Will Warlow

Gender: Male
Age: 96
Race: Elf
Height: 6' 2“
Weight: 158 lbs.
Belief: Torgul (“Master Magic”)
Birth Date: May 8th
Sign: Taurus
Occupation: 'Employee' of Tri-Optimum
Skills: Magic; Alchemy; Survivalism; Impromptu first-aid
Birth Place: Avicennia
Theme: Serenade of Elves
Voice: Naoto Shirogane
Character Sheet: Click me


Will is a thin and wispy-looking elf with lightly tanned skin and freckles, the hallmark of someone who ventures outside often. He has plain brown hair cut fairly short. His eyes have changed color, from dull green to a pleasant turquoise. Hidden underneath his long sleeves are an odd pattern of burn marks and scars, supposedly sustained from learning how to use fire elemental magic. (At least, that's the story he'll tell you anyway.) His throat is marred with a series of savage bite scars, obviously from some sort of massive beast.

More observant people may notice his overall appearance is quite androgynous, and his voice higher pitched than most men, but pointing out such details will lead to being frowned upon by the elf, and a general avoidant attitude following it.

Since the entire ordeal in Tri-Optimum's facilities, Will's outer appearance has drastically changed. He's usually seen wearing an outfit of greyish-green high-tech clothing with a black poncho over the top of it, in a peculiar style, along with black pants and black leather cowboy boots with black spurs. Curiously, a strange piece of metal can be seen embedded on the right side of his head, near his temple, and reaching over the top of his head like a headband. Hidden on the back of his neck underneath his collar, poncho, and a glittering blue shawl is a ridged piece of metal attached to his spine…


Will is intelligent and calculating, rarely letting his emotions dictate his decisions. He's relatively cordial toward strangers, but tends to only accomplish tasks that benefit him in some way. He's fairly selfish and won't really go out of his way to save someone else's life or risk his life for other people except in very specific circumstances (or if he happens to get attached to someone, god forbid). He tends to be rather prideful as well, hating to be mocked or forced to lower himself to get what he wants.

He enjoys nature and the outdoors, often preferring to be outside rather than inside. He has a great interest in botany and does his best to learn whatever he can about plants and their uses in alchemy. He seems fairly quiet when it comes to his own personal life, keeping things to himself more often now. He'll answer questions if asked, but aside from that his mouth stays shut.


Will was the youngest elf to be born to the Warlow family. A few years after he was born his mother took the middle child of the family and left home, never to return. The family held a funeral for both of them, though no bodies were ever recovered. As a result, he spent most of his life without a mother figure, and often felt that her passing was slightly his fault, for one reason or another. It didn't help that there was a gap of 60 years between himself and his eldest brother. Growing up, Will suffered a bit from loneliness, and tended to stick around his nephews as they were closer in age than his own siblings.

There were, of course, other familial issues stemming from his father's need for a tight grip of control over the family, but Will is not forthcoming about them and he probably never will be. It's best not to ask.

As he grew older he began to learn elemental magic like most of his family, though his father and older brother never recognized the talent and potential that he had, since he wasn't technically an 'heir' of the family. This was ultimately what caused him to leave his home in Avicennia, after a particularly nasty argument with his father. Will set out to prove himself worthy and show that only he had control of his own life, not his father. He hasn't even thought of returning home since.


  • Flik Warlow - Father
  • Mother (Deceased)
  • Jack Warlow - Eldest Brother
  • Another older brother (Also deceased)
  • Jackson Warlow - Nephew
  • Ezekiel Warlow - Nephew (Possibly deceased)
  • Amethyst - Grand Niece
  • The Warlow family is quite large, he has many other relatives.

The OTHER Family

  • Marie Sokolov - After everything she's done for everyone of Tri-Optimum, Will was very happy to find out that they were able to rescue her when they escaped. Will worries about her every day, and does whatever he can to make sure that she's alright. He'd do anything for her, honestly. She's due for a hug, as soon as she gets a body that can withstand one.
  • Aja - A strong-looking human. Will enjoys joking around and gossiping with her, though lately it seems they've truly bonded as friends. He'd consider her very close - someone else he can spill his guts out to. Somehow through all of this, he's gained two people he'd trust with his life.
  • Colton - A reeeeeeally muscular human. A true pal. Will's gotten close to him, maybe… too close. He worries like a mother, but it's something Will really appreciates. He's the third person he's spilled his guts to, and yet, he still hasn't told him EVERYTHING…
  • Lain - Though the two didn't quite get along at first, Will trusts Lain with his life now. He pretty much feels that he has to, since he spilled his guts to the guy. Lain's backed him up at every opportunity, spitting in the face of grievous injury at times, and Will has come to truly appreciate him and his firm words of acceptance.
  • Pinkie - A fellow elf, always energetic, always 'happy'. She's been through so much in that facility, though, that she's lost her happiness. Things will only look up from here, though, and if she needs him, Will is happy to hang around for her. He's grown a little fonder of her over the past little while.


  • Cheerful Yi - AN ADORABLE PUPPY. Rest in peace, little fella……
  • Atlas - A very quiet mechanic. She seemed nice enough?
  • Cliff - He seemed alright, if a bit prone to complaining. He also died… But he's alright?
  • Danforth Ironmane - A former alcoholic. He seems to have shaped up considerably, and Will's kind of grateful for that. He's glad to see him in a better state.
  • Gabrielle - She's very dedicated to learning, but Will knows deep down that she cares. She wouldn't fuss about his brash decisions so much, otherwise.
  • Kaede - A strong fighter, Will finds her pleasant to be around. Truly wishing her the best, whatever she decides to do from now on.
  • Myona Fitzgerald - She's pretty nice! but also quiet. Will helped her recover a very important staff from her joke of a 'teacher'.
  • Sean Foreman - Will didn't think much of him at first, but recent interactions have placed him a little higher up on the scale as far as likability goes. He's alright.
  • Tetra - Another quiet one. Will wonders if she doesn't speak common well, and if there's another language she'd have an easier time with.
  • Totowa - A fellow elf. Will finds him to have a level head and a rational personality.


  • Maro Lightfoot - A kobold. Too flighty, and kind of suspicious. Will holds him at arm's length.
  • Max - Suspicious. But he seemed to be nice enough to the others. It's not like it matters now, anyway…
  • Nathaniel Motte - At least he's gone, now.
  • Suchar - She's all but disappeared lately, though Will's noticed her help from the shadows here and there… He definitely appreciates it.


  • No one (Yet).

Recent Developments

  • Escaped from Tri-Optimum's facilities. There are big plans for the future…


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