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Nosgard: The Old World

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Yalla || Carnivale || Ihrs || Lusarus || Regross || Shar'Ajad

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OLD :: One of the most populated kingdoms in Nosgard, Yalla is also one of the few locations to have the warp that links Nosgard to Aurora, and shares a solid alliance with the mortals above, most notably the kingdom of Glastheim where the warp is located on Aurora.

OLD :: The kingdom of Carnivale is a giant circus by its own right. Those rejected by the general Nosgard society, physically or mentally banded together to create a new kingdom under the trickster king's lead, and would become the most loyal supporters of the judge.

OLD :: The kingdom of Ihrs was one of the scientific forefronts in magical research in Nosgard, in the inter-kingdom meeting they were the ones that provided the Jadis. However, a surprise attack from Lusarus destroyed Ihrs completely and left it in ruins

OLD :: War-mongering and powerful, Lusarus is one of the most militarily superior kingdoms of Nosgard. They have, in the past allied themselves with Amdis in the schism of Nosgard, and would be feared amongst the enemy forces.

OLD :: Formerly known as the realm of the dead, where Aurora's soul cycle was situated before the Judge and her Agents established a new, natural cycle. Now a protector of the newly stablised Cycle, it is being reformed as one of the most magically strong & habitable places in Nosgard.

OLD :: Regross was widely known for being the largest exporter of mana crystals, being the source of food for almost the entirety of Nosgard. The kingdom is guarded by a natural barrier, the brutal Nos race known as the Hayathi.

OLD :: Known as the White Kingdom, Shar'ajad has always maintained a sign of peace and remained neutral in many conflicts. Residents of the kingdom will often be seen in all white and devoted towards their king.

Ruined Kingdoms

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OLD :: Asmuth was the kingdom of warriors, although few in number and small in size, Asmuth's warriors were formidable opponents to fight against. It was also the only kingdom in Nosgard to produce memorium crystals from its underground mines.

OLD :: The kingdom of Arlan'dhar was made up of Nos that can manipulate the fabrics of dreams. It was dissolved under mysterious circumstances, the last reigning queen of Arlan'dhar is Brunhilda.

OLD :: The kingdom of Enresse was known for its architectures and crafts throughout the ages, the pride of Enresse being the tall tower that stands in the middle of the kingdom. However, much of the kingdom's history has been lost in the history of Nosgard.

OLD :: The kingdom of Lagros once sought to harness the power of the void, this attempt failed, and a monster was born from the void that ultimately destroyed the kingdom and plagued Nosgard for many years before it was eventually destroyed by people from Aurora.

OLD :: The kingdom of Olympus was located on the largest mountains of Nosgard, being a large kingdom itself, the kingdom was one of the notable victims of the Schism.

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