Shailoh Hill

“Just leave me alone, okay?”

Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: Human
Birth Date: October 5th
Sign: Libra
Occupation: Homeless Orphan
Skills: Pitpocking, Lockpicking, All sorts of thievery
Birth Place: Alberta
Character Sheet

Personality and Description:

There used to be a sweet girl in Shailoh, someone capable of smiling warmly.

But Shailoh is no longer the sweet girl she was capable of being, at least not by her standards. After her father's betrayal when she was nine, she's lost all faith in people or in anything positive. She's surprisingly self sufficient for a young girl living on her own for five years with a tiny piglet. Everyone is untrustworthy in Shailoh's eyes after the heartbreak she's had to endure at such a young age.

She's constantly in survival mode since being homeless after her father betrayed her and until proven otherwise, everyone is an enemy. To her adults are nothing but selfish people only looking out themselves. The only exception to that was her now gone mother…

Recent Development

  • Wandering around and surviving.
  • Joined a group to venture into a treasure island off the coast of Izlude. How could she not go? There were able to clear the first ten floors and she's excited to find more treasure and more money!
  • Spent a month training with a greatsword she found in the Bay of Trials and can finally use a real weapon and not just some household item.
  • Reunited with Fiain and met her new… “friend”, Simon Wallace. She didn't bother giving him a second until she heard how much Fi was in love with him. As they were about to go find him they were jumped by a group of drunken sailors - some she conned out of their money. She watched as Simon jumped down from a roof to save them like a superhero and even took a knife to the gut in order to save the starborn. Her opinion of him definitely changed then, to something more positive.
  • In Midel, Simon showed Shailoh and Fiain a home he owned. Surprised by the size, she admires the house from the inside, reminded of her own old home with her parents. Since she saw Simon and Fi almost like older siblings and in some ways, parents, she agreed to live with them there. For once in five years, she felt like she was home again.
  • Bay of Trials again! Though it wasn't as fun as last time, though… She didn't particularly enjoy watching Fi receive a gift or even purr for another man who wasn't her boyfriend, nor did she enjoyed being told to 'mind her elder's or being called a kid. The teen chose to act childishly however, and kept mostly to herself, acting very much the opposite of how she wanted to be treated.
  • By the end of the Trials, Shailoh felt anxious, alone, and afraid. As soon as her feet stepped on deck, she ran. Away from Fiain, away from Simon - away from any adult that might lie to her again. And from that shadow that just won't stop following her…


  • Amelia Hill - “Why did you have to go..? If you took me with you we would both be together forever…” Deceased mother and inspiration. Not a day goes by that she doesn't miss her. She taught Shailoh how to fight if she ever needed to and how to survive in the wild. She never thought she would ever need it but she was always grateful. Amelia was captain of her own ship and her crew was like family to Shailoh. Amelia was everything to her but -someone- had to take that away from her…
  • Conrad Hill - “I -hate- you! You took her away from me! You ran away! You're nothing but a coward and a murderer!” Shailoh's disgraceful father. When her mother found out about a dark secret of his and threatened to expose him he sabotaged one of her ships to explode while she was on board. He's been on the run since, abandoning Shailoh to a lonely world. She hates him from the very bottom of her heart.
  • Windsor - “You're the only one I can depend on… We'll be together no matter what.” Best friend! He is a lot more trouble than one would think a small pig would be. He tends to be very protective over her. Shailon talks to him as if he were another person and depends on him just as she would anyone else. She loves him even if he can be a little booger sometimes.


  • Fiain - “She's like my big sister… and mom at the same time. She's really cool and strong and I wanna be like her, but.. She doesn't know how lucky she to have Simon… I wish she'd appreciate him more.” A woman who can transform into a large, scary wolf but someone the teen can trust, despite being older than her. Shailoh really looks up to her as a friend and even as an older sister figure. She's very special to the girl.
  • Simon Wallace - “I-I… I guess he's okay! It's not like I like him or anything, okay? ” Someone Fiain loves a lot and now her boyfriend. Shailoh was skeptical of him at first but after seeing him nearly sacrifice himself to save her friend, she knew he wasn't like the others.

Adventuring With

  • Rurik Yorenguard - “Nyeeeeh… I hate when he has to treat my injuries! But I guess he's dependable when we're all hurt.
  • Coral Blackwood - “She's pretty cool - for an adult. I like watching her do gun tricks.
  • Soso Poxso - “A goblin! Who pilots this big robot! It's really cool! And she fights with it and and…


  • Shale Lynn - “She had real pretty jewels… I would've been able to get some money if I didn't screw up.
  • Teleris Elondar - “I don't like flowers but she put one in my hair. I guess it was okay…
  • Aslan Yazdi - “I don't like him!! Trying to lecture me about things… Who do you think you are? Typical adult!

( Art by Flora! )

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