The Economy

Money makes the world go 'round, at least for the civilized societies established among the intelligent races. Money works just about as you’d expect it to! It's essential for multiple things: Paying bills, buying things, owning land, spending it all in a casino after a night of binge drinking… All of the currencies of the world have their own base worth, shorthand symbols, and a small piece of history of origin.

Currency Types

  • Runian Zeny (z): Runian Zeny is a reasonably old currency, created when Rune itself was founded. It remains an incredibly stable currency, accepted almost everywhere thanks to this, and its value has barely changed throughout the course of history! It comes in coins and bills, though the latter is a more recent addition (within the last 5 years).
  • Republican Marck (Mk): Republican Marcks are a currency of bills and coins, though with more focus on the former. They were the first nation to use such, though it's caught on elsewhere, and their currency's value has been steadily declining over the last several years… It's the least valuable currency in sheer volume, at the moment.
  • Aruni Darik (dr): Aruni Dariks are a simple currency, worth roughly twice as much as zeny due to the rather rare metals their coins are crafted from. Ranging from iron to more valuable silver, each of them is circular in shape and bears the image of the goddess Freya.
  • Sograti Rira (R): The Sograti Rira is not a very valuable currency, but it still holds more worth than the Marck. The southern desert's economy isn't exactly flourishing, and even though the coins are made from precious metals, they don't carry much value.
  • Geffenian Gemmite (GM): Geffenian Gemmites are circular, hoop-like coins with incredibly valuable gemstones inserted into their centers. The color determines their value, but even the least valuable coins carry great worth!
  • Taros Grande (tg): Taros Grande are a fairly simple currency, in design anyway, bearing little more than an image of the southern islands on one side and the coin's value on the other.
  • Bajinian Yuan (¥): Ba Jin Yuan is the amalgamation of what used to be several different nations' worth of currency. A complicated mixture of different coins and bills is the result, though residents have no difficulty with it!
  • Sybirian Roble (ro): The Sybirian Roble, much like the Geffenian Gemmite, is worth so much because of its construction. Magical gems that are valuable in every other part of the world are fairly commonplace there, and with a shortage of metal, they forged these into coins for their currency! They hold great value, though not as much as Gemmites.

Currency Table

x Zeny Marck Darik Rira Gemmite T. Grande Yuan Roble
1z x 1,000Mk 0.5dr 10R 0.01GM 5tg 0.10ro
1Mk 0.001z x 0.0005dr 0.01R 0.00001GM 0.005tg 0.003¥ 0.0001ro
1dr 2z 2,000Mk x 20R 0.02GM 10tg 0.20ro
1R 0.10z 100Mk 0.05dr x 0.001GM 0.5tg 0.33¥ 0.01ro
1GM 100z 100,000Mk 50dr 1,000R x 500tg 300¥ 10ro
1tg 0.20z 200Mk 0.10dr 2R 0.002GM x 0.60¥ 0.02ro
0.25z 250Mk 0.125dr 2.50R 0.0025GM 1.25tg x 0.025ro
1ro 10z 10,000Mk 5dr 100R 0.10GM 50tg 30¥ x

Character Income & Expenditures

Personal Upkeep

Personal Upkeep is a mixture of expenses and income, though a freshly created character has little in the way of either! You can find more information on upkeep in the appropriate document linked below.

You can find the Character Upkeep document here!

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