The usage and study of Magic and Mana entwines with Aurora's history all the way back to the first written word, and likely even further! There are many Schools of Magic, and several ways to be a practitioner within these Schools - and beyond that there are cultural and regional influences, as well.

Listed below are some of the more 'known' types of Magic. Some are common, some are rare, and some aren't even legal. All of them are powerful in their own rights, but not always in the sense of raw destruction. Magic can harm, but magic also has many other purposes. It can heal wounds, bolster allies in an impossible number of ways, change the environment or terrain when properly utilized, and even forge links between peoples’ very souls.

Like with everything on Aurora, players are encouraged to be creative, explore the world, and have their own unique take on things… While being mindful of the lore and the limitations of it. If you're intending to play a Mage, please make sure to read up on the magic systems and learn as much as you can! Even if you aren’t, however, some knowledge of Magic and Mana is considered ‘common knowledge’. You might find it prudent to look through these articles regardless, to give even a non-Magical character the kind of insight they should have.

Elemental Magic || High Magic || Artificery || Necromancy || Vodun & Witchcraft || Portal Magic || Summoning || Superior Magic

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Branches of Magic

Elemental Magics
Elemental Magic encompasses the four Primary and six Secondary Elements. These make up the world, everything from simple Earth to more complicated Ice or Lightning.

High Magics
High Magics are Light, Shadow and Spirit. While they do exist in the world, they’re not often ‘natural forces’ and are therefore classified in a different manner.

Artificery is an all-encompassing form of magic that has roots in ancient history, but has only recently become relevant again thanks to research in the Schwartzvald Republic.

Necromancy is the art of raising undead matter in virtually any shape. Most people use simple skeletons or zombies, but there are more creative practicioners as well…

Vodun & Witchcraft
Vodun & Witchraft are different practices, but from the same roots. They’re as ancient as Artificery, but perhaps less relevant in the modern era…

Portal Magics
Portals are a means of efficient travel, though expensive both to utilize and to learn. That makes it a rare talent, but one that’s in high demand, too.

Summoning is the art of creating a magical companion, usually an elemental, from thin air - at least, apparently. The truth is more dire, but known to few…

Superior Magics
Superior Magic is the classification for spells used or made by Nos and Os. While they’re always incredibly powerful in effect, they also carry a high price.

Other Magics
There are branches of magic beyond what the ones listed within this article. Either newly discovered or exceedingly rare, there's always more to unearth…

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