a law was known to be fiercely enforced for at least the following 600 years.
  • 2410s till Early 3000s - Conflicts: Witchcraft shares a long history of suppression and hunts from Rune and the Church. Wars between Covens are also recorded in this very long period, having around two to three major wars burst underground as the strife of hunts brewed, which involved massive trickery more than direct onslaught, and preferred discreetly cursing that firing spells at each other. One popular method of trickery involved the manipulation of the Church's witch hunts, using it to annihilate enemy covens instead of direct confrontation.
  • 3012 - Into the Light: Due to the rise of New Glastheim as well as the Fall of the Church, Witchcraft had a safe haven in order to surface upon. The first and only Coven thus far that has surfaced is the Sacred Woods Coven, with other very small covens following suit.
  • 3014-3015 - End of Coven Wars and Full Exposure: The Covens, after standing in conflict and be wary of one another, united under the common goal of bringing down Frigrith's Coven “The White Sun”. Identified in white cloaks, the coven has managed to consume a lot of the bigger covens until it was undone by a group referred to as the White Witch Slayers, led by the Star. With the Paragons back together, it is deemed to be a milestone for the witchfolk's progression on working single-mindedly onto exposing their practices to the public, with preference to Glastheim as a new operating grounds for the Paragons to gather.

Recent Development

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It is said that there are many covens and gatherings all throughout the Orbis of Midgard, and many more that practice witchcraft as solitary practice. Gatherings have a very simple structure; all of them have a High Priest or Priestess that leads the coven, the coven is named after a pathway or belief the gathering follows and all tend to have a book of knowledge shared between all members. However the most well-known covens and gatherings are listed here

Coven of the Sacred Woods

Location: Heidelberg, Kingdom of Glast
Colour: Brown
State: Active
Also known as the Witches of Heidelberg, it is led by the paragon Medea Coeur, also known as Sif. The coven's main teachings revolve around the Spirit of the World, in particular focus on learning all about Spirit Magic and whatever it entails. Spirit Healers, Seers and Mediums is what the coven is best to generate.

Tri Coven

Location: Western Bordern, Kingdom of Glast.
Colour: Black
State: Active
Led by Hekate, the coven is heavily orientated on Illusioncraft through Dark Magic and is known to be employable as a primary mechanisms for their own defense and protection. However with the recent acceptance of the Craft, some of its members are also known to learning to wield Holy Magics in the same manner.

Silver Gale Coven

Location: Izlude, City States of Rune.
Colour: Green
State: Active
Led by Diana, the gathering is mostly oriented on Spirit Magic that verges on offensive techniques, combining the power of magic and physical weaponry through Archery. They are also known to learn techniques in utilising spirit as an extension of oneself, stretching out their line of sight beyond physical boundaries.

Fae Coven

Location: Aldebaran, City States of Rune.
Colour: Navy Blue
State: Active
Led by Morgaine Le Fay, much of its members are mistaken to be made out of what are called the Fae, however it is only because they harness the power passed down by their Paragon. Due to this gift, the coven is good in having skills concerning espionage, scouting and spying.

Sunforge Coven

Location: Eastern Border, Vahk'Sala.
Colour: Orange
State: Active
Led by Circe, the coven is known mostly for its alchemical advances while utilizing spirit magic to connect with nature, aiding their craft. However the coven is more silent than the others, and not much more information is known.

Coven of the White Sun

Location: Sograt Regime.
Colour: White
State: Active
Formerly led by Frigrith and was the main cause of discourse between many of the existing covens and the main reason why Glastheim fell for a day. Now led under a human High Priest named Aeneas, they have evicted themselves to the Sograt Regime to continue their practices, that being healing and illusioncraft through Holy Magic alone.

Coven of the Black Raven

Location: Geffen, City State of Rune
State: Ceased
Formerly led by Loki, the coven was notorious for its power in illusions generated through Dark Magic as well as Artifice practices for shady operations. Known to be in alliance with the Coven of the White Sun, the coven has operated for many years in service of not Loki but also Frigrith. It was said to have been eridacted shortly before the the Nos Queen's War that partook in the Orbis of Midgard by the Coven of the Sacred Woods.

Triad Coven

Location: City State of Rune
State: Ceased
The coven was made of only 3 members; Sharon of the Sacred Woods, Gilda of the Silver Gale and Esmera of the Tri. It was formed during the oppressions of the Churh of Odin, however it has grew corrupt and Esmera ended up retailiating against the witchfolk and the House alike for their changed ways.

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