Sophia Evers

Today… Today will surely be my day!!

Gender: Female
Age: 32
Race: Human
Birth Date: February 14th
Sign: Aquarius
Occupation: Waitress, Barmaid, Store Clerk, Caring Daughter and Sister
Skills: Being incredibly unlucky, cleaning, cooking, painting
Birth Place: Einbroch
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Sophia thinks she's the most unlucky girl in the entire world… but she doesn't let that bring her down! Completely susceptible to superstitions and wive's tales, Sophia puts her fate in lady luck's hands. So what if a bucket of spiders fall on her head while she's cleaning a closet? Surely her luck will change at some point, right? That's what she likes to think. Her optimism and lightheartedness is enough to keep her from falling too deep in despair and to her, that's enough.

She's a hard worker, having to have worked at a young age. Having grown up in Einbroch with four younger siblings and miners and mechanics for parents, Sophia's known the value of hard day's work. Unfortunately for he parents the heavy pollution ruined their health in their later years, as well as their children. She's prone to some heavy coughing fits but if there's one instance in which lady luck's given her a kiss, it is that she's the healthiest in her family. However that leaves her with the task of tending and caring for everyone, handling rent and bills, as well as taking care of their nice house.

Working three jobs doesn't bother her really. In fact it helps keep her from going completely mad. Routines help keep her in check. With working so much she doesn't have much time for herself but when she does she likes to enjoy the little things. Like a slice of cheesecake with some raspberries or a chance to paint a watercolor painting on a napkin on her break or even just a nice bubble bath. She tries so hard take care of everyone around her but often forgets herself.

There's a bunch of silly habits Sophia just can't shake off. When she's alone she'll have full on conversations with herself. Sometimes she'll have little rituals before the start of her day like singing with her birds and checking out fortunes. Whether it works or not is totally beyond her but she feels like if she keeps doing it, surely something good will come from it.

Recent Development

  • Working three jobs and caring for her family!


  • Clara Evers - Don't worry, mother! I will get married once I find Prince Charming! Mommy dearest who constantly worries about her although she is too sick from pollution to be as active as she used to. She's a stubborn woman but she listens to her when she has to.
  • Gabriel Evers - I am doing just fine! Really! I wish you would rest in bed like the doctors say you're supposed to. Her father who is just as stubborn as her mother. He has a harder time sitting in bed doing nothing. Thanks to both he and his wife retiring the family can live in a nice house - which Sophia cleans and takes care of all the time!
  • Cecilia Evers - Oh, please cooperate! I know you want to go on adventures but you're too sick and you must finish school. One of her three younger sisters. Being impatient must run in the family, Sophia thinks, because Cecilia is just like their parents - raring and ready to go. Just like her younger sisters, she still attends school.
  • Elsa Evers - She helps me take care of Joel. She's very wise for age too! How old are you again? Sophia's second sister. Unlike her parents she's very (thankfully) calm and tries to help Sophia out as best she can though she likes to remind Elsa that she's still a young girl and she should enjoy her childhood.
  • Helena Evers - She's very sweet - a budding artist like me! I love putting her pictures on our fridge. The youngest sister but the most rambunctious. She's an artist like Sophia but she likes to be a star as well, finding her place in the spotlight.
  • Joel Evers - Oh, please cooperate! I know you want to go on adventures but you're too sick and you must finish school. The literal baby brother. All four sisters help care for the baby and really love doing it with hardly any complaints.
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