Pippin Washer

Player: Tensard
Upkeep: Starter (Petty Thief)
Income: Starter (Petty Thief)
Race: Kobold
Age: 19
Weapon Proficiency: Wands, Orbs, Jewelry, Twin Jewelry, Staff, Spellblade, Magic Bolter
Favored Elements: Water, Spirit
Armor Type: Unarmored
Meta Bonus: Elemental 2, Spirit 4, Subtlety 5
Status and Equipment
HP: 28
SP: 32
Damage: 4 NWA, 5 MCA
To Hit: See Meta
Evasion: 6
Endurance: 1
Willpower: 7
Search: 6
Sneak: 13
SP Reductions: -1 (Armor)
Equipped Weapon: Tribal Ritual Spellblade (Gator-Tooth Earrings)
Items Gear Special Powers and Boons
x Gator Earrings x
x x x
x x x
Skill Tree: Water
Passive: Balance
Tier 1 Barrier Wash Life Drop
Tier 2 Brand Surge Life Rain
Tier 3 x x x
Tier 4 x x x
Skill Tree: Spirit
Passive: Benevolence
Tier 1 Spirit Bolt Mana Shield Nurture
Tier 2 Enervate Banish Trance
Tier 3 Regenerate Empower Attune
Tier 4 Wrath Rebirth Cultivation
Skill Tree: Subtlety
Passive: Trickster
Tier 1 Subvert Obscure Snatch
Tier 2 Debilitate Observe Swerve
Tier 3 Raid Side-Swipe Scapegoat
Tier 4 Play Dead Exploit Pounce
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Acrobatics 4 I have to jump sometimes.
Dexterity 5 I polished silverware!
Speed 4 I have to run, sometimes.
Thievery 4 I have to eat.
Spell Lore 12 I can understand it just fine, I just can't…
Magic Healing 11 I've gotten really good at healing sea-sickness.
Mana Control 10 I can make water dance!
Mana Sensing 7 I can smell magic!
…. x ….
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Pauper Student 10 The only difference between my notes and a Wizard's is that mine is written upon on napkins instead of pretty parchment.
Magical House-Keeping 5 I washed the floors, the clothes, and watered the plants.
Weapon: Father's Riverknife
Base Stats 4 NWA, 3(4*) MCA.
Description An ancient, worn spellblade used by Kobold shamans.
Craftsman Unknown Tribesman
Material Black Iron
Enchantment ….
Improvement ….
Weapon: Gator Tooth Earrings
Base Stats 5 MCA.
Description Father's earrings, made from river gator fangs.
Craftsman Uri, the Mother.
Material Animal Bone
Enchantment ….
Improvement ….
Weapon: Twilight's Edge
Base Stats 4 NWA/MCA
Description The blade of this sword seems to have been enchanted with unusual powers, resulting in a blend of swirling light and darkness.
Craftsman ???
Material ???
Legendary Enchantment Moonlight Sunburst From 6 AM - 6 PM, Twilight's Edge deals Light Damage. From 6 PM - 6 AM, Twilight's Edge deals Shadow Damage. On flat Attack rolls of 19 - 20, it deals Damage in a 5 x 5 Area of Effect (regardless of the Skill used) and forcibly changes to the opposite element until the next time this is triggered or it changes naturally with the passing of time.
Improvement ….
Armor: Washed Patchwork Poncho
Base Stats -1 SP costs, +2 Movement.
Description A pauper's patch-work attire. Washed but looks stained.
Craftsman Pippin Washer
Material Scavenged Fabics and Fibers
Enchantment ….
Improvement ….
x ….
x ….
x ….
x Potion Pouch: 1 Equip Slot counts for 2 Potions.
x ….
x ….
Zeny 38,000
GP 2

Statistical calculations can be found in this google document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZBpW3XCUQIkNg3BZJwOTtQzxxnhT6IfPgZ3AKi4J440/edit?usp=sharing

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