Phyrral Moonglow

“Sorry, I don't like… Going out. Or… People. It's not that I'm trying to be rude…”

Gender: Female
Age: 19 (Adult)
Race: Human
Height: 5'6” / 1.65m
Weight: 115 lbs / 52 kg
Belief: Spirituality
Birth Date: October 1st
Sign: Libra
Occupation: Shut-In
Combat Skills: Spirit Magic & Staying Low
Practical Skills: Animal Care & Divination
Birth Place: Heidelberg
Theme - Snow & Ice
Voice - Fuuka (PQ)
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Standing at only five and a half feet tall, it's hard to call Phyrral imposing… In fact, she seems to try and blend into the background more often than not. The girl may seem frequently annoyed or even mean-spirited at times, but those closer to her realize that lashing out like this is her response to anxiety and stress. She gets both in hearty supply while out of the house, almost constantly, and so poor Phyrral tends to either snap at people or keep herself in quiet corners fairly often.

She doesn't much like to leave her house, spending almost all of her time there with one of her three cats, and most trips don't take her much farther than Heidelberg's southern harbor district. Most of the time she's only picking up cat food or other basic needs, relying entirely on an inheritance left to her by her late mother and father when it comes to matters of money. Because most everything is drained from a bank account that she can't otherwise touch, Phyrral tends to struggle when determining the relative value of things.

Physically the girl is thin, but not skin and bones, and the practice of magic as well as some amount of martial combat has left her fit at the least. Her black hair is roughly cut and usually tied up near the back, but stretches down to her shoulder blades when it's free to fall. A pair of dark purple eyes are shielded by black-framed glasses with fairly thick lenses, as well… She's not blind without them, but everything gets awfully blurry that way.

Personal Items

Night Sky Cloak The only “family heirloom” of sorts that she owns, and it's cherished because of that. It was a gift from her mother, and keeps her sheltered in the shadows.


  • Born and raised in Heidelberg to a Witch and Warlock of the Fae Coven, Phyrral was a fairly active and outgoing child.
  • Even in early schooling, Phyrral showed magical potential - Particularly with the Spirit Element, and she was tutored by her mother who shared the same affinity.
  • In her pre-teens, she was faced with a three-pronged problem in which she could only choose two paths: Schoolwork, magical tutelage or keeping up social relations. Though it wasn't a conscious choice, she gave up the latter to bolster the others.
  • As her list of close friends dwindled into nothing, Phyrral chose to focus on her studies and grew closer to her father and mother for it.
  • Unfortunately, the girl was blindsided at 16 by poor luck. Having survived the Inquisition intact, her parents were slain by remnants of the Church of Dawn while working away from home.
  • Phyrral received the news only a few days later, and withdrew into her family's home. No coaxing from her few remaining friends, Coven members or extended family could bring her out for nearly a month's time.
  • When the house's food supply began to dwindle, she left only to sort out issues of inheritance and money before beginning an endless cycle of staying in to study and leaving only for necessities.
  • Said cycle continues to this day, with Phyrral still not over the passing of her parents and adamantly refusing to take steps in that direction, to boot.

Recent Development

  • In her first actual job for the Grove, Phyrral assists a group of adventurers in helping a resident with a vegetation problem… They discover an ancient plant that hasn't existed for decades or perhaps centuries, and she finds herself a goal that doesn't involve sitting in her basement with books, cats and tea.
  • Finally leaving her home for something more than just nourishment and new books, Phyrral spends her time in Heidelberg's woods searching for a suitable place to sow her new seeds. The forest walks are lonely, but she prefers it that way.

Friends and Foes


  • Sheila Moonglow :: “I miss you.”
  • Amal Moonglow :: “You, too.”


  • Banshee (She) :: “Five years old. Black, with green eyes. She's the only one who goes outside. Loves to sit on the roof.”
  • Diego :: “Three years old. Black, with yellow eyes. He stays in the study, usually.”
  • Sapphire (Saph) :: “Seven years old. Black, with blue eyes. She sleeps in my dresser.”


  • Harley :: “She saved my life when my house was broken into. Does that make us friends? Maybe.”
  • Oliver :: “He helped when my house was broken into. And… Stayed behind. I'm not sure if that makes us friends, or not.”


  • Azar :: “He helped when my house was broken into.”
  • Calder :: “He helped when my house was broken into.”
  • Charoban :: “One of the people who helped me with the Wandering Willow.”
  • Elebriwien :: “One of the people who helped me with the Wandering Willow, and when my house was broken into.”
  • Irene :: “One of the people who helped me with the Wandering Willow.”
  • Sydney :: “One of the people who helped me with the Wandering Willow.”
  • Tahni :: “One of the people who helped me with the Wandering Willow.”
  • Teleris :: “She helped when my house was broken into.”


  • The Church of Dawn :: “You got yours, and it still wasn't enough.”
  • Landion Syrel :: “He stole my mother's dagger… I'm getting that back.”

Art by Arla! Do not steal!

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