Westel Vitale-Ellery

“I t-think I can find a way.”

Nicknames: West
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Race: Human
Height: 6’1”
Belief: Definitely not himself1)
Birth Date: December 7th
Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: Glastheim Tinkerer
Practical Skills: Tattooing, Magi-Tech
Birth Place: Einbech
Languages: Common, Quattori, Schwarzen
Theme - Pilocene
Voice - Herc
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Westel is an tenacious tinkerer with a not-so-tenacious glass heart, prone to withdrawing into his busybody work ethic than face his many everyday fears. Despite his faint constitution, he always strives for higher ambitions with a cautious kindliness. It makes for an unexpectedly combustible personality - easily inspired but also easily overwhelmed, exceedingly anxious or suddenly adventurous, sweating and shooting bullets…

He carries himself with a clumsy bluster, frequently at odds with his height and stature, as well as a tendency to ‘overdress’ - literally. Westel is never without some sort of portable hoard, mostly accessories and extraneous objects, the easiest to identify (and impossible to unsee) being a starry hat tucked over his rosy hair. Most of it is likely the product of his sudden bout of wealth; though he’s quick to beat around the bush around his rare yet conspicuously greedy habits.

Purple Scarf A scarf embroidered with Westel’s initials. It’s already a little worn from everyday use.
Star Collar Clip A silver collar clip with sparkling gemmed stars on a matching chain.
Silver Pocketwatch A traditional pocketwatch, engraved with detailed patterns and inlaid with gems - it matches Poe’s, which Mel may or may have not arranged intentionally.
Wedding Ring A magitech tattoo of a bird curled around his left ring finger, glowing a warm white.

Recent Development

  • Recently married, and horrendously busy - but it’s a happy medium! There’s still Dornhall at the back of his mind, but he and Poe may be getting somewhere.


  • Giacomo Vitale - Father (deceased) “If you could see me now… I-I’d like to think you’d be proud.”
  • Mila Cato - Mother (deceased) “It’s not the legacy you wanted, but…”
  • Viloce Vitale - "You’re still the same, despite everythin’...! J-just don’t do that all again?" Westel's twin sister. Their work was never far apart growing up, though now on decidedly different paths after catching up again after eight years. Surprisingly not much has changed - vampirism aside (but that’s OK, too).


  • Squiggle - “O-okay, so maybe I made an impulsive decision, but look at her…” - A small, fluffy-gold chicken, small enough to be tucked in Westel’s vest. It’s hard not to mistake her for a throw pillow otherwise…

The Bee’s Knees


  • Viktor Dmitriyev - “Anyone ever tell you look straight out of a comic book? No?”
  • Anja Leitner - “It’s not often I meet other tinkerers…!”
  • Mel Ellery - “You’re crafty..! W-well, literally too.”


  • Claudia Schwarzer - “I’m sure you’re just darlin’ but p-please don’t eat me.”
  • Lionel Arundel - “If looks could kill, er - W-well, I’m certain you’d be the first to know.”
  • Glynth - “You’re not bad, I think - boldly eccentric?”

  • Caedoch - “Maybe there’s always a reason to just take what you want, but whether or not you should… It’s your life, but you still hurt too many.”
  • Vela Liloris - “You can't justify it all for love. It still doesn't make things right.”


Robin Yao

—- Art by © Lee.

1) but getting there!
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