Sorin Lore Sotelier


Gender: Male
Age: 28
Race: Human
Height: 6'4
Weight: 198 lbs
Belief: Philosophical/Idealism
Birth Date: 9th of May
Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Co First Mate
Skills: Holy magic, Swordsmanship, Seafaring, Basic engineering, Celestial navigation, Wyvern handling
Birth Place: Geffen

Personality and Description

Generous frame and broad shouldered, he is trimmed and well-muscled, leaning towards a heavier build. His wider structure suggests he might have been bearish, used to marching with heavy armour and weighty weaponry. Having abandoned armour, scars are not uncommon on his person. Most are faded, save for heavier wounds he suffered. His hair is short; a dark golden brown often tussled by his own hand or the sea wind. A pair of lively, deep blue eyes is set below expressive brows. A straight blade for a nose and angular features hint at an aristocratic heritage, though he bears a rugged gypsy charm. Due to a number of years spent at sea, the constant exposure to the elements granted a tan to his skin. He is usually dressed in loose trousers; a wide band of sash around his waist keeps them firmly in place. Worn boots and a long weathered coat complete his attire.

He rarely fails to greet anyone with a lopsided smile. Where there used to be boyish cheer, now his gaze is tempered with something more. Sorin has a taste for thrills, excitement, anything at all that will send the heart racing and spirit ‘soaring’- or so he terms the sense of gut wrenching sensation. Wild ideas are certainly not beyond him and he is often responsible for suggesting them. To most acquaintances he is easily perceived as a reckless, impulsive thrill-seeker. He adopts more caution in the face of danger, though he is still loud as ever whenever distraction is helpful. Slowly, he is adapting to handling responsibilities with a bit more grace. His confidence remains unwavering despite his existing worries. While he still occasionally does take on the active role in the front lines, he is comfortable with settling in the back whenever eager comrades leap ahead. He remains observant, ready to fill in any position as the situation demands.

Sorin occasionally enjoys the simplicity of mundane activities, no matter if they are menial. Raised to put in hard work, boredom does not make his efforts sloppy. What is expected of him, he will always deliver. Challenges entice him, especially physical ones. He has a measure of pride and expectations for himself, believing that tests are there to better his skills as well as his person.


The son of a travelling gypsy known for her enchanting abilities, at a young age, Sorin was no stranger to constant travels, the dangers on the road and sleeping under the stars. With few children having any memorable or lasting contact with him, the boy learned independence quickly, easily occupying himself with his observations of what was available around him. His interest in reading the stars began out of necessity. Afraid that the boy may find himself lost when he wandered, Azrine taught and encouraged him to rely on celestial bodies to find his way. His mother never gave him an answer whenever he asked why he didn’t have a father, but simply smiled, secretive and wan. The curiosity lasted only for a brief period, when he decided it didn’t matter.

Life was never dull. The little boy’s eyes were always filled with wonder from the sight of strange lands, things and people. The colourful childhood lasted only for a brief 5 years, however, when for reasons unknown to him, a man in dark clothing attacked their small wagon they lived in. The experience etched deep wounds he keeps buried through his life. He never forgave himself for listening to his mother who told him to run. Sorin escaped miraculously, fear pushing him forward, completely oblivious to the dagger that was sunk dangerously close to his spine. He collapsed and was rescued by a farmer, and later delivered to the Sotelier to receive proper care. His affinity with the Holy magic started to show after he recovered from the fatal wound. Gaelas thought the boy fitting for the Church of Odin, and so sent him to study and train so he could find his footing in society.

Early loss made the time of his youth a rocky period. The patience and care Gaelas gave the boy even after bringing him to the orphanage changed his wayward behaviour. He grew close as family to the Sotelier and eventually was- in an unspoken, unofficial manner- adopted into the small family. Roughly a decade later, when civil unrest was rife, the Soteliers disappeared one day, leaving nothing but their wrecked home as a clue to Sorin that something had gone wrong. His pleas to the Royal Court for aid to search for the Knight and his daughter were ignored. It angered him and coupled with his already present discontent for the country’s rule, he left his service in search of his lost family. He has been and is still searching ever since, travelling far and wide, first across the lands and now the seas.

