Simon Wallace

Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race: Human
Belief: Atheist
Birth Date: June 11th
Sign: Cancer
Occupation: Walking Anxiety
Skills: Piano, Writing Music, Strategy, Magic Theory, Creature Study
Birth Place: Prontera
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Personality and Description


Recent Development

  • JUST GOT MARRIED! The happy and dirty couple are off on their honeymoon for a short time.


  • Samuel Wallace - Father “I can't believe you want Shailoh to call you grandfather… Anyway, I'm grateful for your support of Fi and myself.
  • Tabitha - Maid “Thank you for always being there for my dad. Fi and Shailoh are really taken with you.
  • Testament Wallace - Brother “He's a detective in Lighthalzen and the head of our uh, family investigation for finding Finn. While he's up north I'll take care of things in the south. I trust him completely.
  • William Wallace - Brother “Thanks for your help with Richter. I guess you really are a good actor, huh?
  • Castor Wallace - Brother “I'm sorry to have caused you so much trouble. Thanks… for everything.
  • Hudson Wallace - Brother “I'm.. sorry for the trouble I caused you and I'm happy you're safe and getting better. I think that shrine maiden girl is good for you too.
  • Zephyr Wallace - Brother “They say I'm smart but he and Aoide are actually in universities studying magic, though in different places. They're really like day and night. I should visit him in Yuno sometime.
  • Aoide Wallace - Sister “I hope you're having fun in Aldebaran. I know you really wanted to become a summoner. I hope you're making friends there.
  • Finn Wallace - Brother “I'm… so glad you're growing back into your old self again. I know you still have a lot to get accustomed to but I promise you'll be able to now that you're finally home.

New Family

  • Fiain - ♡ ”I don't know if I'll ever be a husband worthy of her, but I don't mind spending the rest of my life to prove it.“ His partner, his wife, and his everything. The very definition of courage and strength and someone he aspires to be like someday. Still, he's proud to stand by her as a partner for life and promises himself he will strive to become the person she sees in him.
  • Shailoh Hill - ”It's… still a little painful to think of her after she left. I regret my actions. I-I only thought I did what was best… I can only hope she's safe wherever she is.“ A young girl Simon instinctively became protective of. Unfortunately an argument and a push of authority caused the girl to mistrust both he and Fiain and she disappeared from their lives.


  • Atlas Finnigan - “She looks like she's about my age and already she owns her own shop… That's pretty impressive. Thanks for your help. Piloting that thing was… pretty fun. Sorry I couldn't bring it back the way I left it. I tried as hard as I could.”
  • Aslan Yazdi - “He proved to be a pretty formidable colleague and I'm glad he was on our side. Said he was a blacksmith too… maybe I'll pay his shop a visit some day.”
  • Richter Callahan - “Since we've been living together, I've noticed he's grown a bit. It's nice to watch. I hope he'll be able to continue to grow up as long as he's in a safe environment. He should have more confidence though I could probably say the same of myself.”
  • Rurik Yorenguard - ”He's been taking care of Fi and Shailoh when they go to the Bay and he seems to be a pretty capable adventurer as well as a doctor. I'm.. a little envious of him… I wish I could help Fi like he can.
  • Aoibhell Jun Faustin - ”You offered your home and your heart to my family and I thank you for that. I could never repay you for taking care of Hudson but I hope you stay in his life. He could… really use a girl like you.
  • Sorin Sotelier - ”I-I really hope he doesn't hate me……..


  • Adler O'Hannagin - ”I-I'm not afraid of you or your dumb gang. I hope you're out of business after you got locked up.
  • Ceres Gibbs - ”I don't know where you are now but you almost killed my brother and I will never forgive you for that.



With Fain!

( Main art by Cat )

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