Reeve Ambrose

“The more things change, the more things stay the same. That's life, I guess, huh?”

Gender: Male
Age: 40
Race: Human
Height: 6'0'
Weight: 215 lbs
Belief: Atheism
Birth Date: August 1st
Arcana: The Hierophant
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Police Detective
Skills: Profiling, Melee Combat, Firearms
Birth Place: Einbroch, Schwartzvald Republic
Theme: Parasite Eve II - Mist
Voice: Keith Baring - The Boogie Man
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Hardened, cold and devoted, Reeve is the kind of person that takes his job above all else. The word 'rest' doesn't seem to comprehend that well within his vocabulary, as he finds himself having to always be on the go, even when he's told that he needs to stop. Reeve is a blunt and straight-to-the-point individual. Years upon years of being a detective has caused him to read through people rather easily, often pointing out flaws and faults to a tee. While his words may sound uncouth and harsh, he tries to get his point across.

He considers himself a protector of injustice, wanting to protect those that are in need. His duty may cause him to do rather irrational and unorthodox methods, inflicting his own code of morals when it comes to justice. He is a firm believer of the law and will follow orders unless his own views interfere. Regardless, he puts hostages, citizens, bystanders and innocents as his high priority and will attempt anything in his power to protect them from harm.

Outside of his job and duty, he's not much of a social butterfly. He places a barrier on himself, upon acting gruff, aloof and reserved to those who attempt to converse with him. This is actually a defensive mechanism from anyone who tries to get close to him and tends to keep it that way. Recently, however, he has made an effort to talk with others, though there is obvious signs that he still struggles. Reeve is also a frequent chain-smoker as he constantly carries around a lighter and a pack of cigarettes, as the smell of tobacco lingers around him. He's trying to quit at the moment, but it's very difficult to do so. He still smells vaguely of tobacco.

Overall, Reeve is not very easy to get along with. He isn't willing to trust anyone he meets, or act as welcoming as he should be. His difficulty to connect with others complicates his job as an officer sometimes, as he's usually indifferent to the people he's meant to protect and serve. He does have a compassionate side, however, even though it's not often seen. He desires to help anyone he could, but feels he's unable to do so, due to his personality and still feeling guilt-ridden about past actions.

Along with dark brown, unkempt messy hair with a pair of sapphire blue eyes, his expression is usually a mixture of a tired scowl, never smiling ever. However, he is improving to show some emotion but it's a slow work in progress.


Born in the poorer sides of Einbroch, Reeve did not have it easy growing up. With parents working manual labor jobs that don't even make enough income to even put food on the table, he was not very fortunate. To make matters worse, his neighbourhood wasn't exactly the safest, as there were constant gang wars occuring violently on a daily basis.

Wanting to have purpose and some direction in his life, Reeve found interest in the police. Particularly detectives, people who solve crimes, saving people from harm, etc. He'd read novels of their heroic deeds, becoming increasingly fascinated the more he read about them. With renewed determination, Reeve set a goal to become one in the neartime future.

The road to such was not an easy one, as Reeve didn't exactly have the funds to even get enrolled into a proper academy. However, with enough effort and hardwork, albeit taking the longer path, Reeve manages to get enrolled on a special scholarship, something that most people aren't fortunate to have. He didn't waste time squandering this opportunity and eventually he became a detective within the Republic Police Force.

During his rookie year as a junior detective, Reeve became smitten with a woman by the name of Laura on the few cases he was working on. However, becoming emotionally attached with a victim of a crime case is frowned upon, Reeve didn't seem to care and eventually, the two became a couple. They got married together soon after and even have a daughter together named Tyzel. Life couldn't get any better and Reeve thought that nothing could ever go wrong.

Or so he thought.

A day before his birthday, Laura and Tyzel were planning to surprise him with a birthday cake. Unfortunately, during that time violent riots occurred among the city of Lighthalzen. The two were at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and they immediately perished in an arson accident. The news of their deaths left Reeve broken, shattered and he slowly descended into a spiral of depression.

Several years of their deaths, and Reeve still remains a lethargic, emotionless shell of his former self. Since then, he has become more determined, to the point of obsession, of protecting anyone from harm.

