Gender: Female
Age: 26
Race: N-Human
Height: 6'2
Weight: 121 lbs
Belief: ???
Birth Date: 12th of December
Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: -
Skills: Advanced proficiency with bladed weaponry and unarmed combat, Survival, Tracking, Detection of Mana residue, Simple crafts- sewing & carving, High mental capacity for patterns
Birth Place: What kind of birth?
Theme music: Pride of the Knight King
Character Sheet: -

(Kinks ironed out with Tensard's helpful input. Thank you!)
Personality and Description

Rarely seen as a woman, Raksha prefers to remain in her dragon form. The once tall and powerfully built warrior is naught but a thin chimeric cripple. With the bulk of her muscles wasted away during her coma, she can barely walk. A pair of large wings sag uselessly at her back. Once scaled in glorious white and bronze, they are now nearly consumed by pitch black feathers.

Amber eyes are lost, sorrowful and reflect little else but pain. They are hard, however, as though beaten to be so. Her bright platinum tresses are left to grow out in their soft waves, uncombed and unbound, not much care but the bare minimum put into them, or her appearance at all.

She wears her beloved dragon tribe garb still, and somehow keeps it in pristine condition.

Fame & Infamy
Dragon Warden Glast & Rune Thanks to the Rangers in the wilds spreading word, she is known for handling harsh tasks and her association with the Dragon Pride on Mount Mjolnir.
White Witch Slayer Glast They may not be witches, but the party has sure made an impact on the community in the Grove! Their name has sure gained a couple of notches not just among the witches, but also folks in Heidelberg…and the town sure is chatty! The Paragons are also grateful for their aid, and are always welcome as friends of the witchfolks. Songs of the White Witch falling to her demise, in the depths of Niflheim itself, will be sung in taverns! It sure makes for a grand tale, if perhaps just a tad overblown.
The Matron's Shadow Glast By association, the witches have seen that Raksha was awfully close to The Matron, and seem to be looking out for her from every corner no matter how obscure. Isn't that also the Dragon Warden from Karnorc? They don't seem to know fully, but they sound somewhat sure!
Battle Royale Victor VisCom, Karnorc Claimed the Hunter title.


What does it matter anymore?

Recent Development

  • Two weeks after Rowan returned her to Tissa's tower to recover, Raksha was cast out. Now a month since, she has disappeared. Her last known location was near Glastheim.
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