Viloce Vitale

“I’m always looking forward to something!”

Alias: Tal Cato
Nicknames: Vi, Tal
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Race: Nyx Vampire
Height: 6’1”
Belief: Herself! Or, she tries.
Birth Date: December 7th
Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: Vulcan Designs, Head of Firearm Development
Combat Skills: Demolitions, Sharpshooting, Covert Ops
Practical Skills: Gunsmithing, Engineering, Baking, Patternmaking
Birth Place: Einbech
Languages: Common, Quattori, Schwarzen
Theme - she - a gentle breeze
Voice - Kimiko Glenn
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Viloce is best characterized as human-shaped gumball - sweet, bubbly, with a surprisingly hardy exterior. Her lighthearted nature shines through every smile and gesture, and is the conduit to a deceptively resilient constitution - not much can truly shake her optimism, despite her tendency to anxious tics and jitters. Conversely her optimism also manifests in bouts of cheerful recklessness, which one can mostly chalk up to obliviousness…. 90% of the time.

Much of her free time is consumed with handiwork - baking, smithing, patternmaking - and it’s clear where her jitters come from when she isn’t. It’s difficult to get her to stop once she’s in the thick of it; more often than not, she forgets to do basic things like blink and breathe when it completely and utterly consumes her focus. It’s not so much of a ‘bad habit’, since she doesn’t really need to, but something she hasn’t quite gotten use to as a golem vampire!

Viloce towers over most people at a lean 6’1”, but carries the blitheness of someone who’s use to being at gangly heights or maybe refined it through athletic practice. Vest, shorts, boots, and a thin layer of soot is her usual go-to as far as her wardrobe goes, plain and frequently a soft pink color not unlike her rose-blonde hair. Her only striking feature aside from her height are her eyes, a sharp cyan that are hardly ever without some sort of mirthful glint. 1) Despite toeing on her 30’s, she still looks about as youthful as someone in their early 20’s.

Gold Bracelet Inlaid with small red gems, and engraved on the inside with ‘Viloce V.’

Recent Developments

  • Back in Lighthalzen, after a visit with her friends and family in Glastheim! And no sooner after her arrival comes big news one after another - her brother, married, the RDF, splintering off into TAU and Vulcan, and herself, offered to become Head of Firearm Development. It all feels a little unreal, to have her dreams tangible so suddenly! She, of course, stands by her roots - she can count on the RDF to give her a little risk now and then, in the face of a daunting but promising future.
  • There have been odder changes, too, since she drank Elaine's potion… and maybe not exactly bad. She feels better, and stronger - and more since becoming a vampire that it actually feels like she is in her own skin.

Friends and Foes


  • Giacomo Vitale - Father (deceased) “Your dream is ours, too - we’ll get there.”
  • Mila Cato - Mother (deceased) “It’s weird to think I followed in your footsteps in more ways than one, but I like to think you’re still with me!”
  • Westel Vitale - “You really aren’t so shy anymore! Seeing you so happy is all I could ever hope for.” Viloce’s twin brother. Their work was never far apart growing up, though now on decidedly different paths after catching up again after eight years. Surprisingly a lot has changed - but they’re still as close as ever, despite their now wildly different lifestyles.

The Squad

  • Aishe Rashid - “I know you’ve got to be professional, but I like your goofy side!” The squad’s leader, and now someone Viloce is happy to call her friend! As intimidating as she can be, her unexpectedly silly personality is easy to warm up to.
  • Karn Warborn - “I know there’s only so much you can handle, and you’ve always been there for us… but you know we have your back too, right?” Viloce has always deeply admired Karn’s confident and unwavering optimism, but he’s definitely …changed. She hopes he’s doing better these days - as a king, no less - even if it doesn’t mean coming back to the RDF.
  • Reeve Ambrose - “You can make the best of this second chance, I promise.“ Prickly! But Viloce likes being close to the officer, despite her own occasionally illegal habits. She can tell there’s quite a lot that weighs down on him, but in light of his past.
  • Zefi Ledge - “You’re a big part of the reason I’m here and now, believe it or not!” A dear friend before Reckoning, and a little bit before the war. Her modest bravery has gotten her and the entire squad out of more than several tight spots! In the aftermath of it all, Viloce is relieved to see her in better spirits.

Close Friends

  • Claudia Schwarzer - “I feel like I can tell you anything, no matter how silly or embarrassing.” An unlikely and now cherished friend, in Viloce’s brief stint in adventuring. She might have not caught onto her not-secret right away, but now more than ever is glad despite the distance they are still there for one another.
  • Lydia Sokolov - “You're still working me to the bone!“ Sergeant Major of the RDF, and one of few people Viloce trusts totally and implicitly. It still surprises her, the things her superior has been willing and often done for the squad and even the private herself, and Viloce is ever grateful for it. She hopes Lydia isn’t too sore for making the switch to Vulcan..


  • Jerry Lounsbury - “You’ll still let me stick my neck out so I can go get in trouble with my squad, right boss?”
  • Zhang Mei-Zhu - “You and Mi-Na, running TAU! I’m so happy for you two, you’ll be amazing.“
  • Archer Wood - “I promise you won’t be alone anymore - there’s still a lot ahead of us.”
  • Holly Young - “I know it all was kind of a mess, but for what it’s worth I’m glad you’re here!”
  • Coral Blackwood - “I can’t believe you’re a cop now! Does that mean you get to sic an invisible bird on all the delinquents? ”
  • Kuhn - “Aaagh, I spent my last paycheck all on choose-your-own adventure books cause of you…!“
  • Poet Ellery - “It’s okay if you pick on West - not because I know you love him, but because that means I also get to pick on you.”
  • Viktor Dmitriyev - “You’re just like Hort, Vik!“


  • Lucy - “Lucy the librarian! It has the best ring to it, doesn’t it?”

Profile art by manda, colored by lauren

1) If her pendant's on
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