Recent Development

  • With Project Reckoning finally behind him, Reeve goes on a long vacation after his ventures within the Tower, promising himself to never put himself through a dangerous voyage like that again. Though, he wasn't able to remove the shadow within him, as he has a metal chip inside his ribcage, to supposedly keep it at bay. With that mystery on the horizon, he uses this opportunity to visit the Finnegan Store he had heard so much about. He's been wanting to visit the place for quite some time but never had the right timing to do so..


  • Reeve is finally able to communicate with his shadow, after several previous failed attempts. He seems.. unsure how to feel about it, but his curiosity does want him to know more about the origins and power behind the creature that lingers within him.

Dearest Family

  • Laura Ambrose (Wife) (Deceased) “What would you tell me if you were here right now?”
    Reeve's beloved wife, a woman who he fell in love with while on a case. Through her, he was able to show a soft side that others could not see. With her gone, however, his whole world turned upside-down and hasn't felt the same since.
  • Tyzel Ambrose (Daughter) (Deceased) “Baby girl, I wish you were here.”
    Reeve's daughter, someone he cared very deeply for. He'd dote and spoil her and made sure she had everything provided for, whenever possible. When she was taken away from him, it was the final nail in the coffin for Reeve.

Former Squadmates

  • Aishe Rashid “A bit too lax for a Sergeant. Ever since she changed, those eyes are so damn unnerving. Still, I respect her and hasn't disappointed since.”
    The squad leader. Reeve finds her a bit too carefree but knows that her strength and her wit makes up for it. She isn't sure how the changes are affecting her - he has a feeling she's liking them a bit too much.
  • Karn “… I feel bad for not say anythin'. Was it really the right thing to deny the one thing he desired?”
    Karn's condition has made him even worse and he really isn't sure if he'll ever be the same or get better. He's no doctor, so.. Reeve hopes for the best, even though he is concerned and he gets the proper treatment, as soon as possible.
  • Seiglinde Reichs “Hmph.. so she decides to leave and instead watch from the back? Give me a break.”
    The doctor that was formally with them until she decided to call it quits. Reeve doesn't blame her for wanting to leave, though it still leaves a bitter taste in his mouth. Well, she gets to live another day, he supposes.
  • Tal Cato “No matter what happens to you, you'll always be the one and only Gumball to me. Even with all the changes, don't ever change that chipper attitude of yours. We need that - more than anything.”
    Tal is someone that Reeve has known since the war started awhile ago. He is thankful that she has supported him and stuck by him, even through the bad times. Though can't help.. but worry for her constantly because of recent events.
  • Zefi Ledge “Since I've known you, you're a lot tougher than you. Despite everything, you're able to power through all the ups-and-downs. I'm glad we're friends.”
    Zefi is someone that Reeve has the pleasure in knowing, despite the fact that her persona is a bit of a turn-off for him initially. However, he has learned to be patient and eventually, Zefi has become a very dear friend to him and hopes they'll continue to do so, once everything concludes.


  • Kuhn “I'm glad that you've been alive this whole time. Please let it remain that way.”
    Kuhn is an odd and yet unique individual. It took a very long time for Reeve to get used to them, but eventually, Reeve considers Kuhn a reliable ally and is thankful that they are alive and well.
  • September “… I'm sorry. I hope whenever you are, you're doing okay. I hope we get to see each other someday.”
    During the climax of the war, September was someone that Reeve was very, very close to, so much though that she reminded him so much of his relationship with his deceased daughter. However, Reeve left suddenly when the war was about to conclude, and he hasn't gotten the chance to speak with the girl since. He misses her greatly and hopes that she is alive, well and safe.

Unsure/Wary Of

  • ??? “So you can finally talk.. I wonder what it is that you really want. It feels weird having someone inside me. Don't get the wrong idea.”
    A mysterious, shadowy entity that still lingers within Reeve, even after the events of Project Reckoning had concluded. Still, he doesn't seem too bothered by it, at least not yet, and hopes to unlock the secrets sooner than later.

Everyone Else

“The older I get, the more things I have to let go. That's life, I guess.”

Arts is © Muffin

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