Redoran Lynn Carmac

“If you tell me money's changed me, you're never getting any of mine again~.” Art by Aischeu on Tumblr!

Gender: Male
Age: 252
Race: Incubus
Height: 6' / 1.8m
Weight: 145 lbs / 65 kg
Birth Date: Autumn (September 23)
Sign: Libra
Occupation: Self Employed (Alchemist)
Nicknames: Carmac, Car, Little Red
Combat Skills: Dark Magic, Summoning, Superior Magic, Necromancy
Practical Skills: Alchemy, Cooking, Cartography, Dancing
Birth Place: Geffenia
Theme: Pavlove
Voice Oded Fehr

Personality and Description

Redoran varies from day to day, somewhat, and is typically in one of two moods dependent on location and whatever he might be up to! At home and around Heidelberg he's fairly casual, easy-going and can be a joy to shoot the shit with. While no longer its Royal Alchemist, he still holds onto what clout he can and sells potions out of his own home, un-officially. While he seems satisfied with this, and it might look like he's resigned to just coasting, the truth is very different - This incubus has his mind set on something more than alchemy, now! It's money, and money by way of alchemy.

There's another mood that's typical, as mentioned above, and it comes out during business affairs. Redoran maintains a stoic and somewhat intimidating demeanor when it comes to both alchemy and money, especially when he stands to gain, and it's mixed with just a dash of haughty - maybe even arrogant. At times like these his time is valuable, or he makes it seem that way, and there's a lot that a sharp-dressed and miffed-looking incubus can squeeze out of a deal. This same polarizing behavior can come out when he's angry, as well, and especially with people he dislikes or who have wronged him (or his wife). Fortunately, the latter is uncommon - and could be assumed as more of a persona. Who really knows, though?

Carmac stands at exactly six feet tall, sporting broad wings that glow with what look like runic patterns. All of his clothing is tailored for those, and in recent days it's suits and slacks for most anything! He might be caught without the suit jacket from time to time, but rarely wears the more casual clothes that he used to… Barring Vahk'Salan robes, but even those are sure to be expensive. Redoran flexes most of his wealth in clothing and accessories, particularly wristwatches and bracelets, though he's not overbearing with it! It's there, and it's up to the observer to notice. His eyes are a beautiful golden color and hair a silky kind of black, which is no surprise given his heritage! It's difficult for someone like him to not look fairly attractive.

Personal Items

Wedding Band A simple golden band with an intricate elven carving. It never leaves his finger, and with good reason!
Cane of Nahr Acquired in the Emirates, this walking cane and Catalyst was a gift from the Nahr tribe. An eye-shaped gem occasionally twitches near the handle in a slightly grotesque way.

Menagerie of Animal & Elemental Friends

Eve Summoning isn't in the forefront of Redoran's mind at the moment, but he still has access to his old friend. She remains as temperamental and violent as ever, and for that reason he keeps her out of sight most of the time…
Sable Originally a resident of Geffen, technically, Sable has lived a happy life in the attic of his and Shale's home. Though she does migrate away during certain months, the little bat always returns - and he considers her a small friend.
Gil Technically a son, but Gil is not exactly human - or even humanoid. The always-growing dragon calls him Papa regardless, and Redoran is happy to assist his wife (how he can) in helping him grow.


You want me to summarize 250 years? Naaaah. Let's put it this way: Redoran's always been lazy, always been good-for-nothing, and he's been bouncing between friends and situations incredibly often for almost his entire life. There are a lot of broken hearts and empty wallets out there that are completely his fault. His confessions would fill a library, as Rand aptly put it, but he's doing his best to change the course of things. Right now he's doing pretty well, but some of that may have gone to his head..!

Recent Development

  • Redoran departs his work as Royal Alchemist of Glastheim, leaving the mantle to the previous assistant - Will Warlow. The man's a friend that he's sure will not disappoint Glastheim's Councillor, and while he's not letting Will use his well-stocked lab for work… Casual use is still just fine.
  • Tagging along with Shale to Geffenia in order to investigate some kind of plague, Redoran both amuses himself and builds his wealth by making deals for rare ingredients where he can! Dwarves are shrewd, but learning to operate the trading table on their level is just another skill he hopes to add to his profile of them…

Friends and Foes

My Mama

  • Evelyn :: “Well, well! It looks like we're both finding success in our own way, aren't we?” :: Evelyn manages the Yellow Berry, a popular tavern in the same city that Redoran lives, and he's a frequent customer. While she's hardly making the same kind of coin that he is, the woman seems happy..! And that's more than enough for him.

My Wife

  • Shay :: “She's my everything~. If anyone, or anything, ever hurt her…” :: ☾ It's difficult to find Shale without Redoran at her side, and the same is true in reverse… The two are nigh inseperable, even so long after the typical 'honeymoon phase', and that doesn't show any sign of ending in the near or distant future. Redoran would do anything about her, and knows she feels the same.

Oooh, I Like Them

  • Calder :: “You finally found a girl~! Now you've gotta keep her, not that it seems a challenge…” :: Redoran's best friend from a young age, though they've drifted together and apart several times over the course of their lives. For the moment they're the former, however, and manage to get out for lunch at least once or twice a month…
  • Harley :: “I really do hope you'll forgive me, someday..! Not that I deserve it.” :: While he would've called her an angry ex-lover in the past, and put the blame on her, the truth is… Quite the opposite. Redoran's owned up to that much, though he's not surprised that his apologies fall on mostly-deaf ears. Two years of 'good' behavior amidst two centuries of bad don't seem enough even from his side of things!
  • Teleris :: “A fellow business owner now, I hear! I'll be sure to offer an investment.” :: Another good friend from his childhood, and also an ex-lover! It seems to be a theme. They were shorter-lived, however, and now she seems to have finally realized feelings for a certain someone… Redoran couldn't be happier for the two of them.

Friends and Moreso

  • Zefirous :: “Just a pen-pal. I don't know much about her personal life, but I prefer it that way.” :: They met through a shared interest in Summoning, though Redoran's recently abandoned that in favor of other pursuits! He still maintains contact through the mail, though.
  • Will :: “If he'd come after my job aggressively rather than inheriting it, I might've even been frightened~.” :: Originally an assistant when Redoran was still Royal Alchemist of Glastheim, and now something more like a friend. The two get along rather well, in his opinion, and he sees a spark of inspiration in this man's work that puts him above most other alchemists.

Eve's Friends

  • Raziel :: The Summon of a friend met through the craft, Zefirous. They're casual pen-pals, though she seems busy at the moment.
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