Viktor Dmitriyev


Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race: Human
Height: 7’0” (~213 cm)
Weight: 287 lbs. (~130 kg)
Belief: Polytheism
Birth Date: October 20th
Sign: Libra
Occupation: Traveling
Skills: Physical strength, Creature Taming
Birth Place: Sybir
Character Sheet


Viktor is a muscular brute of a human man, standing taller than pretty much anyone else he meets. He appears to have a good amount of bulk and weight to his body. He has a mop of unruly dark red hair on top of his head with matching sideburns, chin-strap beard, goatee, and short mustache. His face shows high cheekbones and a well-defined jaw, and his eyes are a bewitching ice blue. His skin shows the pattern of a farmer's tan underneath his clothes and armor, though the original color is a bright ivory. He also has a healthy amount of reddish body hair. His hands are heavily calloused from years of manual labor.

He's usually seen in rugged looking jeans and a long sleeved shirt with heavy work boots, reflecting a fairly impoverished upbringing. When going into battle he wears a suit of Nephilim-style heavy armor with a matching helm and a dusty blue cape. He carries a lance and a tower shield with him as well. Out of his armor, he also keeps a sharp hunting knife at his hip.


Viktor is steadfast and loyal to his country and his compatriots. This is the main facet of his personality that most people will see. However, he has a tendency to not think things through before acting and can sometimes get himself into a bit of trouble. He's not the brightest bulb out of the bunch, but he is smart enough to have common sense about him. He tends to be forceful and boisterous, and can easily become the loudest voice in a crowd. Once he sets his mind on something it's hard to get him to change course. At times he can be rather immature, and this on top of being so stubborn creates a few problems here and there. His immaturity only shows when he's not working or around strangers; it usually manifests when he's alone and bored. He also has a few… odd stories, relating to this.


Viktor is the second son born to the Dmitriyev family, and grew up on their sprawling potato farm, located in the fertile valley that surrounds Kirsikka. The Dmitriyev family is well known in the hamlet and surrounding area for its quality potatoes and vodka production, the recipe of which is kept a very closely guarded secret. Up until recently, the family made a sustainable living off of selling their vodka and even exporting it in the markets to other countries.

In recent years as the monarch of Sybir passed away and the country was plunged into turmoil, Viktor wished to help his family somehow, in any way he could. He seized upon the opportunity to strike out on his own as an adventurer, hearing vague rumors around the hamlet of adventurers’ battle prowess and immense capacity to earn wealth. Becoming an adventurer was like a dream to him, and now he works tirelessly to make it come true.


  • Sergei Dmitriyev - ”I hope I am doing you proud!” Viktor’s father is a stern and quiet man, but deep down inside he has a very warm heart.
  • Yelena Dmitriyev - ”I will writing you every day.” Viktor’s mother is a large, plump, and loving woman whose life mission is to make sure all her children are well taken care of.
  • Andrey - ”Be taking care of them!” Viktor’s eldest brother. He’s in line to take over the farm and distillery someday.
  • Sofiya - ”I am missing you so much.” Viktor’s fraternal twin sister. She’s also a stout warrior, but she didn’t come to Glastheim with him…
  • Anna - ”Grow up big and strong!” Viktor’s younger sister. She likes to cause a lot of mischief with her twin sister, Mariya.
  • Mariya - ”Rein her in sometimes, yes?” Viktor’s other younger sister. She tries to be the voice of reason for her twin sister, Anna.
  • Vasily - ”I am knowing you will be the best!” Viktor’s baby brother. He’s just a child, but already shows an aptitude for creating things.


  • Aslan - ”You are doing so much for me, I can only hoping to repay you someday.”
  • Coral - ”If you are needing strong man, come finding me!”
  • Irene - ”We will getting to the bottom of this, together!”
  • Poet - ”You are being very kind.”
  • Rurik - ”You are best doctor! Helping so much, yes?”
  • Tal - “You were gone so long!! It is very good seeing you again!”
  • Westel - “You are such nice man!”
  • Zoria - ”It is always nice finding fellow comrades!”


  • Aeden - ”You are being big! But not as big as me! Hah!”
  • Aja - ”I am looking forward to more challenges!”
  • Claudia - ”I am not seeing you for a while.”
  • Lykke - ”You are being very strong!”
  • Flora Fawn - ”It is good knowing you are better…”
  • Glynth - ”You are… strange, but not bad… Maybe…”
  • Kuhn - ”I can helping you whenever you need!”
  • Laira - ”Doctor’s nurse! I am thinking she is shy, maybe?”


  • Freya Leone - ”You are being too nice… and not in good way, yes?”
  • Oliver Chance - ”Whose side are you being on?”


  • Caedoch - ”To think if you had not hurting so many, and asking for such price, we could have helping you.”
  • Vela Liloris - ”Stop talking. Go to jail.”

Recent Developments

  • After agreeing to help Rurik with something that’s been going for longer than a year, Viktor’s made some friends - and enemies, too. Though he’s not a city guard, he’ll certainly report a certain pair if he ever spots them in Glastheim or Heidelberg again. The experience left him injured and fairly weak, so these days he spends his time recovering and looking for his next adventure. Hopefully he’ll find something soon, considering his very bleak finances…

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