Sirha Tahan

”Your security is in my hands.”

Official Name: Sirha Rahal
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Race: Human
Height: 5'4“
Belief: Polytheistic
Birth Date: September 6th
Sign: Virgo
Occupation: Sultanate’s Guard
Combat Skills: Martial Arts, Defensive Combat
Practical Skills: Animal Handling
Birth Place: Fayyum, Sograt
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Sirha looks every part a decorated soldier, moreso an emphasis on ‘decorated’. Her armor is always a wealthy sheen of gold, trademark of the Sultanate, and its lack of wear may suggest impeccable care for it… or less admittedly, lack of use to begin with. With or without it, she cuts a regal figure - aquiline nose, rich orange eyes, and statuesque features that rarely betray anything more than professional impassiveness.

Despite this judicious nature, she is not entirely withdrawn - Sirha is unafraid to speak her mind and can often be unforgivingly blunt even when she means well. If she does let her guard down she might come across as a bit awkward, or maybe unaccustomed to not being formal all the time. Her friendship is hard to earn, and her trust even more so, but she does make an earnest effort nonetheless. Most of her enthusiasm is reserved for her work and pursuing her goals with relentless fervor, a sense of passion shared by her sisters (and just as stubborn). Her risks are always chosen carefully and there is never a job she leaves unfinished, often to a fault…

Recent Developments

  • On the Sultan’s order, Sirha and eleven others investigate a sea cave on the coast not far away from Morroc to find a yield in valuable mineral resources. The cave itself promising, they venture further in to come across… something else.
  • Sirha’s still not sure what she saw, and the memory of it plagues her - the darkness, the pained and panicked screams of her allies, the thing. Waking on the strands of Vahk’Sala’s jungle, she just barely finds refuge in the golem village of Avidion where she seeks a way back home and the reason behind the odd weight on her soul.
  • Now almost a month into her unexpected journey, Sirha still has not become resigned to the fact that home still could be months or even several years off and leaving her life’s work up in jeopardy; that is, if the Sultanate hasn’t written her off already. Despite the plaguing concern she continues to remain diligent in her investigations, and now growing obligation to the strange town and its stranger people.

Friends and Foes


  • Omorose - “Thick as thieves, you and I. Don’t tell the Guard that…” - A jet black condor that is never far from Sirha’s side. Large for its species, most would find such a creature too wild or even ugly to tame, but she is inseparably fond of her. Omo seems take point after her rather than taking direct commands, an independence Sirha has never minded.


  • Halim Tahan - “You were not always there for us. But, I understand.” - Sirha’s father, someone she’s only met and grown close to in recent years. A hardy high-spirited man never without some sort of mirth, he has always been a mentor rather than a proper superior to Sirha in the Guard - and more with each passing day, a real father.
  • Turoa Rahal - “Trust me. I will finish what you started.” - Sirha’s mother, and indirect heir of her ‘legacy.’ Her passed-down experiences and training were more than enough to get Sirha a step in the military, where she hopes she can make a difference. Not that her mother entirely approves, but.
  • Aja Rahal - “You’ll never understand. I wish you did.” - Sirha’s older sister. Close as kids, now not much more than bad blood…
  • Yatsuli Rahal (Deceased) - “The only thing I regret is that you didn’t think of yourself first, all that time…” - Sirha’s younger sister. Her death motivated her to join the Sultanate and change the abysmal circumstances in which caused it. She’s never without her memento.
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