Rurik Yorenguard

“We walk forward, carrying with us the hopes and dreams of those that came before us. Sometimes it’s hard to not look behind me.”

Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race: Human Splicer (Draconic)
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 130 lbs
Belief: The Promise
Birth Date: Feb. 2nd
Sign: Aquarius
Tarot: The Tower
Occupation: Chief Physician of Glastheim, Blood Bank Director, Coroner/Medical Examiner,
Skills: Tactics, Strategy, Speaking, Magic theory/craft, And the Liberal Arts
Birth Place: Yuno
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Personality and Description

Rurik appears as a studious member of society. Forthright, hardworking, and an intellectual through and through are qualities he likes to make sure his peers know he inhabits. However, he’s much more easy going in reality. When in private he’ll smile broadly, laugh loudest, and even drink a bit too much when it’s offered. He does have a good work ethic, at least, when he chooses to use it. He’s as likely to be reading up on poetry, current events, or dragons as magic or medicine.

Because of certain events in his life, he’s a firm believer in freedom and equality. Racists are called out on what they are and Rurik is quick to anger when a person’s choices are taken from them. He also takes his job with high regard even though he might complain about it.

Rurik is short in stature, but lean. A runner’s build with very little in the way of extra weight on him. He’s perpetually mistaken for being at least five or so years younger than he is even with his angular facial features. Rurik still thinks he’ll one day get that growth spurt he was promised.

Some things have… changed. Angular features still intact, Rurik can no longer be mistaken as younger than he truly is. Since his transformation into a Draconic splicer he sports slit-like orange eyes and a double-helix pattern of scales that run up his arms and legs. These alabaster scales cover most of his shoulders, shoulder blades and run up and down the length of his spine. He also sports a set of slight protrusions from the top of his forehead that could be mistaken for tiny horns. This combined with a new mechanical arm painted in cherry red make him… noticeable.


Rurik comes from a military family and was pushed into the RDF’s junior officer training corps at a young age. He’s known for several things through his youth. One, for being an outrageous troublemaker and too intelligent for his own good; two, never holding a position for more than four months; and three, being expelled from Sage’s Academy because of a magical experiment he was in charge of destroy an entire floor.

He served during the Rune-Republic War and was honorably discharged under a fairly high rank for his age. After the war, he left the Republic and traveled until he began a new life in the Kingdom of Glastheim.

Recent Development

Case Name – Synopsis/Progress – Status

  • The Curse of Tsuchigumo – With the curse finally lifted. Rurik and his companions look toward to their main objective: Aengr Thom. – Solved.
  • Bay of Trials – A pirate cove that turned into a maze and from that a possible ecological disaster. – Solved. Though there are still treasures there…
  • Mind's Eye Theater – A powerful Nos named Caedoch placed Flora in a coma. – Resolved for now. However for some of his group there are lingering feelings.
  • Tinker, Tailor, Raydric, Spy – All Information on Clemont Redacted – [CLASSIFIED]
  • Behemoth Hunt – Well, that was weird. Monkeys going bananas. – Resolved.
  • Unity Festival – A good experience. I won't lose next time. – Resolved.
  • Aengr Thom – Who will be the Gryphon King?
  • Search for Vacana – Rurik is looking for teacher – He's got a location, but it seems dangerous.
  • Off-Season Examination – Rurik recovered his school records, fought a titan and reconnected Nosgard with Niflheim. But the scars will forever linger.


  • Victor Yorenguard (Father) “You weren’t that bad of a father, but who wants to see their son as a failure?”
  • Serenia Yorenguard (Mother) “I do enjoy your letters. I’m fine though. Really.”
  • Newo Yorenguard (Sister) “Sis, I hope you’re well, please don’t do anything stupid.”

The Five Companions

  • Aslan Yazdi “We’re brothers in arms now. Comrades. I’d trust you with anything! .. Well almost anything.”
  • Ezekiel Birchwood “Yeah, you’re a smartass, but you kept me in check when I needed it. Stay safe.”
  • Lisia Sunmourn “You show me everyday I have a lot to learn. Thank you.”
  • Aeden Damon “He came to our aid in a moment of need. He sacrificed so much… he was also bloody terrifying. But there’s a nobleness in his spirit.”
  • Laira Helthorne “We're not doctor and assistant. We're equals.”

Important Persons

  • Alexandra Fairweather “What happens when she finds out what kind of monster I really am?”
  • Irene Landevale “There's a lot of things left unsaid, but you're my friend to the end. Also your boyfriend's an asshole.”
  • Gabrielle DeAngelis “The awkward friend I never knew I wanted.”
  • Aja Rahal “And the alternate big sis I always wanted. Don't let Newo find that out.”
  • Shale Lynn “I wish my sister was as kind as you are.”
  • Sun Kang “You put us through hell. But if I were in your shoes? I would have done worse to get what I wanted.”
  • Poet Ellery “You have my highest respect and I won't let you get hurt again.”
  • Westel Vitale “If you need to talk, just let me know.”
  • Coral Blackwood “Thanks for helping me… like half a dozen times. You need something, come to me first.
  • Rudie “You've changed my opinion on Nos, buddy. Thanks for the beret.”
  • Elise Denali “Um, it's been… is it awkward? I mean it was nice. And… I'll leave now.”
  • Rhydian Stahl ”… we're friends? Alright! We're friends now.“
  • Milena Croquette “Friendly. Kind. Suspicious.”
  • Ruth Dupre “Something happened to that girl.”


  • Glynth “Good to work with, professional… but there's something twisted hiding under that mask.”
  • Vela Liloris “I'm sorry about how it happened.”
  • Harman “There's just… something you're hiding from us.”
  • Rubea “You and I are a lot alike.”
  • Vera “Being owed a favor from you. Well…”

Just Plain Enemies

  • Caedoch “This isn't your world. This isn't your time. Leave.”
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