Vaeril Selmer

“It's okay to be a little worn out sometimes–as long as it's from doing what you love.”

Nicknames: Vae, Strawberry, Carrot Top, Earthen Heart
Gender: Male
Age: 66
Race: Elf
Height: 5’8
Weight: Average
Belief: Spirituality
Birth Date: February 14th
Sign: Aquarius
Occupation: Ambassador, Hunter, Musician, “Mountain Man”
Skills: Voodoo, various magics, illusions, music
Languages: Elvish, Common, Dragon?
Birth Place: Avicennia
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Vaeril looks to be about in his early to mid-twenties. While handsome with strong, but boyish features, to say he seems “worn in” would be an understatement; the right side of his body all together seems to have taken quite a deal of damage. He is missing his right leg below the knee and has replaced it with a high-tech prosthetic one. Along with this, the right side of his body is also completely covered in scars and horrible, but healed over burns. They take up a large portion of his face and his right ear is mostly torn torn away. These wounds move all the way down his neck and torso, but due to a strange magic, his right arm that was once missing has been fully restored. Because of this inconsistency, the scars and burns simply form along his shoulder and leave his actual arm untouched (which would be an odd sight if he weren’t always in layers to hide this). Despite all this damage to his body, he still carries himself strong and looks healthy and and hardly like someone that ever sits stills for very long. And like the rest of the Selmer family, Vaeril has wispy green hair that he fails to manage properly. His eyes are a bright yellow like most Selmers, but with slitted pupils and at closer inspection, his canines gives him more of a fangy smile.

Even as Vaeril has managed to grow into himself over the years since his accident, time has proven that many of his standoffish traits are simply part of who he is. He’s naturally skittish and a bit wary of newcomers, but once he feels comfortable is willing to let his guard down to joke and converse freely. His downfall to himself is the fact that he sometimes will get too comfortable and come off more social than he actually feels, only resulting in him immediately crumbling into his own flusters and anxieties. The only time he truly doesn’t seem to mind being in social situations is when he is performing, having a natural love for music and the stage despite wanting all eyes off of him the moment he steps off of it. He’s at his best when around a small group, ideally of people he is close to but even then he is easy to fluster and rile up, proving it is both a gift and a curse that he wears his emotions so openly on his sleeve. His introverted heart being forced to function in his more or less extroverted lifestyle (when he’s not hiding out with the dragons) might cause him to be a bit heated and lash out at times, but at the end of the day he’s a kind and gentle soul that feels everything with great passion.

In short, he’s a moody cat.

Special Items:

  • Guitar - He's had it for a very long time and enjoys keeping it with him to this day.
  • Walking Staff - Made from a rich wood with intricate detail and a magical catalyst embedded into it, given to him by two of his older sisters in an attempt to motivate him during the initial hit of his severe depression due to his disabilities.
  • Wellness Charm - A tear drop shaped charm given to him by his brother that has an almost too small to read prayer carved in a spiral around it.
  • Compass - Given to him by Laira. It's golden with a dragon engraved along it with a leather band. When opened, the compass itself has a soft green glow coming off of it that makes it so it can be seen even in the dark.
  • Metronome - Given to him by Lisia. He's been trained to play by ear, but it proves useful sometimes and either way, it was nice of her to give it to him. It's small and standard, but it has a little pink heart sticker on the bottom of it he's left on.


Vaeril was born into a large family in Avicennia. He was more or less an unplanned baby and never fully grew to the normal height of the rest of his family, but despite being small, unplanned, and lacking some dexterity, he was treated with as much love as the rest of his siblings. He followed in the family tradition of learning voodoo magic and became a fairly talented witch doctor at a young age while also dabbling in charms and potions to keep up with his older siblings. And while all of his siblings were classically trained in music, Vaeril held a personal passion for it and kept it close even after he was no longer forced to practice and became quite talented which was a wonderful outlet, but also caused him to get a lot of undesired attention from local girls he grew up with which more or less just caused him more panic. It never stopped him though and he followed his love of music as passionately as he followed his love of dark magics. Although he was a bit odd in comparison to most of his family, he easily held his own for a long time until the fall of Geffenia. Having a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was unable to escape without nearly being killed after being trapped in debris and crushed. Fortunately, he survived, but not without losing multiple limbs and gaining serious wounds. After finally healing from his fatal injuries, Vaeril was left with a lack of confidence and motivation and retired his studies, falling into self pity as his family struggled to pull him out of his depression. A few years past and Vaeril slowly gained back enough confidence to become mobile again. It wasn’t until his estranged sister, Aravae returned home that he was finally given the direct attention and patience he needed. He had only known his sister at a young age before she left the family, but the two were given time to form a relationship that gave him the confidence to get back on his feet. However, just as he started to get his life back on track, his sister declared that she was leaving home once again. Envious and a little co-dependent, he decided to follow her lead to start his own life outside of Vahk’Sala in hopes of finding some personal direction again.

Recent Development

(Oldest to newest at the bottom)

  • He's finally been comfortably adjusting to his position as co-ambassador and has been making plans for the future! For the time being, he's just doing his best to stay on top of things and balance work and family.


  • Zulae Selmer - Father “He's a pretty good dad. He'll probably kill me when he sees how off track I am from his plans, but…”
  • Marissa Selmer - Mother “I miss her pretty often now that I'm so far away. I hope after all of this, she'll be okay with my choices.”
  • Gaelin Selmer - Older brother “You're a complete killjoy and ruin my social life…but…thanks for looking out for me.”
  • Keya Selmer - Older sister “In all honesty, I think she's probably the coolest of my siblings. It's kind of intimidating.”
  • Ester Selmer - Older sister “She really needs to lighten up. She's okay though, I guess.”
  • Aravae Selmer - Older sister “It's weird that we only really met over the last few years, but she's been really good to me. I'm sorry I worry her so much.”
  • Elora Selmer - Older sister “Y-You are in every nightmare I ever have, ever!!”

And many, many more Selmers…


  • Baeril Bear - “You're always going to have that little tummy, aren't you?”
  • Melon - “W-We got another one?!”
  • Soot - “I got to name him…He's cute, I'll admit it.”


  • Laira Helthorne - “I feel lucky she's put up with so much from me. I like being in love with my best friend…B-But how many cats do we need?!”
  • Shale Lynn - “I'm glad we've got each other, I don't know what I would do without her.”
  • Teleris Elondar - “She's just as important as the rest of my family and I love her just as much. I know she hides a lot, but I hope having us around makes it easier for her. I promise I'm not getting myself killed out here!”
  • The Pride - “I'll do everything I can for them! They're my family too after all.”

Friends & Acquaintances

  • Gil - “Shale's baby! He's doing a great job!”
  • Lisia Sunmourn - “I feel bad we don't see each other a lot, but I like that nothing ever changes between us.”
  • Irene Landevale - “Thanks for helping me out so much, you're really nice. Let's work together more after all this is over.”
  • Redoran Carmac - “One of Tel's oldest friends and apparently Shale's husband too? I'm not sure if he likes me, but he's a really impressive guy.”
  • Evelyn Carmac - “My boss at the tavern. She's really motherly and easy to work for.”

Dislike/ Unsure

  • Gabrielle DeAngelis - “S-She the worst!…Also thanks for showing me your books, that was nice of you.”
  • Aeden Damon - “I'm not a fan, but I guess he doesn't really affect my life so that's okay.”
  • Isaac Hamilton * - “…You're reeeaally a mess, buddy. Figure your crap out.”


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