Teleris Elondar

“What's on your mind, darling?”

Gender: Female
Age: 242
Race: Dark Elf
Height: 6'3”
Weight: 150 lbs.
Belief: Spirituality (Self)
Birth Date: November 15
Sign: Scorpio
Occupation: Florist
Peaceful Skills: Cooking, sewing, gardening
Combat Skills: Archery, basic Earth magic
Birth Place: Geffenia, Vahk'Sala
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Teleris is what you would expect from an elf: tall, elegant, and gracious. Despite her imposing height of 6’3”, she is anything but intimidating. She seems delicate, in fact, from the way she moves, to the way she chooses to handle her interactions with others. She endeavors to make those in her company as comfortable as possible, and is always willing to lend an ear for each and every problem. She has an endless well of patience, and nothing is ever, ever too troublesome. She’s seen enough hardships in her 200+ years to know that everybody needs someone!

Though a smile is Teleris’ default expression, there is always some sadness behind it. She doesn’t make it obvious by any means, but it’s a kind that’s hard to miss, like it’s been ingrained into her person. She is very private, as well, preferring to keep her problems her own. She rarely speaks about herself, and when she does, she keeps it brief and barely scratches the surface. She is the queen of deflecting comments until you’re on another subject entirely, sometimes without even realizing! Selfless both by nature and by habit, Teleris would rather focus on everyone else – she’s been trying to consider herself more, though! But she still has a long way to go.

She loves flowers. You can bet there’s one on her somewhere, from a simple pattern on her clothing to accessories like hair clips, necklaces, and bracelets. Her hair is long and a deep purple, often braided in some fashion with flowers for decoration; and her eyes are a red-violet bordering on pink, usually framed by a fairy-like eyeshadow. She wears a lot of greens, and other earthy colors.


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Teleris is a dark elf, born and raised in Geffenia by Umbalan parents. She has lived for 240 years and life has happened. She doesn't like talking about herself, so good luck finding out anything unless you've known her for a long time!

Recent Development

  • Accompanied by three of her favorite people, Teleris ventured back into the Vahk’Salan jungle to claim her desire: a special fruit that grows once every one hundred years. The experience was much different than she expected, and left her doubting herself for the days that followed… But for now she’s decided that maybe she’s okay as she is.
  • And as a bonus, she gets to care for a pretty garden full of flora she’s never seen before! How can she not feel good about that?
  • Confused about something, but accepting it. Perhaps being an adventurer won’t be so bad after all.
  • Back to Vahk'Sala! This time to Avicennia, as part of a group intending to investigate a strange sickness that has been spreading. The Eye gives them other assignments, first, and Teleris is convinced this is a test.
  • Teleris and Will work together to investigate a grove of decidedly odd peppers - and while it has been going well, she can't help but worry…

Friends and Foes

~Family Tree~

  • Aneirin Elondar (Deceased) - ”Part of me is angry with you… But that’s unreasonable, isn’t it?” Teleris’ father, and the person who started her love for all things flowers. She misses him dearly, but prefers not to talk about it.
  • Nuala Elondar - ”Thank you, Mother. I never would’ve left without your encouragement.” Mother. She works as a seamstress back in Geffenia, and while she has no desire to leave Vahk’Sala, encouraged Teleris to do so.

~Rare Blossoms~

  • Calder - “My very own, very special prince! Could it be I’m lucky after all?” Best friend, boyfriend, and her favorite person by far. He is someone Teleris trusts completely, someone she would do almost anything for. She still can't believe they're together, sometimes, but she's happy! Incredibly.
  • Harley - ”I still think ‘Halel’ suits you better, dear.” The succubus is one of Teleris’ most precious friends, and has been for the past two centuries. Slightly protective of, because she has faith that Harley has changed for the better. She has, right?
  • Redoran - ”I’m so proud of you!” Teleris spent literal years worrying about Redoran after he left Vahk’Sala. He’s someone she’ll always hold dear, even if he doesn’t know how to write a letter. She’ll let go of that one day.

~In Full Bloom~

  • Gaelin - “I don’t mean to worry you, hm? I promise I’ll be fine.” A close friend who is more like a brother - or father, on some days, considering he's taken to scolding her for her recent interest in adventuring! He helps around the shop, and Teleris enjoys his company.
  • Sarya (Deceased) - “Losing both you and my father on the same day was a little…”
  • Vaeril - “My sweet little Vaeril, you’ve gotten your confidence back and then some!” Technically a friend, but Teleris treats him more like a son. She babysat him often while he was growing up, and loves him to pieces! She has an arsenal of embarrassing stories.

~Sweet Little Flowers~

  • Aravae - “I don't know you as well as I do your brothers! I'd love to fix that.”
  • Shale - “I worry for you a lot, dear. It's become a habit..!”

~Budding Friendships~


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