Pukla Puki

“The pen is mightier than the sword! In a pinch, though, you can write with blood. Wait, what's that mean? This is an awful metaphor!”

Gender: Female
Age: 17 (Adult)
Race: Goblin
Height: 3'7” / 1.1m
Weight: 44 lbs / 20 kg
Belief: Fate
Rebirth Date: Spring (June 3)
Sign: Gemini
Occupation: Town Guard
Titles: Barony Guard, Dragon Tamer
Combat Skills: Artificer, Elemental & Spirit Mage, Gadgeteer, Samurai
Practical Skills: Charisma & Problem Solving
Birth Place: Goblin Town
Theme: So Far So Good
Voice: Pinkie Pie

Personality and Description

Pukla is a scrawny little goblin, barely breaching three and a half feet in height, but a lot about her stands out despite this! She dresses in bright and vivid colors, seeming to have an incredibly diverse ensemble of hats to go with them, and almost always wears her shining Arcane Goggles along with a scarf to top it off. The girl looks like a hoarder at first glance, never moving anywhere without her two weapons and several relics, and those who get to know her will find that's not an entirely untrue assumption. She carries everything that she finds near and dear to her closely, in the literal sense, and won't seem to take her eyes off of it for very long.

Her mannerisms are perky and cheery in a way that can come off as disingenuous at first meeting… But enough time around her will confirm the opposite. Pukla seems to carry faith in everyone, from the heroically good to the overwhelmingly bad, and refuses to hold anyone beneath her in conversation or opinion. Despite this positive outlook, the girl shows an intelligence and reason that lets her assess people with relative quickness and work through problems and puzzles with a certain efficiency.

What used to be a lack of faith in her physical and magical prowess in exchange for unshakable faith in her problem solving and general creativity has made way for a balance of the two… She seeks to hone herself in all areas, coming to terms with the fact that she is never likely to excel in any one area. This is not a weakness in her mind, however, and she would rather be decent at several things than incredible at just one or two.


Pukla's best friend. This almost-one-year-old dragon stands at the height of a pony, now, weighing just over five hundred pounds. His scales are a brilliant red with a few dull flecks of gold, and he sports a pair of red horns atop his head that curve backward and up. Fiero's wings appear a little stunted, though they still work, and he does have some small trouble with flight… Especially when Pukla is on his back.

Fiero remains the troublemaker that he was and always has been, often blowing smoke in Pukla's direction while she's talking and generally making mischief for her. She seems to take this in stride, and the two can often be found playing tag and hide and seek around Tortuga… Whether it's on land or in the sky.


Pukla's second best friend. Though the woman(?)'s exterior is a cold and expressionless metal frame, and the goblin's not even entirely sure how she works on the inside, she is still a valuable friend and ally. Kyrie stands at an average five feet and eight inches and often dresses in a clean and pressed maid's uniform. It would appear cute if not for the ensemble of a claymore, a rifle, and four separate ammo belts that are latched to her person at all times.

This construct's personality varies heavily, dependent on whichever direction Pukla turns the dial that augments it. She seems to prefer 'Sassy' the most often, occasionally also shifting to 'Drill Sergeant' or 'Killing Machine'. The only one she does not enjoy is the default setting - She finds it too emotionless.

Personal Items

Blind Seer's Mask A horrific face cover forged of bone and sinew. Not only does it have a ghastly appearance, it's enchanted, too!
Feline Mask Though rarely on her face anymore, as she favors her goggles, Pukla still cherishes her first mask.
Seal of the Guild A heavy medallion bearing a symbol of a trident piercing through clouds. She holds it close, despite the strange feeling it brings.
Shiny Badge 'FIERO' is roughly carved into this brass badge. It verifies that the dragon is her best bud.
Windshear A curious goblin-sized katana with a grip woven of crimson and hot pink material. A gift from Rhydian, she cherishes it and frequently uses it in battle!


While most gobins find their calling early in life, whether it's technical, magical or physical… Pukla's always lagged behind, mostly due to the fact that there are just so many choices. She doesn't much like those, because every option always sounds like a fun one, and spreads herself thin just to sample everything before making a decision. The eventual decision that the little goblin reached was to join another small group roaming the countryside, one led by a King Gobble Gob XII, in search of both fame and riches! The girl found neither, and after splitting from the group while they were on their way to meet some alchemist from Glastheim…

Pukla had the misfortune of finding herself somewhere that she definitely shouldn't have been. She now recognizes the sinister metal corridors she visited back then as a dragon poaching operation. It was there that she found Fiero, or the egg that contained him, and did her best to whisk him away from that horrible place. She's not entirely sure what came next, she only remembers a gun firing and then things going dark, but when she woke up she was in a friendly trapper's cabin. He told her that her pet dragon had squeaked enough that he'd come to investigate, and that the little thing had saved her life!

