Poet Vitale-Ellery

“Try to use your inside voices in the library, please! Ah? I'm the librarian, that doesn't apply to me.”

Nicknames: Poe, Bluebird, Book Whisperer, Poet #2, “Marshmaster”
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Race: Human
Height: 6'4
Weight: Average
Belief: Polytheism
Birth Date: November 24
Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: Glastheim Librarian
Skills: Cheap magic tricks, illusions, vellum manipulation, cooking, etc.
Languages (Fluent): Schwarzen, Common, Quattori, Ba Jin
Languages (Loosely): Elvish, Sybirian
Birth Place: Hugel
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Poe would consider himself a simple man with simple needs and a go-getter attitude. Others may see him as a bit of a space shot and maybe a little bit eccentric at times, but he's generally pleasant and likes being around people. He's an optimist to the end with a very “fake it 'til you make it” view on life. He's passionate about finding something to like about every situation and is usually capable of at least making the most out of situations he can't change. While he is more or less an easy enough person to get along with, his buttons can be pushed and his sarcasm is sometimes hard to read due to his already visible love for dry humor which makes it difficult to tell when you've pushed him sometimes. And it takes a lot to truly bring out his temper, but when he gets there, he has no qualms with letting you know. And as “go with the flow” as he can be, he also carries a bit of an aggressive, competitive drive about him when passionate enough about something.

His hair is a soft blue, kept short and tidy and his eyes are a soft shade of maroon. His build is slender, but healthy and he tries to keep a generally clean appearance. For the most part, he aims to appear “presentable”, wearing blazers and vests or at the very least a button up shirt, but he is surprisingly not against getting put in situations where he could get gross or dirty and it more just seems like a preference he could live with or without–Though given the option, he would take the former. While reading or getting work done, he makes sure to keep his glasses on hand, but doesn’t seem to wear them otherwise (unless they match the outfit, that helps).

Special Items:

  • Wedding Ring - A magitech tattoo of a bird curled around his left ring finger, glowing a warm white. Done by Westel, himself and impossible to misplace!
  • Engagement Ring - A unique ring, shaped to resemble the weaves of a nest with a small bird resting on top. It was made by Westel himself and used to propose. Needless to say, Poe is always found wearing it. (Unlike the image, it only has one bird on it!)
  • Hair Clip - Given to him by his sister, Melody when they were younger. As much as it annoys her, he still wears it from time to time as an adult and with pride for that matter. Even when he isn't wearing it, it is always hidden somewhere on his person.
  • Wedding Band - A treasure of his past marriage. He no longer wears it on his hand, but he does keep it close to his heart on a chain around his neck.
  • Kompact Kitchen - An odd device that appears as a large, metal briefcase until it unfolds to provide a full, portable kitchen with a working hotplate and sink! Created by Westel and made special for Poe so he can cook for himself and others while he's without an actual kitchen. Westel came up with this idea when the two first became friends and the finished project is now one of Poe's most prized possessions.
  • Bird Pins - A set of nine pins made from snippets of scrap materials and metal twine that vary in brassy tones, each formed into the likeness of one of his many birds. He can always be seen wearing at least one at a time on his collar or jacket, but don't be fooled, he's got them all with him at all times. They're most likely pinned to the inside of his vests and blazers.


Poe was born into an eccentric yet modest family in Hugel with a mother, a father, and two sisters; one older and the other his twin. He and his siblings all grew up with various interests, but still managed to get along and around his early teens, he finally managed to find common ground with his twin sister. They began working with each other often, practicing various magics and working on odd little projects with one another, a favorite of theirs being illusion magic for story telling. This lead them to take a small job at the library, working with children. It was a job that kept the two busy for a few years before Poe eventually took an actual job at the library as the librarian. Having a deep love for his position, he remained there up until meeting and eventually marrying his husband, Theo whom he moved to Al de Baren and opened up a small bookstore with. Despite running such a small business in a large city, they managed to keep it running steadily thanks to Theo’s competence and their willingness to make connections with (and kiss up to) various schools and shops throughout Rune which allowed them to transport books and supplies back and forth. This form of networking worked out well for them and gave them plenty of opportunities to get exposed to many rare and valuable tomes, artifacts, and even just stories they may have not had the chance to learn about otherwise.

Unfortunately, their business and time together was cut short when Theo’s carriage was jumped during a transport. Most likely because of stubbornness and determination to protect his cargo, the man was found dead with an empty carriage. The bookstore went out of business shortly after, due to Poe’s failure to keep up with things on his own and he decided to return back to Hugel to be near his family. Poe allowed himself time to mourn and reflect over the next few years before feeling inspired to get another fresh start on his still young life and took up traveling. His passions caused him to move from one place to another and he eventually found himself back in Rune, some time before the war and has been exploring different opportunities ever since.

Recent Development

  • After recently getting married and returning back to Glastheim, Poet immediately got back to business both at the library and with his own work! Now that there is finally time to look into Dornhall, it's back to being one of many top priorities.
  • The second they had the chance, Poet and Westel traveled out with Harman and discovered a workshop, leading them even deeper into their Dornhall investigation. Only slowing down to take their research back to the books, they seem to be learning more and more unexpected trades.


