“I wonder what home is like.. what is 'home'..?”

Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: Human
Height: 5'2
Weight: 110 lbs.
Belief: Nothing
Birth Date: July 28th
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Junker/Tinkerer
Combat Skills: Explosives
Peaceful Skills: Tinkering, Blueprints
Birth Place: Einbech, Schwartzvald Republic
Theme: Scandroid - The End of Time
Speaking Voice:
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Due to being alone for the duration of her life, Schera is self-reliant, reserved and prefers to keep herself isolated. Having no one to depend on caused her to have issues with trusting with others, having difficulty to connect and bond at times.

What keeps her going however is her love for machines and anything technology-based. She is very prideful of her work and will go to great lengths on talking about this sort of topic for endless hours. This might come off as arrogant, but she is sincerely rather passionate and it tends to show more often than not.

Overall, she is someone that has been lonely and she does envy others simply because she never experienced anything that was considered a 'happy moment'. Like having a family, having friends, being accepted - those small things tend to get into her head. But for those who do attempt to get into the cracks, Schera tends to be fiercely loyal and dependable to her allies to the fullest. She'd be happy to help those in need.


Schera's history is filled with holes and things that are left with blanks. To put it simply - she was abandoned at a very young age, with no recollection of what her parents or her real family was like. From the beginning, it was not exactly a childhood that she is fond of and tends to block it out of her memories as best as she could. The only thing that she remembers is her name.

Schera stayed at homeless shelters and relying on what's happening around her, rather than people taking care of her. While she did stay at an orphanage, she was frequently bullied from the other orphans and had to fend herself. Most of the adults turned a blind eye whenever she attempted to call for aid. When it got really bad, she resorted to running away and since then, she mostly roamed among the streets. What kept her going is the amount of junk and garbage that people throw around, often junk-diving and creating knick-knacks out of them.

This life continued on and on until she reached adulthood, reaching to the point that's always been asked within her mind. Where and what is 'home' exactly?

Recent Development

Friends and Foes

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