Zefirous Camilla Ledge

“Adjusting to normalcy again is… H-hmm.” "I never thought I'd take such an interest in science, um, when 
I was little."

Gender: Female
Age: 24 (Adult)
Race: Human
Height: 5'2”
Weight: 102 lbs
Belief: Monotheism
Birth Date: July 11th
Sign: Cancer
Occupation: Director of Summoning Sciences (TAU)
Codename: Tea-Leaf
Combat Skills: Light Magic, Summoning
Peaceful Skills: Cooking, Sewing, Healing
Birth Place: Geffen
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Personal & Key Items
Character Sheet

Personality & Apperance

Zefirous is a considerably awkward individual, plagued by self-doubt and anxiety. She second guesses herself on a day-to-day basis and often keeps things ‘to herself’ for fear of being judged - and maybe out of a little paranoia. Her opinions tend to be strong ones, as well, resulting in clumsy arguments and flares of temper when the topic gravitates to something she feels passionately enough about.

You could count her positive traits on one hand, or so she says… In reality Zefi isn’t as negative as she thinks. Even with her flaws, she makes considerable effort to be friendly and sociable. She endeavours to act as a passive support for the people around her, providing simple comforts and an ear to talk to. She enjoys listening and is always willing to make a nice cup of tea to help someone relax.

The Ledge family all carry physical traits similar to those from the Emirates, though most notably in the face and eyes. Although Rekkenber’s Life Supplement has altered her features ever-so-slightly, Zefirous is no exception! She looks like a descendant of the Aruni despite her family being Runian for so many generations - and regardless of her lupine features.

Zefi has ears and tail that mark her as unmistakably ‘Splicer’. Both features are slightly oversized, though impeccably well cared for. Glossy as her hair, it’s obvious she takes very good care of her fur! All of her clothing (styled between Runian nobility and modern Schwartzvald) take these animalistic qualities into account, whether it’s a hole in her skirt or hats with plenty of room so as not to squish her ears.

Beneath the Illusion


The Ledge household is a large family of nobles within Rune, keeping close ties to the Wizard’s Guild and slightly more distant ties to nobility of Arunafeltz. Although originally foreigners to Runian soil, a prosperous marriage and good business brought the family into significant standing generations ago. Shrewd and wealthy, the fall of Geffen and consequent move to Al De Baran did not disrupt the household for long.

Born and raised in Geffen as a sheltered daughter of this affluent household, great things were expected of little Zefirous! Home-schooled and tutor taught with a family that was often away on Guild business, she grew up lonely… But temporarily lived up to her family’s expectations when she showed an affinity for a rare school of magic - Summoning. At her Father’s behest she poured all of her studies into furthering this art, and her healing magic excelled alongside it.

Demurely following orders and never making her own choices was not what she wanted for forever, however…

Raziel, the White Wolf (Light Elemental)

"..." Guardian and friend, Raziel is Zefirous summoned creature. A fragment of soul mixed with Light mana, he takes the form of a large and thickly built white wolf. Wisps of light leak from him at all times and he’s never very far from his Summoner’s side…

They say a Summon can develop its own personality if ‘out’ often enough, and that rings true with Raziel! Although aloof and a hint demanding, he’s loyal and fiercely protective - that could be a reflection of Zefi, or his own special quirks.

Recent Development

  • Late night studies with Tal have lead to an interesting discovery! A marvellous discovery, in fact. The two gals may now possess a literal piece of the mythical Philosophers Stone
  • As always, Zefirous is up to no good! Or that's what she worries it is, despite her enthusiasm for her studies. Science wins out over anxiety, however, and she continues to delve into attempting to make plant-life based off of her own mutations… Oops!
  • Absolutely did not expect to actually WIN in the Rheeh's Trials. Home and adjusting to Big Different Raziel, and continuing work.

Friends & Foes

Summoned Guardian(s)

  • Raziel - [Home] “My favourite part of 'me', he has all my good qualities..”

Squad: Reckoning

  • Aishe - [Rainy Earth] “It's secret time..! N-no, sorry. Thank you for keeping them, though.”
  • Reeve - [Tobacco Flower] ”I keep the charm on me..!”
  • Viloce (Tal) - [Sweet Gunpowder] ”Viloce or Tal, um, you still mean the world t-to me. I hope that's not weird;?”

Nearest & Dearest

  • Karn - [Desert Air] ”I'm glad you feel more like you, again.”
  • Julian - [Bergamot Rose] “I don't want to be like Rekkenber, but there' s-so much to discover together..”

Close Friends

  • Irene - [Powdered Marshmallow] “I know you're enthused, but, ah.. But Schwartzvald is a different kind of dangerous than Rune..”
  • Kuhn - [Synthetic Berries] “Why was I ever worried..? You're the sweetest. Like, a um, a berry.”


  • Avi - [Sea Foam] “He, uhm, he gives me a surprising amount of confidence.”
  • Heathcliff - [Electricity] “I usually don't, ah, warm up to people so quickly, but… You made a good p-partner.”
  • Lydia - [Fresh Uniform] “Loopholes!” :: Contracted Boss
  • Ruth - [Peco-Peco Feathers] “I really do think your work is, i-is beautiful..!”
  • Zhang - [Sterile Plum] ”I wonder what you'd think..” :: Head of TAU; Boss


  • Alexandra - “It was refreshing, um, talking to someone who understood the irritation of court life, h-ha.”
  • Aslan - “Are you heading North?”
  • Calypso (Callie) - ”I hope you can get the help you need..”
  • Redoran - [Honey] ”I'm sorry for what happened to Eve..”
  • Rurik - ”The Clinic is a lot more, um– But how did Glastheim afford it?”


  • Rekkenber Corp - ”They had the chance and the means to do some, um, amazing things. They did do some amazing things– but in the worst possible ways.”

Pendant On

Main Art is © Patty
Summon Art is © Jademere

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