“All it takes is one shot between the eyes.”

Real Name: Alanna Whispermoon
Gender: Female
Age: 403
Race: Light Elf
Height: 6'3'
Weight: 131 lbs
Belief: None
Birth Date: November 2nd
Arcana: The Devil
Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: Huntress
Skills: Bow and Arrow, Hunting, Fire Magic, Melee Combat
Birth Place: Geffenia, Vahk'Sala
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

An individual that has grown to multiple hardships and countless tragedies, Whisper is a person that has gone through several transitions in her life. Once loving and caring to those around her, she feels rather apathetic and finds it hard to find trust within others. A loner by default, she does not have many companions, finding company a nuisance altogether.

Whisper is a blunt person, and will not hesitate to tell anyone (friend, stranger or otherwise), how she feels about certain things. She can be quite brutal with her words, not often considering other people's feelings. However, she doesn't seem to care of what others think of her, so long as she gets her point across. Her inability to trust others and vise-versa is also lacking, as it's rather difficult to even get her on a neutral standpoint.

She also has a strong dislike for anyone that isn't an elf, particularly humans for example. She finds their existence nothing but an abomination, and will not hesitate to express her extreme prejudice and xenophobic views upon them. Her small-minded way of thinking puts off a lot of people, often getting into more trouble than she bargains for.

Overall, Whisper is someone that's just hard to get close to and get along with. It takes a whole lot for someone to get her on her good side, and for those that are even fortunate enough to gain her trust, will find she can be loyal to a fault. Despite her cold heart and the harsh vibe she gives off, she's honestly someone that lost so much and she's not to be blamed for the behaviour she currently has.

For her features and appearance, as expected for an elf, she's beautiful with lovely curves across her body. Coming along with a lithe, tall and proportiate body, she's a woman with quite the figure. She has fair, silky skin, icy blue eyes and long flowing silver hair that goes past the shoulders. Her attire consists of animal pelts that she wears proudly upon herself, particularly a wolf pelt that she wears like a cloak and a smokie hat that she wears upon her head. She also wears a hooded cloak upon herself whenever she travels, covering the top half of her face.


(Work in progress.)

Recent Development

  • Since the conclusion of the war, Whisper usually keeps to the shadows, but still keeps a close eye on her daughter. She is pleased that her perfume business is slowly growing at least. In the meantime, she roams among the forests of Rune and Glast to kill the time. It's anyone's guess on what she plans to do now, however.
  • Still wandering around and keeping a close eye on Lisia. Her daughter occasionally asks for her help and Whisper mostly complies depending on the situation. She's still not quite eager talking with humans yet though.
  • She's keeping an extra close eye on Aeden, a human that's currently courting her only living child. She begrudgingly granted him her blessing, however, she did warn him that if anything were to happen to Lisia, he'd be held responsible. Nevertheless, she only wants the best for her daughter.

Friends and Foes


  • Lisia Sunmourn “My pride and joy and the only living member of what remains of our family. Your decisions and choices are poor, but I have strong faith in you.” Her daughter and the only person that makes her feel like she still has a place in the world.


  • Aeden Damon “I'm keeping my eye on you. I won't make this easy for you, boy.” A human that somehow roped in the hearts of her daughter, Lisia. She doesn't seem to understand nor can wrap her head around their relationship, however she's willing to be patient and she how things go from here.

Everyone Else

“You're all beneath me. Stay out of my way.”

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