Sanjiro Cyril

Gender: Male
Age: 26
Race: Human
Belief: Monotheism
Birth Date: 15th June
Sign: Gemini
Occupation: Guild member of Aren's Lions
Skills: Shield&Sword combat, Flame Magics.
Birth Place: Amatsu
Character Sheet: Sheet

Personality and Description.

With a all green attire Sanjiro tends to stand out. His tall and bulky, and normally has a rather large shield on his back. Usually it's height matches his own. As of late he wears much lighter upper armor and a fashionable bandana on his head.

His personality and attitude are quite unique. He's charming and has a strong alignment to equality. More so than justice or peace. He tries to be outspoken and considerate but sometimes doesn't think his methods through. As such his actions can be seen as unnecessarily flamboyant.

He he easy going and a good listener usually, but from being a guild captain for so long he often becomes wound up and in need of a moment to relax. At times he has trouble being himself from a fear that he may not meet the standards of those he respects. Never-the-less there is hardly anything in this world that can take his smile away.


Sanjiro was born in Amatsu to Vandal Cyril and Xing Sun. During this time there was quite a bit of unrest over nationalities and origins. Being half Amatian and Republican, Sanjiro was seen as a outcast. Along with his parents. With haste they moved to The Republic. In a small town called Hugel. As time went by he grew into a very healthy and gifted child. Having natural athletic abilities and “strength like his father”. By his 20th year he was a well rounded individual Having much to do in town and tons of jobs. He enjoyed sword art yet never liked using blades. He always used a large shield to accomplish his various hunting commissions.

On his 22nd year he was accepted into a secret guild known as the Entropy's Cure. Consisting of twelve highly skilled hunters and warriors that took major request from towns. From quelling large scale disturbances that were kept discreet to ensuring peace in smaller villages by protecting them from maverick organized invasions. Unfortunately, during a rescue mission in a dragon infested cave this elite team was ambushed and eight of its members, including the victim were killed. The remaining four, Sanjiro included, disbanded.

Today he spends his time traveling the world as a guardsman for hire.

Involvement and acts of interests

Episode 1:

Sanjiro had his armor stolen from a band of metal stealing pirates as his ship arrived in the harbor of Izlude. He searched far wide for weeks trying to gain clues to anyone selling a suit of armor for a cheap price. Anything that would indicate a quick sell. It took him a while but he finally caught up the gang of thieves as they were trying to unload more stolen goods at the bay of Alberta. After a exchange of punches he was able to acquire his armor.

After a year of working as a guardsman for hire and low risk mercenary he rejoins with Hefnir who, a brother to him, and he encourages Sanjiro to join him and others in a group of rebels calling themselves the squirrels. Their focus was the restoration of the throne of Prontera. Then planned to dethrone the Tyrant Henry Kristlle and restore peace to Rune.

Aided the rebels chase of a elf that ended in the investigation of a elven assassin found dead alongside a orc's body in a forest.

Accompanied the real heir to the Pronteran throne during delegations that lead to the agreement of a royal duel to determine the ruler of Rune.

Assisted in the recapturing of Prontera, and the jailing of royal tactician Frendal and Temporary King Henry Kristelle.

Episode 2:

With the aid many friends, finally subdued and defeated Revya Longarde. Ending a 2 year feud of resentment and vendetta hold against him.

Moved to reestablished the elite governmental mercenary unit Entropy's Cure. Which he now proudly captains in the stead of the former leader Teresa Starchord.

Episode 3

Sanjiro now found himself traveling on his way to Arunafeltz via a airship piloted by Nikita Jackson. Her airship was shot down and they crashed outside the city of Rachel as the towns people were preparing for their Fire Festival ( ( MORE DETAILS TO COME ) )

Aided in the situation in Arunafeltz, which seemed to have been introduced through the kidnapping of Lillia Nuctros. Attempted to stay neutral in the dispute of rulership between tribes while investigating the origin of “The seer”. During this civil war, he became blessed by the fire spirits. Obtaining the ability to walk of lava. He later decided to train with Xavier to hone in on the use of fire magic. But his training was cut short when he was called by Alisha to handle other matters. With little time to himself he rushed off to Ba Jin to aid the blacklane company with a job that acquire their attention. Unfortunately, just one week after arriving he became ill, but was paid 100k and given his holy cross shield by the pope for his efforts in Emirates.