Recent Development

  • He joined the Eastern Empress crew when the last ship sank and is now working abroad the first Airship he's ever been on. Won the Colosseum in Dorado among other things! He has aided in piecing artifact Codexes of Cascadia together. His interests turned towards the Wyverns, and now desiring to learn a proper craft, he hopes to try his hand at forging. Now appointed as First Mate?! This is madness! A carefree boy at heart, how is he going to cope with this?
  • Metallurgy and basic metalworking 19/09-19/10
  • The most turbulent time in his life thus far. After Tortuga's successful siege and a little peace; his 6 year-long search for his family came to an end, but on a disappointing note. With Raissa's aid, the shard of a dagger was removed from his back. He finds solace in his work and rarely allows himself any time alone with this thoughts.
  • After facing the possibility of death by Colossus, then contributing to killing one and later… flying on an island attached to a flying turtle's back, he thinks nothing crazy can surprise him much anymore. With Raissa he took a vacation back to Rune, reconnecting with old acquaintances and partially resolving things unanswered in the past.
  • Mid life crisis? Looks like he smacked into one. He is beginning to realise the crew's fame is for real. As well as his own. His job is certainly not getting any easier. The man spends most of his time on duty. When he is not, he retreats from one workshop to another. The rest of the time, he mysteriously disappears, returning to his apartment past midnight.


  • How the hell did he end up fighting Rune's war, he will never know, but he is glad he returned.

Friends and Foes


  • Azrine Lore (deceased): “The piece of metal didn't lead me to your murderer.” The source of his rooted guilt and regret. He wishes to find her killer to redeem himself.
  • Gaelas Sotelier (deceased): “I deserve to know what happened to you. And I will.” The father figure in his life. A man he reveres without question.
  • Caliane Sotelier: “I don't want to accept you are lost to me after we found each other.” Still someone he holds dear.


  • Raissa Blackburn: “What do I say… I look at you and I have this weight in my chest. A very pleasant weight.” Someone he has allowed to root deeply in his heart.


  • Zaragya the Wyvern: “You are sharp for a beast and you remind me to keep my shit together.” A companion he has bonded with on a fundamental level.

The Current Crew- Eastern Empress:

  • Norah Monroe: “You are one of a kind. We achieved great things. I pray it lasts.” His Captain.
  • Aeden Damon: “Am I glad you stuck around with that bomb! Guess we're lucky it didn't blow, huh? Thanks.” He can certainly count on him even if he decides to hold a bomb in his hand.
  • Kazanan Hayalet: “Well, guess it's going to havet to come out one day.” The Mastersmith with whom he is picking up metalworking skills from.
  • Lady Rhiannon: “You won't be alone if another reckoning is upon us.” The legend who carries with her stubborn faith over her kingdom's lore.
  • Okazaki Yoko: “We're doing just fine.” A comrade with whom he had a little… history. They patched up.
  • Eris: “I think you'd make one tricky trickster and a sly privateer if you keep this up.” A Fiend he traveled with to find the cure to their race's curse.

Old Connections:

  • Isaac Lacroix: “Favorite uncle… one of the few from Rune I still think about sometimes.”
  • Nephilia Lacroix: “We have all changed a lot, haven't we? But it's a great feeling to see you again.” Childhood friend.
  • Terion Dupont: “Commander. Alpha Tyrannosaurus Rex. The ground shakes when he starts chasing my tail round the Church!”
  • Dreyfus The Black: “Have a great life, Black.” A reliable comrade who is no longer with the Crew.
  • Avalon: “We'll see each other again sometime, right?” A close friend he would count as a sister.


  • Francis Drake: “Uh… sorry sir. Thank you, sir. It won't happen again! Aside from your… butchering preferences… you aren't bad.” That very intimidating pirate who had dead sailors row his ship. He had a run-in with him once that ended up with a sunken ship and many dead priests.
  • Theon: “If there is a cure, we will find it. If there isn't, we will formulate it.” The wolf Fiend who told them of the curse that plagues his kind. Sorin has promised to find a way for them.
  • Santiago: “What is the meaning of this? Did you commit suicide or what?” A vampire who left them hanging without allowing Raissa and he to complete their deal. He is miffed, but treats it as another setback to work around.
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