  • Abigail Ellery - Mother “You made us into quite the family of flower-children, haven't you? That's fine, it gives us character.”
  • Byron Ellery - Father “I'll be okay if you'll be okay, sound fair?”
  • Autumn Ellery - Older sister “We're probably better off staying out of each others' business, but I love you just the same.”
  • Melody Ellery - Twin sister “You balance so much at once, how do you do it? I'm always so impressed!–But I'm the cuter twin, don't forget that.”
  • Theo Sterling – Late-husband “I'll keep up the good work! Promise, okay?” (deceased)
  • Anja Leitner - Sister-In-Law Daughter “We make a pretty good team, don't we? I love her like she's my own flesh and blood and it's impossible for me to have a bad day when I see that smile of hers.”
  • Westel Vitale-Ellery - Husband “My dove! (And sometimes raccoon…) He couldn't make me happier even if he tried–I'm not sure how I managed to find someone so truly wonderful to love and be loved by.”

Pets Also Family! Children!

  • Lisa - Raven “She's such an angel! So well behaved–Ah, though I do wish she didn't pull on my hair so much…”
  • Travis - Sparrow “There's no kind way to say it, he's an asshole. But he's still my baby!”
  • Regina - Sparrow “I raised her and Travis together since they were hatchlings, she's so well behaved compared to her brother! I love them both, I swear.”
  • Hannah - Parakeet “Always my secret little companion! Ah, she does tend to startle guests at the library when she gets bored of my jacket though…”
  • Toby - Swallow “You're such a gentle soul! And so social!”
  • Jeremy - Finch “Goodness, you're so chubby! How did such a little bird get so big?”
  • Dennis - Blue jay “He's both my most wild and most domestic bird! He's almost always out yet he never 'leaves the nest' so to speak.”
  • Riley - Starling “An unexpected addition to the family, but entirely welcome!”
  • Squiggle - Chicken “You know, I really can't blame Westel for taking her in so impulsively, she's too pure for words.”
  • Wiggle - Chicken “What better way to declare our love on our anniversary than to adopt an angel covered in hearts? Absolutely stunning, isn't she? Ah…She was a gift to Westel so he got to name her.”
  • Higgle - Chicken “She's as stunning as the rest of her sisters!–Ah, Westel named her as well.”
  • Giggle - Chicken “She looks like a queen! Westel named her also…”
  • Jiggle - Chicken “I have to admit, your name suit you, little one. You're quite on the pudgy side!”
  • Bobo - Aquaring “What an odd little addition to our family, aren't you?…I'm still wondering just how smart you are. Maybe I should lock your tank at night.”


  • Viloce Vitale - “It feels surreal, actually meeting you in person. Thank you for coming back and thank you for accepting me as family.”
  • Teleris Elondar - “She's one of the nicest people I've ever met! Jeremy seems to like her a lot too.”
  • Gabrielle DeAngelis - “My dear, dear friend whether she likes it or not! I can't help worrying about her, but I know she's strong enough to keep it together. What goes on in that head of yours?”
  • Oliver Chance - “There's a lot of sadness in him, but he's finding his way out of the dark. I have full confidence in him!”
  • Alecto Della Corte - “She certainly has her ways when dealing with Westel and myself. She's crafty–but I appreciate what does does for us.”
  • Aja Rahal - “What did I do to deserve the amount of kindness she offers me? Either way, I'm incredibly thankful!”
  • Rurik Yorenguard - “He's a little questionable at times, but I think that's part of why I like him! Joke's aside, he's been at my aid whenever I need.”

Friends & Acquaintances

  • Shale Lynn - “She's so friendly and easy to get along with! I appreciate her taking interest in my studies.”
  • Fayvel Vandir - “He's either a bad influence or a great motivator, but I like his company all the same. He's a sweet-talker though!”
  • Walter Gray - “There's something very endearing about him. Watching him and Miss Gabrielle interact is high end entertainment.”
  • Soso Poxso - “She doesn't seem to reach out much so I'm glad she considers me a friend. She's a constant wallflower in the library, but the prettiest one of the garden!”
  • Rush - “He's a good soul and really knows how to brighten the mood…except when he calls me old, I'm not that old!”
  • Helios - “I do worry about some of his…habits, but he's a delight when you give him a little time! He's a sensitive soul.”
  • Nouvein Abelasan - “She keeps me company when I'm working late at night. She's very sweet, I appreciate the company!”
  • Claudia Schwarzer - “She keeps reassuring me that she's harmless…which is confusing since she hasn't threatened me at all…no matter! She's still charming.”
  • Will Warlow - “I hope he wasn't offended by my remark about elven age! He seems like an easy person to get along with.”
  • Meriel - “She is about as unique as one can get and I love it. I can't help having respect for how forward she is with her demands. So affectionate too!”
  • Aravae Selmer - “I'd keep you as my own personal Medium if I could! Thank you for being so helpful.”
  • Ruby - “A friend of Anja's apparently! Quite the character, I like her…I'm having trouble adjusting someone calling Anja Silver or Sterling or whatever, but…”
  • Richter Callahan - “So you're in school now! I'm proud of you and expect great things!”
  • Sevais Dro'eno - “Always a pleasure to speak with and I owe him a lot! He reeeaaally needs a vacation though, I'm trying to brainstorm.”
  • Elliot Denali - “I'm not sure what to make of him, but he sure is around the library a lot. He seems kind enough so I'm happy to help with what he's working on–Ah! His sister needs help too, I'm on that!”


  • Glynth - “I'm going to keep coming up with my own theories about his desperate cries for attention until one of them makes him endearing.”
  • Vela Liloris - “I'm sorry we disappointed you. Though I think it's safe to say we're all a little disappointed, aren't we?”

  • Caedoch - “You manipulated and brought out the worst in a good person.”

Main Art © Patty ♥

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