Episode 4

During Episode 4 Sanjiro contracted a disease and was unable to assist much in the parties attempt to quell the civil unrest that was plaguing the lands. During this time he stayed mostly in the aid of his cousins on his mothers side of the family and the inn. Where his family frequently visited to give aid and take care of him. After which he headed back to Alberta. During this time, Felix Nihn Hired a capable doctor who with the aide of Norah Monroe was able to develop a potent antidote and that helped him heal much quicker.

Episode 5 Once Sanjiro recovered his health he thought to expand Entropy's Cure clientele. he reviewed the organizations in Rune and found that the Church had similar goals. He began negotiations with the pope Nephilia. At the time she was torn between two choices. Either Blacklane, or the E.C. She would send them both on assignments to judge their capabilities. Sanjiro is unaware how Blacklane did, but was later greeted by the pope with open arms for work. He can only assume that the Blacklane Company failed to meet expectations.

He later became involved with the Maruth - Amdis incident by attending the summer festival. On it's last day in Heidelburg a surprise attack perpetrated by the church of dawn raided the town and those who survived fled to Glasthiem where they were sheltered by Maruth. Unfortunately there were captives taken. Amoung those were his brother, Hefnir Sverre, his best friend Rowan Neumann, and his close friend Lukiv. He would later discover both Lukiv and Hefnir were slain at the hands of their captors. But then later brought back to life after the tower of Turris was found and used to travel back in time to correct mistakes and alter scenarios in order to have a much better standing in fighting Amdis.

Episode 6

Met a woman named Avalon, and agreed to be her bodyguard on a trip she planned to take. Their arrangements were broken off when Sanjiro made a visit to see his friends Karn, and Shale in Hieldberg. There he learned of a Hunters Games tournament being held in Geffenia. More startling though, was being witness to the arrest of Rand Olim on charges of murder.

He decided to leave with a group of supporters to Geffenia and participate in the Hunters Games in an attempt to gain information on Rand's charges. After realizing the games were but a distraction he focused more on finding clues outside of the tournament. By the time Rand's trial came to it was too late to gain more information. Fortunately Iason's defense bought Rand more time. Along with Tissa Olim's revelation and display of power as she regained her memories and wings and sent the courtroom officials into a frenzy.

During this time he attempted to return to Rand after it seemed that a few of his memories had returned as well. Only to find well disguised fake corpse in his cell. It was later discovered that Rand had been abducted by the Lucid souls and immediately Sanjiro joined a team headed by Rand's wife to rescue him.

THEY SUCCEEDED! And rand was freed, leaving Sanjiro to focus once more on everything going on.

Soon after he received information about the King wanting to depart from Geffenia. And not a moment too soon as talk of a racial purge was beginning to surface and locals were looking even less friendlier towards humans, if that were possible.

He missed the first group leaving on their way to the trainyard but happened upon Mey Richarte who was full to the tip of her horns with juicy information. By the time he caught up to the king and others in their second group exodus they found themselves trekking the jungle to find a golem haven called Avidion. As they reached the city The king stepped on a previously assumed inactive trap and was teleported to a ruined Golem city called Belador. Trapped in a Colosseum of sorts and facing a brick wall and a Enormous rabid behemoth. Fendrel,Rolante and Sanjiro sent off the moment they reached Avidion to find and retrieve their king.

In the nick of time they arrived, thanks to the speedy flight of Fendrel in his dragon form. Using his menacing size and power he intimidated the behemoth into withdrawing and they quickly rescued King Tensard. Unfortunately Sanjiro was forced to leave his shield behind in order to allow Fendrel to fly unencumbered. All the while rushing back, as Rolante had taken hold of the King's cursed sword as needed aid immediately to release her hand from it's icy hold.

