Song Suyin

“I am tougher than you might think.”

Gender: Female
Age: 27
Race: Human
Height: 5'8“
Weight: 130 lbs.
Belief: Awakenism
Birth Date: April 12
Sign: Aries
Occupation: Nobility
Peaceful Skills: sewing, cooking, zhezhi, meditation
Combat Skills: Fan combat, martial arts, archery
Birth Place: Amatsu, Ba Jin
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Suyin is a polite woman who endeavors to understand the world around her. She is genuinely interested in people and what makes them who they are, and can at times become quite inquisitive, but is quick to apologize for overstepping boundaries. She rarely intends to delve into personal matters, but she sometimes becomes so invested in a conversation that her private thoughts slip out. She focuses on people when they speak, and, on occasions where her interest is captivated, has trouble tearing her gaze away from them. She never forgets the face of someone she likes.

She maintains an even temperament in most situations, believing a clouded mind is where conflict is quickest to begin. She prefers to question and formulate opinions rather than act on impulse. While it is true that Suyin is soft-spoken and sweet, she keeps the rest of her emotions locked away, because she has always been taught public presentation is important. Afraid of giving her family a bad name, she hides things with practiced precision. No matter the impact of something on her person, she tries to bear it in silence and smile.

The Ba Jinian woman carries herself with effortless grace, and has a delicate appearance to match. Her hair is a long, silky black that reaches her knees and appears well cared for, and is always pulled into some sort of intricate style… Though given the choice, she prefers to leave it mostly down. Her skin is pale, complimented by her gentle amber eyes, and she is rarely, if ever, seen without some kind of make-up. Her clothes are comfortable and flowing, fitting for a woman of her status, and she favors blues and golds.


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Recent Development

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Friends and Foes


  • Song Shin - “You knew best when we were younger, and always protected me. It is my turn to protect you, now.” Identical twin sister. Suyin is intimidated by Shin at times, but loves her very much.
  • Song Xifeng - “I do not want to follow tradition… But I lack the heart to say that.” Mother. Suyin doesn't want to disappoint her, but she feels that is inevitable now. Oops.
  • Song Jin - “Do you think I can make it as a great warrior, Father? I will train daily, and then some.” Father. He's the only reason Suyin and her sister haven't been married off by now…
  • The Liu Family - Several relatives, mainly cousins, including the current emperor.


  • Karasu - “I am glad you are still alive, you silly bird. Stay that way.” Friend, though sometimes it seems heavily debatable. There's some affection there.


  • Most others. “I do not spend enough time with all of you. That is my own doing.”
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