She didn't much recall having a pet dragon, only an egg, but there it was just beside her! It'd scarcely let the trapper close, she noticed, and seemed very intent to nuzzle at her and beg for hugs. Pukla was happy to bond with the little thing while she recovered in this kind man's house, although the recovery was not full…

Once she had recovered, she ventured to the Kingdom of Glast in search of her friends and a real doctor that could truly fix the wound that the trapper could only manage to patch up. After a very confusing mix-up she wound up on a shuttle bound for the city of Tortuga, and the rest is history.

Recent Development

  • Pukla joins her fellow crewmates to confront a mansion-sized dragon, only to find herself wrapped up in a strange conspiracy… And down a friend. Manmuud's courage lives on in the statue left behind, however, and that's good enough for her.
  • Still getting used to having an invisible third eye, Pukla finds herself part of a frame job on the Empress Crew… Her photo is bound to show up in the papers alongside Norah's 'assassination', and she's pretty sure she left her hat behind at the scene. That was a good hat, too.

Friends and Foes


  • Fiero :: “Heck yeah! Nothing we can't do together, right, bud? Let's fly 'til the end of time!” :: A red adolescent dragon that's approaching one year of age! He's rarely apart from Pukla, outside of dangerous situations, and they get along magnificently.
  • Gobble Gob III :: “Don't ask me how, but… Somehow, some way, I know you're proud of me, dad.” :: Pukla's adoptive father, though she cares little about true blood lineage. It seems she's absorbed a lot of business sense from him, mostly in the form of quips and quotes, and speaks highly of the man when she can.
  • Kyrie :: “I know we can brave any storm! Or, I mean, I can hide behind you while you brave it. Hee hee!” :: A human-sized robotic woman that cleans Pukla's house and the clocks of her enemies. She often comes along on more dangerous missions, in place of Fiero, when she isn't willing to risk the draconic scamp.


  • Aiveen :: “A spirit magician who's got the real chops! I'll never be quite as good, but I'll always try…” :: The woman who inspired Pukla to learn what she knows of Spirit Magic! The succubus' talent for supporting an entire party single-handedly has earned her the title of a True Songstress.
  • Alecto :: “If I could be half as stoic as you, I think I'd stop getting weird looks in public!” :: Pukla joined the crew at the same time as her, and she'd call her more than a friend at this point! This woman's skill with a weapon in each hand is unmatched, and the goblin considers her a True Swashbuckler.
  • Cap'n Norah :: “You didn't have to take me in, almost a year ago! But you did, and I'll never forget that kindness.” :: Pukla's boss and a good friend! The one who inspired her to look into machinery and its intricate workings… Pukla considers her, above all, a True Leader.
  • Manmuud :: “I know you're in a better place, and I especially know you've got no regrets. We'll meet again, someday!” :: An impressively strong orc who stuck true to his ideals to the very end! Pukla enjoyed her time with him, most of it spent on his shoulder or head, and he's one of the few people she'd consider a True Warrior.
  • Rhydian :: “We make a great team, don't we? I'll never be the whirling dervish that you are, but there's no way I'll stop trying!” :: A skilled swordsman and good friend; he showed her a few tricks with the blade and she took to his training and ideals very quickly. Without a doubt, this one is a True Samurai!
  • Westley :: “We had a rocky start, but you've been a good friend to me! If we share our knowledge, we'll always come out on top!” :: A slightly frumpy man (though she'd never say so!) with an impressive knack for Artificery! He was the one who inspired her to take up the craft, and it's captured her attention to a very high degree. For his expert use of relics, she'd call him a True Master.


  • Selene :: “I don't know what to think of you… I don't hate you for killing Manmuud, but I'm watching you..!” :: An Elysian, apparently, who's left a very strange mark (literally) on poor Pukla. Though they've not spoken enough for the girl to form an opinion, she hopes to at least learn the motivations of the woman who killed her friend. This one is a True Mystery.

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