After they arrived the King was quickly taken to Sebastian. And Sanjiro with his fire blessing, managed to melt the ice just enough for her to release it. Afterwards a moment of relief began to set in before talk of tasks and missions yet to come began to set in the next day.

And so they did, as the next task in hand was to eliminate the Lucid Souls once and for all. Karn, William, Sanjiro, a surprise visit of Iason. Shale and Storm/ Aldir took on the task and through perils and traps abound made short work of Lucid Souls. Leaving their leader, a fairy, to be detained and captured by Iason. Very notable was the disdain shown by Sanjiro in this decision.

An insurmountable treasure cove was hauled off from the Lucid Souls vault and the party involved made their way back to Avidion. Though on Sanjiro's return he made an attempt to recruit Aldir. Then spoke with Aren about his decision. The conversation turned sour leaving the two with the realization they do not respect one another and have valid reasons not to. Aren's disapproval of Sanjiro's self serving actions in the midst of troubled situations was matched by Sanjiro's disapproval of Aren's past deceitful practices and overly judgmental behavior.

Differences aside, the important goal was the protection of Avidions citizens and the welfare of Rune. That point was vehemently expressed and agreed upon. Sanjiro found a new way to contribute and decided to donate a large amount of money to the Geffen relief committee.

After that there were more Golems to fight!! Which everyone involved bravely fought through to the very end. The climatic battle with Octavian laid in hand as so many banded together. The end result was could not have been predicted. While the spirits of chaos and order revealed themselves and clashed the ground itself shock. The end result being Octavian's supposed demise. The victory brought no smiles as the heroes returned to the war wrought Geffenia, in shambles compared to it's former beauty. The Runian hastily left, avoided he agonized glares of loathing citizens that had nothing but discontent and rage for humankind.


During his downtime he met a lovely priestest named Fawn who needed help transporting items to the church of reason on the boarder of rune and Sograt. The simple task turned hectic when a band of thieves raided the caravan Sanjiro was escorting. One of note, miss Orihana Adaite. During her assault she was killed by Khassar. She then attached her soul to Sanjiro when he attempted to bury her body with her belongings. She did so through her sword and convinced Sanjiro to complete her bucketlist tasks. The last, being the protection of her master.

After said master was slayed in battle while attempting to complete a theft that would have resulted in catastrophic consequences Orihana's soul was purged from the blade by Voice and she bequeath it to Sanjiro. In her hands, it was called Wildfire. In Sanjiro's possession is called Sword of Fervor. He took the powerful sword, vowing only to use it on certain occasions.

Afterwards he participated in the yearly Fire festival in Emirates. This year there were three rounds. Since he already beat the first last year he just needed to participate in the second and third. He easily beat the second. But lost by a hair in the third. The lost resulted in him not being able to gain the maximum strength of his fire blessing. He has no regrets.

He returned to the base in Alberta, and dutifully takes note of events happens happening in Rune. At the moment taking interest in the vampires that seem on the rise in Geffen.

Recent developments
*Partnered up with Karn to assist in private guild affairs..


Xavier Crass Old friend but kind of a creeper, that one.

Adriana Dupont I hope she's doing well, wherever she is. She was always a dependable comrade.

Winlow Castiel Bad for the heart but good for the body. That's some kind of healing she does.

Nikita Jackson Rough rider air ship pilot and respected ally.

Norah Monroe “Everytime I hear of her she's accomplishing great things. Motivates me.”

Aren Tensard The leader of the lions. Elated to work with.

Neittle “I was beginning to fall for her but circumstances and work pushed me away. I think her father knew it was bound to happen…”

Karn There was never a time he was anything shorter than a good man and trusted brother in arms. If he ever needed a favor, Sanjiro would obliged.

Shale Sanjiro has nothing but good things to say about this woman.

Rand Olim He was a voice of reason during a hard emotional time. And Sanjiro feels indebted to him for his kind words and aid during recent events.

Voice Kristelle She is a good wife to rand, and a capable spirit medium.

Chloe Lombardi I heard she's pregnant. Whhhaaaaaat?!


Sanjiro have enemies? Hah.

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