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The Southern Seas

El Quattor || West Victoria || Nova Gloria || Wyrmwater

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Countries and Regions

Barony of El Quattor
Known casually as the Southern Islands, El Quattor is the sole place in all of the Southern Seas that could be considered a full country. Quattori society is rich, populous, and modern in overwhelming amounts, but only rose out of being a backwater country of pirates and cartels to an influential world power in the past few years. The islands are a melting pot of cultures and races, and the re-discovery of ancient, cosmic secrets in the Barony's past holds a powerful grip on its' peoples day-to-day lives.

Territory of West Victoria
At the southern edge of the known world lies the dark sub-continent of West Victoria, blanketed by a thick canopy of enormous trees, not unlike the woods and jungles of Vahk'sala. The landmass is rich in ancient ruins and sprawling cities of stone, steel and magic- But no known inhabitants. In recent years, it's caught the eye of more than a few would-be explorers, scholars, and private interests that established a small trading hub.

City-State of Nova Gloria
A former colony of the old Kingdom of Rune, which has unceremoniously claimed independence in recent years following Rune's dissolution into independent city-states. The islands' people hold steadfast to their faith in Odin, in spite of Rune's cultural upheavals, and shun modernity in many forms- To the point of asking visitors to surrender certain items during their stay.

City-State of Wyrmwater
In a different time, the Goblins, Orcs, and Kobold folk of Midgard were often exiled in great numbers from the mainland, and forced to wander the oceans. While many ended up in the islands of El Quattor, others took to forging their own societies on barren isles- The large of which being Wyrmwater. The island's peak is dominated by an Orcish citadel, and its name derives from its founder splitting the head of a wyvern lord in half with their bare hands.

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