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 +====== Wayne Darcy ======
 +{{ :​world_setting:​characters:​wayne.png?​direct&​250|}}
 +//"​I'​m not even saying that I'm right! I'm just saying that I know you're wrong."//​
 +^ Gender: ​   | Male | 
 +^ Age:    | 19 |
 +^ Race:    | Human |  ​
 +^ Height: ​   | 6'​0"​ / 1.6m | 
 +^ Weight: ​   | 162 lbs. / 73.5 kg | 
 +^ Belief: ​   | Atheism | 
 +^ Birth Date:    | August 13 |
 +^ Sign:    | Leo |    ​
 +^ Occupation: ​   | Freelance Machinist |   
 +^ Combat skills: ​   | Finesse, Elemental Magic |
 +^ Practical skills: ​   | Machinist |
 +^ Birth Place: ​   | Lighthalzen | 
 +^  [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=HoHgVDnBaak|Theme - Million Sounds]] ​ ^^
 +^  [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=5d1Lu3DZrGw#​t=1m58s|Voice - Travis Touchdown]] ​ ^^
 +**Personality and Description**\\ ​
 +At a clean six feet and no change, Wayne stands higher than some humans but isn't usually the tallest person in the room. His skin is just slightly tan at most times, and almost always has either scorch marks or small bruises from minor accidents with work. The man usually stands tall, with a straight back, and carries a posture that exhudes confidence. His fairly pale blue eyes are usually hidden behind a pair of sunglasses, but those are occasionally pushed up into his wavy blonde hair (especially while he's deep in thought).
 +His neutral expression seems to be a fairly cocky grin, with both corners of his lips curled up enough to make it look like he thinks he's the shit. The sunglasses certainly don't help that image, either. Wayne'​s dress habits are extremely Republican, and generally include thicker coats with leather boots and clearly expensive jeans. Despite the fine clothing, he seems to wear it purposefully dishevelled like some sort of fashion statement... The man's belt is usually crooked, his shirts only half-tucked in, and the laces on his boots done up very hastily.
 +Wayne comes off, first and foremost, as a very self-centered and egotistical person. He seems to like talking about himself, even more about his inventions and their projected impact on the world, and has the habit of directing most conversations toward himself without apparently even realizing. Combined with a tendency to ramble and make conversations very '​one-sided',​ speaking with him can be a chore and exchanges can be very difficult to find an escape from once they get going.
 +It seems hard for him to sit still, especially during quiet periods, and Wayne'​s knee often bounces when he sits or he just fidgets in general. Fiddling with the several knobs and fasteners on a very strange gauntlet over his right arm is a frequent thing, and he seems to do it even when distracted or otherwise engaged. His brain seems to work faster than his mouth at most times, as well, causing several '​um'​s and '​uh'​s that might not be there if he'd just slow down and speak with clarity.
 +While working, Wayne can be difficult to interact with... Not just because of his attitude, but because of a case of tunnel vision that only rears its ugly head at times like those. In some cases, shouting or physical contact might be necessary before he tears himself away from the task at hand! To make things worse, though, he can be terribly grouchy when distracted from something that he's particularly interested in.
 +**Personal Items**
 +^ **"The Conduit"​** |A strange device that can usually be found on Wayne'​s right arm. It looks like a mechanized gauntlet, covered in odd markings and exposed mechanisms, and stretches all the way up to his elbow. This thing definitely looks like a prototype, or perhaps just poorly constructed.|
 +**Biography** \\
 +TBD! Like, very soon. I promise.
 +**Recent Development**\\
 +  * The Conduit'​s going to be a hit! Wayne knows it, and everyone else should see the potential all the same. Etherite is what he needs to unlock its true potential, and that means a trip out of his home country... Oh, well. He's got extended family stuck outside, at the moment, anyway. It's worth a visit, right?
 +**Friends and Foes**\\
 +  * **Lor** - "//​Shame I had to go. Maybe you'll catch up, yeah? Actually, I've got a hunch you will.//"​
 +  * **B** - "//​You'​re in this neck of the woods, right? I bet we'll cross paths. In fact, I'll make sure it happens.//" ​