Song Shin

“Words may carry the same weight as any blade.”

Gender: Female
Age: 27
Race: Human
Height: 5'8”
Weight: 128 lbs
Belief: Awakenism
Birth Date: April 12
Sign: Aries
Occupation: Nobility
Combat skills: Soul Magic, Martial Arts
Peaceful skills: Sewing, Guóhuà, Fan Dance
Birth Place: Amatsu, Ba Jin
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Bred and raised to be the picture of perfection, Song Shin carries herself with a carefully crafted aura of dignity. She was taught from a young age that social interaction is a heavily political affair and that one must be both diplomatic and humble - one's true feelings must not come to the surface, unless it is explicitly appropriate… And those times are far and few between.

She is prideful, with a hint of vanity, but strives to subdue herself by speaking highly of the Song family (and her sister) rather than her own achievements. This 'facade' of polite courtesy and mindful cordiality is such a large part of her everyday life that it does not break. Even with her closest companions, or her own twin, Shin is hesitant to 'be herself'. Public presentation is important, and upholding the family name comes before all else.

Far beneath the surface are the traits she rarely lets the world see - mischievous, stubborn, shy and all with a temper unsuited to someone of such high blood…

Much like her twin, she walks with an effortless grace; Delicate in appearance with knee-length and intricately styled hair, a pair of striking amber eyes, and pale skin. She differs greatly from Suyin when it comes to poise and expression, however! Shin's eyes are harder, smiles more calculated, and her tone occasionally much more biting. She also prefers reds and golds, as opposed to her sister's gentler colouring.

Personal Items

Ornamental Comb: A jade and ruby haircomb in the design of a flower and a phoenix wing. It was a gift, and she wears it with most of her outfits.


One of two daughters born to the Song Family. The birth of the twins was almost an unfortunate event - on the level of an ill omen for their whole lineage! But thanks to modern medicine, and magic, no one has to know of any youkai meddling…

Recent Development


Friends and Foes

The Song Family

  • Suyin - “What would you do, if I were not here to take care of your wounds? And you.” Identical twin, treasured friend. Shin is strict with her, but fiercely protective. Everything Shin hopes to be, she wants of her sister - it might seem like a lot of pressure, at times…
  • Jin - “Protect my sister.” Beloved Father, head of the household and general to the Emperor - the only thing standing between the twins and unwanted marriages!
  • Xifeng - “The Lady Song. As sharp as ice, and as cold..” Previously Liu Xifeng, now Song Xifeng, and Mother. Greatly respected, a hint feared, and puts ample amounts of pressure on Shin's shoulders.

The Liu Family

  • Many - Relatives, cousins, distant family, including the current Emperor. Ambivalent with some, enjoys the company of others.

The Kogarashi

  • Rin ['Mother'] - “Her affection is… Not wholly unwelcome?”
  • Karasu [Bird] - “One wonders if his brain remains crow sized, in his human form?” Treasured friend? Maybe? It's hard to tell what Shin actually thinks of him - but it's evident there's some level of affection and protectiveness there.


  • Aravae - “Why you…?” She's under the Kogarashi's tutelage along with the twins - Shin finds her work ethic admirable, but her hesitance leaves something to be desired… She's also maybe slightly jealous, for whatever reason!


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