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The West: Midgard

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West Rune || East Rune || Glastheim || Sograt || Vahk'Sala

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The Free City-States of Rune
Western Rune || Eastern Rune
OLD:: With the Capital city being Prontera, the Nation's political system is a Democracy. It has at least 500,000 people living within the Kingdom and the setting is settled as Medieval style.

The Kingdom of Glastheim
OLD :: The Kingdom of Glastheim was recognized as an independent kingdom after the Demon War`s end. With population of roughly 70 000 (and rising) since the recent rebuilds, the kingdom is beginning to stand up on par with its neighbors.

The Sograt Regime
OLD :: South of the Allied City-States of Rune lies a vast desert called the Sograt, the desert region of Midgard. It is considered as a country on its own with Morroc as its Capital.

Vahk'Sala Empire
OLD :: On the western side of Midgard is a forest with a veil of mystery as the it is the home of the Yggdrasil Tree. Not much is know of this forest, yet it is well known that there is a city by the Tree itself, called Geffenia and is considered as the Capital of this region.

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