Westley Faolan


Gender: Male
Age: 26
Race: Human
Height: 5' 10“
Weight: 147 lbs.
Belief: Atheism
Birth Date: January 20th
Sign: Aquarius
Occupation: Scholar of the Mancer's Guild
Skills: Elemental Magic; Artificing; Scholarly Duties
Birth Place: Brasilis, El Quattor
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Westley is a skinny and bony man with lightly tanned skin, platinum blonde hair, and bright, lime green eyes. He seems almost fragile for his stature. He keeps his hair tied back in a long, messy ponytail with his bangs long enough to sit on top of his slim red glasses, and his face has a smattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose. His ears are pierced three times: twice in the lobe and once in the cartilage. Underneath his clothing, he has an extensive amount of burn scarring on the left side of his body, covering half his chest, part of his ribcage, and extending completely down his left arm to the back and palm of his hand.

He often wears light clothing in shades of white, green, and brown, in the form of simple button-up shirts and trousers with sensible shoes for travel and office work. He keeps a pouch with him at all times with enough room in it for his materials, tools, and spellbook, and sometimes sneaks in a few snacks as well. When adventuring, however, he’s usually seen wearing a dark set of robes covered in a set of metal medallions shaped like closed eyes and embroidered with strange-looking runes. He always wears a generic catalyst ring on his right pointer finger.


Westley is outwardly very friendly and peaceful to other people. He revels in new experiences and will often go out of his way to try something out. Related to this, of course, is his passion for teaching. He loves to show others what he's seen and experienced, and he loves to help others learn new things as well.

He prefers to spend time in the libraries of the Mancer's Guild when he's not out in the field, as long as he gets to study something new and exciting. However it happens, Westley is happy to learn. He has a bit of a hidden wild streak in him from days in the past, and if he's prodded in the right direction he's likely to get into a lot of interesting things. However, he also seems to be a little bit on the cowardly side. It's much more sensible to continue living, so if things get too rough he's likely to flee!

He has a paralyzing fear of heights, and seems to have gained a similar fear of explosions.


Born and raised in Brasilis, Westley has lived in the capital of El Quattor for most of his life. His parents owned a small bookstore in the capitol, and he grew up surrounded by stories of fame and adventure as well as history and science. He was enamored by it all, and only wished to consume more and more as he grew. He and his younger sister even bonded over the adventures they shared through books, and would often attempt to write their own stories for fun.

In his school days he became involved with a small group of rowdy troublemakers. He always made a big fuss about doing the right thing to them, but at the end of the day he never seemed to mind being dragged into their shenanigans very much. They were never in any actual danger, and soon Westley started to come out of his shell. Near the end of those years, however, everyone seemed to go their separate ways. He finished school and remained in Brasilis, hoping one day that they would reunite, but as whispers of his old friends traveled through El Quattor, he started to believe they never would.

At first, times were tough, and he was forced to return to his parents' bookstore for work. He didn't mind it, but some part of him was… disappointed. He felt trapped, chained to his family's business. This feeling would continue, of course, until the Mancer's Guild was founded. Feeling that he definitely belonged there, he gathered up everything he had and joined forces with them to help make his homeland better.


  • Anyone is free to know about these IC, whether they’re a new character or old!
  • Westley was present during the revolt in Brasilis, against their Republican colonizers. In fact, he was in the very room that the Governor was shot. His face was clearly shown on EV and other news reports, completely horrified at the events before him.
  • Westley was part of an expedition to The Rise in Ba Jin! Though certain events weren't disclosed, it IS known that he had a very influential hand in saving several lives…
  • Westley is a member of the Heroes' Guild of El Quattor, along with a number of others, striving to achieve what many thought was impossible.


  • Warrick Faolan - ”How’s the store doing?” Westley’s father was a scholar himself at one point, traveling through El Quattor to study its ancient ruins.
  • Veronica Faolan - ”I hope you’re holding down the fort okay.” Westley’s mother is a bit sickly, but he rests assured that she’s very well taken care of.
  • ??? Faolan - ”It’d be nice to see you again! Maybe soon.” Westley hasn’t seen his younger sibling in a VERY long time, and definitely doesn’t know that quite a few things have changed about him - his identity is completely different…


  • Alecto - ”Come on, take it easy on me!” Alecto is a fellow artificer and current Chief of Magic in Tortuga! Westley’s very proud of her, and considers her a very close friend.
  • Briar Finn - ”Keep… having fun, I guess?” An old friend from the Mancer's Guild. Westley never really thought that from such humble beginnings, she’d rise to be in charge of Tortuga (even if it was only temporary).
  • Dr. Mobius - ”I’m glad I’ve done you proud over these years.” Westley's boss. The leader of the Mancer's Guild, and a fatherly and caring man to Westley. He has been a great mentor for a very long time.
  • Elise - ”You should really take better care of yourself…” An elven woman who pretty much lives down in Tortuga's workshop. Westley worries over her, as she has a tendency to overwork herself and seems quite withdrawn from the others. He also looks up to her quite a lot, as she has great skill with mechanics.
  • Norah - ”… I guess I can understand why…” One of Westley's childhood friends, Norah was the ringleader of their rowdy group and most often the one getting them into trouble. She’s mysteriously disappeared recently, and Westley worries about her every day.
  • Pukla - ”Sometimes I almost can’t believe how much you’ve changed!” A cheerful and charismatic goblin Golem, and a fellow member of the Heroes’ Guild! Westley loves her bright enthusiasm. She's become a jack-of-all-trades, and he admires her ability to adapt to differing situations well.
  • Quentin Ortega - ”I’m catching up to you!” One of Westley's childhood friends, Quentin was the muscle of their rowdy group. Westley adopts much of Quentin's carefree attitude, and hopes to be as tough as him one day.
  • Rhydian - ”I’m… not sure that’s the right way to go about things.” A strong swordsman who’s one of his fellow Guild members. Lately, Westley’s been a little bit concerned about his direction and his intentions…


  • Atlas - ”P-Please put that gun away………..”
  • Dawn - ”You’re a really great doctor! Good job!”
  • Gabrielle - ”It’s great to meet a fellow golemancer!”
  • Marie Sokolov - ”We’ll get you fixed up, don’t worry!”
  • Myron - ”… Thanks. You’re not so bad.”
  • Tetra - ”Got any more beer cans?”
  • I have definitely missed people and I’ll add them when I remember


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Recent Developments

  • Westley’s trials through the Guild continue, but after their most recent one, their group seems to have almost disbanded! Westley doesn’t quite blame them, though he misses his friends a lot. He spends most of his time in the golem city of Avidion these days, working on a project with a recent acquaintance, and digging through what appear to be ancient Vahk’salan ruins! He’s both intrigued and TERRIFIED by one of his companion’s guns…
  • Later, he takes a trip to Glastheim, and manages to recruit a few others for his trial group! Huzzah! They come along with him to a separate trial on the island of Meridia, which tests them to their limits. Thankfully, they prevail! And the three Sisters make good on their promise…

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