Vela Liloris

“I bow to no one~… ♥”

Gender: Female
Age: 55
Race: Cubi(?)
Height: 6'1“
Weight: 136 lbs.
Belief: Revolution
Birth Date: May 21
Sign: Gemini
Occupation: Necromancer
Peaceful Skills: Bird care, studying, 'harmless' pranks
Combat Skills: Necromancy, Vodun, Shadow Magic
Birth Place: Umbala, Vahk'Sala
Theme 1, Theme 2
Voice :: Eris
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Vela is an unusual woman, whose presence tends to make those around her uncomfortable. She is often distant in both expression and voice, fully aware and yet slightly out of touch with reality. At times she comes across as downright callous, but is quick to correct herself should she catch it—albeit awkwardly, and not very well. She endeavors to be polite, really, but her attempts at it are overshadowed by her oddity. Her morbid sense of humor and fondness for pranks don’t help things, either! It’s for this reason she is mostly seen alone, or in the company of her bird—but she welcomes all interactions with a smile…

As long as nobody crosses her. Quick to like people but slow to truly trust, Vela operates on a strict three strike system: reach the third, and she drops a connection like it was never there in the first place. It can be a difficult situation to remedy, if there is even hope for it at all; the succubus is dismissive at best, and vindictive at worst. She says and does whatever she wants, and her temper is such a slow burn that it’s hard to tell where anyone stands with her until the damage has been done.

Despite this, she isn’t entirely incapable of forming genuine connections… But it’s anyone’s guess what those are.

Vela stands just above six foot, long-limbed and with a delicate build. She’s brown-skinned, and her black hair is a mess of curls. Her eyes are a pale silver, almost white, and would blend in with the rest of her eye without the subtle glow there to differentiate. Her horns are black and pointed backward, often decorated with some type of jewelry, and a similar type of jewelry seems to have embedded itself in her collarbone. She wears (you guessed it) black, black, and more black, but does have other colors in her wardrobe—they’re all dark, though.



Recent Development

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Friends and Foes


  • Caedoch - “x.” ♥♥♥
  • Keriana (Marco) - ”x.”
  • Mhambi Moonclaw - “x.”
  • Rudie (Cutie-Rudie) - ”x.”
  • Weyr - ”x.”


  • Caeli - “Don’t eat strange things while your mother is away.” Her feathery companion, Caeli is a macaw behemoth who met her demise before she reached full maturity. Vela loves her very much, and seems to be able to keep her reanimated easily! Practice, she says.
  • Laurel - “Temper, temper… Your bites make my hands go numb.” A golden wolf spider, gifted to her by Rudie. It’s rather large, and lives in a glass cage—and is also a she, but Vela has dubbed Laurel her son.
  • Lixel - “The sweetest child. Now, if you and Caeli could get along…” Lixel is a shadow elemental that Vela purchased from a witch named Keeling. She’s the most recent addition to the ‘family’, but seems to love Vela enough to fight Caeli over the succubus’ affection. Lixel shifts between the form of a stuffed rabbit and a little girl.

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