"Fly with me!"

Shale Lynn Carmac

“Wherever the wind takes me. ♫~”

Gender: Female
Age: 25
Race: N-Elf
Height: 5'11“
Weight: 130 lbs
Belief: Spirituality
Birth Date: May 24th
Sign: Gemini
Occupation: Adventurer, Ambassador, Guardian
Combat skills: Magic, Agility
Peaceful skills: Flexibility, Stamina, Decent singing
Birth Place: Geffenia
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Personality & Appearance

Shale is a girl defined by her smile - sunny, cheerful, and absolutely unrelenting! She’s ferociously chipper, enough so that it’s rare to see her without a content expression. She loves people, and especially loves seeing people happy - a smile means the world to her, and she empathizes easily and readily with others because of it.

Like the wind, she’s incredibly energetic with nearly endless stamina. Shay is at her happiest when she has something to direct that energy towards, whether it be her dragons, a thrilling adventure, or a mysterious ancient tome to study. With this boundless enthusiasm for doing also comes a passion for discovery… And that curiosity has gotten her into some predicaments (lots, often) in the past. To Shale, however, the love of exploration and new experiences outweighs the negatives adventure often comes paired with.

Quick to trust and honest to a fault, this particular elf tries her darndest to be the optimist and see the best in people. Even if someone has hurt her, they deserve a second chance - everyone deserves a second chance if they really work at it, in her book! She does her best to be forgiving and find the peaceful solutions in her day to day life.

Perhaps strangely, there are also a fair few ‘Dragon Like’ aspects to Shay’s personality… She’s a hint overprotective, a smidge possessive, and she loves to hoard. The Dragon side of her may not always be visible, but it’s always beneath the surface.

She’s a vibrant individual in appearance, too! From her vivid green eyes, to her fangy smile, to her colourful wardrobe, almost everything about her is bright and full of life. Like most elves Shale is tall and long of limb, but unlike most she isn’t quite so slender. Her physique is more like a swimmers instead of a Wizard, though that can be hard to notice with her ‘girly’ approach to dressing.

The Dragon

An ancient magic, resurrected by a small few in the modern world…

© Jademere@tumblr As colourful as her elven side, the dragon that lurks beneath Shay’s skin is quite the sight! Standing 9’8” at the withers, with a body length of nearly 16’ and a tail easily doubles that, her dragon form is massive. The majority of her scales are dense and protective looking, made up of all manner of brilliant greens and the occasional golden speckling. The scales of her underbelly are just as striking, coloured with a lovely white-opal that shines iridescent when the light catches them… And though her underbelly is as marvellous to look at as her armor-like scales, it is softer and more pliant.

© Pythosart@tumblr More notable than her scales or underbelly, however, are her enormous feathered wings. Each wing takes up an impressive amount of room, even folded, and their feathers are as vibrant a green as the rest of her. Fortunately her personality in Form is the same as ever, though with larger appreciation for sunbathing and rough housing…


Growing up in Geffenia is a blur to Shale - a literal blur! Her recollections of her childhood are fragmented and fuzzy, coming in the form of snippets of emotion and nostalgia. Her memories are likely to never return in full, but she’s satisfied with what she has. Her life since _leaving_ the elven Empire has been a whirlwind of danger, adventure, and stories! She’d have it no other way.

Recent Adventures

  • Focusing on her True Fluidity 'Movements' and trying to hatch a darn dragon's egg! She's fairly certain the Egg is of Nephilim Lineage, and Royal at that. Hmm!


Family Bonds

  • Calder :: [ Song ] “Hanar! My brother ♥!”
  • Gil :: [ Song ] “Eheh, you’re basically my son, aren’t you?”

Hoard; Precious Treasures

  • Carmac :: [ Song ] “Near or far, I’m always yours ♪~. I don’t think that’s ever going to change.” ☀★
  • Dragons of Verdaheim :: [ Song ] “I think I’m a little different with Dragons than I am with people, eh-heh. They’re the same as people, but…! It’s hard to explain~. I love them!”
  • Titans :: [ Song ] “A beloved part of the World. Not all of them need protection, but…! I want to keep them safe, despite that.”
  • Vaeril (Vae) :: [ Song ] “Verdaheim is all our responsibility! But, I think we’re doing a really very good job. I wonder if he’d mind if I called him ‘Hanar’, too…”

Wouldn't Trade for the World

  • Aja :: [ Song ] “I feel like you really might get it, eheh! That’s hard to explain, too…! We’re going to wrassle, either way, okay?”
  • Harman :: [ Song ] “He’s kind of almost like a Father figure! A mysterious one, though. Is that odd?”
  • Laira :: [ Song ] “You care a lot more than you let on, under your stern exterior! I’ve seen it~ I care about you, too.”
  • Karn (K) :: [ Song ] “King?! Gosh, you’re still my best friend, though! My best friend that’s gotten more reckless than me, even!”
  • Teleris (Tel) :: [ Song ] “I get the feeling you want to keep an eye on me during adventures, hmhm? I’ll watch out for you, too!”

Wonderful People

  • Aravae (Ara) :: [ Song ] “You bring a little ‘calm’ with you, wherever you go! Like a natural aura, I appreciate it.”
  • Irene (Candy) :: [ Song ] “You inspire me, too, you know! Anything she puts her mind to, she solves!”
  • Rurik (Ruri) :: [ Song ] “Sometimes I worry about why you do things, but..! I think you have good intentions, at heart.”
  • Will (Cowboy) :: [ Song ] “You’ve been through a lot..! If you ever need a shoulder, I’m there - eheh, careful with the magic, though~.”

Great People

  • Alexandra :: [ Song ] “She represents the parts of the Guild I like best, and is a skilled wizard - but please be careful with your first steps into ruin diving!”
  • Aslan :: “You and Ruri must be very close friends, hmhm? I always see you together. Adventure buddies!”
  • Elliot (Elli) :: “Don't make a decision you're not sure about.”
  • Gabrielle :: [ Song ] “Your passion for magic is both frightening in intensity and marvellous to witness! But you can’t subsist on books..! Sleep, okay?”
  • Lisia :: [ Song ] “No adventure for you, right now! But somehow I don’t think you mind, considering.”
  • Norah :: “I haven’t seen you in ages..! I hope you’re well- eheheh, I’d like to talk about being a ‘Leader’, sometime.”
  • Poet :: [ Song ] “You’re always studying something different every time I see you. I bet he’s read every book in Glastheim, by now!”
  • Rhydian :: “I wonder what being a Hero means, to you.”
  • Rudie :: [ Song ] “One bath! Every month! Ee~everyyy month!”

Hmm… People

  • Seyna :: [ Song ] “Your presence is overwhelming! I’m not sure what I think of her, just yet. She definitely floored Aja..”

Clan Garb

Main Art © Muffin; Dragon Art © JadeMere & Pythos

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