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Aliases Alice
Gender Female
Age Appears Twenty
Race N-Artificial Human
Height 161cm / 5'2“ft
Weight 54kg / 120lbs
Belief None
Sign Scorpio
Birthday November 21
Occupation Unemployed*
Skills Tracking, Reconnaissance, Pranks
Combat Skills Close Quarters Combat, Single Hand sword Play, Firearms (Rifles), Dark Magic
Language Skills Fluent in Schwartzen and Runian, Limited working in Elvish, Aruni, and Ba Jinian.
Birth Place Lighthalzen, Democratic Republic of Schwartzvald
Character Sheet Rowan
Voice Click

Personality and Description

Generally a quiet and observant person, it's hard pressed to have her speak without being spoken too. She tends to keep her emotions reigned in, casting a imagine of an uncaring person to most people. While Rowan is observant, she can be crude in the way she puts things. Not really a fan of waiting around for people, patience is not her strong suit. Though on the field and in her work, Rowan's patience can know no bounds. With a great deal of training, she has mastered the art of waiting for a target. She carries the weight of having 'seen too much, done too much' but that does not take away from her character. With a cold exterior she has a gentle spirit to her, even if it's hidden deep and she would rather deny it.

Rowan is a voluptuous woman in a small package, supporting a surprising amount of agility and flexibility. She has an ethereal glow about her, it's hard to place where this allure might come from. Her skin is soft and pristine like that of a newborn child, not even a single freckle or sign of discoloration. Hair soft and voluminous, with a peachy sheen to the golden locks. It's often worn over her shoulder in a half braid to keep it from being messed by the elements. Wispy bangs hide her face for the most part. With large almond shaped, doe-baby green eyes framed in dark lashes, her expression is often neutral. .

Treasure Belongings
Juperos Camera A gift from Aren for the first Christmas of her return, a advanced camera from the floating city of Juperos. It prints pictures instantly. Rowan begins to fill her photo album with vigor.
Carrying Purse A purse given from Tissa, where Rowan keeps her camera and other small essentials.


Born in Lighthalzen, in the slum district Rowan's childhood was spent as a less than clean member of society. Leaving to Rune for a job, she was caught up in a revolution. Despite her participation in civil wars, revolutions and even the demon war - Rowan managed to maintain a good amount of obscurity. Enough to keep her name out of the books at least. Years of adventure spent there - Rowan eventually met her own death due to an illness.

Recent Development

  • After spending some time as a wandering spirit, Rowan was brought back to life through the combined efforts of Tissa and Aren. She spends most of her alone time adjusting to her new body.
  • Several days are spent hunting for various things, in a weeks time she expects things to be changing for the better. Though finding the final bits of work will put her in a tight spot.
  • A week into her healing process, Rowan finds it ever so difficult to stay in bed, even with Tissa's protests. The pain overwhelming, but with Raksha and Tissa's help it has been manageable.


  • Tissanfonia Rhut “You have come round circle again, but reborn in more ways than I can see.” Adoptive Mother. Rowan feels closer to her than she has in a long while, and not just because she cannot leave her bed.
  • Aren Tensard “Things are never quite as scary when you've got someone beside you. You've my undivided devotion.” A long time companion of Rowans, they have seen many dangers together and have a close bond. Rowan feels an abundance of gratitude to him, for giving her life back to her.

Old Acquaintances

  • Raksha “I wonder if I should call you 'mother'?” Tissa's Lover, and perhaps guardian. Rowan feels a friendship could be built with time, but the motherly jokes probably make it hard on Raksha.
  • Ysellion Fendrel (Aldebaran) “Truth be told, I'm glad for things you've accomplished.”
  • Sanjiro Cyril “It seems you have found your calling.”
  • Felix Nihn “I hear you are happy, that's good. You've found someone you can truly talk too.”


It's hard to have those when people still think you are dead.

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