Pippin Washer

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Race: Kobold
Height: 3'4“
Weight: 49 lbs.
Belief: Agnostic
Birth Date: 6/28
Tribe: Raincallers(Unknown)
Occupation: Odd-Jobber and Thief
Skills: ….
Birth Place: The Wilds
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Youthful and peppy, Pippin Washer has an optimistic curiosity about the world around him. It has been tempered into wary interest, and he is more often silent even during discussions he is a part of. A quiet, wide-eyed pup of a kobold. When magical studies and books are concern, they overtake his learned caution as his desire for knowledge easily baits him into reckless choices.

Pippin looks near emaciated, wiry and with no fat or flab on his form. His fur, a dusky blue-steel color, is rough and smoothed down by hand. Pippin's tail is longer than an average kobold's tail, and fluffy much like a fox's tail. His face/ears resembles that of a Crab-Eating fox (the more cat-like foxes.)

Pippin currently dresses in stitched together rags and ponchos.


Pippin was the only child to a pair of kobolds that fled to Eastern Rune after their tribe was decimated by various conflict. Pipp's father managed to educate and get himself, his wife, and Pipp citizenship within Aldebaran. They became indentured servants to a local merchant to survive within the city. When Pipp's father perished during a cargo accident, social security afforded Pipp's mother very little in terms of insurance. Pipp and his mother were, more or less, servants for life at this point with their debt.

When Pipp's magic was discovered by the household, he healing his mother when she cut herself, the master of the house attempted to monopolize on this and had Pipp work at the docks to heal workers as well as take care of the estate. Going back and forth was taxing on the child, and Pipp's mother always tried to visit the docks with a meal for him (given graciously by the lady-of-the-house.)

Unfortunately, Pipp's mother came down with some illness from the sea and brought that back to the manor. The lady of the house caught it, or rather something like it, which caused a great stir within the estate. The master had Pipp's mother quarantined, and sent Pipp away as he could have also been a vector. Within Aldebaran's sick house, Pipp continue to work and pay off his family's debt.

After two weeks being separated, Pipp returned to find his mother and all of her effects missing. The lady of the house passed away, and a funeral was being planned. The master, uncompromising, told Pipp his mother died and was buried next to her husband. It was a lie. Pipp found out by finding a large, foul-smelling bag while digging through the garbage. It contained his father's body, rotting and still in the clothes he wore to work that day he died. Taking the tribal tools from his father's corpse, Pipp arrived at a crossroads of what sort of future he wants. But he needs and desires more magical power.

Recent Development

  • It has been 6 months since his ejection from service to Lord Hummin, since then Pippin survives on petty theft and odd jobs around Aldebaran.
  • Pippin has decided to take to adventuring as his best means to strengthen his magical powers, and sets off for the greater lands of Rune seeking fortune and magic.

Friends and Foes

  • The Dock Workers: They don't spit on me so long as I heal their aches.
  • The Aldebaran Sick-House: They treat me okay, but don't let me sleep there anymore.
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