Oliver Chance

Gender: Male
Age: 28
Race: Splicer/Feline
Belief: Atheist
Birth Date: July 30
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Vagabond Mercenary
Skills: Cooking, Martial Arts
Birth Place: Lighthalzen
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Once optimistic and full of good feelings, Oliver has since turned to a more darker side. With everything and everyone taken away from him he's nearly given up in believing in anything good. Being naive and hopeful only gets you killed, even with best of intentions… Since losing the only people he's loved he's closed off at any attempt to bother again. The guilt and pain he's gone through following the Republican war he carries with him every day. It bogs him down like a ball and chain and it makes it even harder for the man to move on.

Despite losing nearly all hope he would still come to someone's aid like it's just burned into his very being. The only difference is that his methods are more desperate. When he only lived up to his own moral code, he strived to do the best thing he could in the best way possible, avoiding killing at all cost. Now? Spilling blood is the least of his worries.

There are still parts of him that will always make him Oliver Chance but as of now he is a mere shadow of his former self.



Recent Development


  • There's finally a break in the crowbar mangler case and Oliver plans out a way to pinpoint exactly where he is by jumping inside the victim's dreams. The mere idea of it all creeps him the hell out, wondering if anyone could jump into his own nightmares but shrugs off his displeasure for the most part.
  • THE BATTLE ROYALE HAS FINALLY COME! And boy was it an experience. Oliver teams up with man named Derrick and the two plan to make a bee line to the first chest they see. Somehow Oliver is the first to get his hands on one, invoking the ire of every competitor around him. His training shines throughout the royale and he's mostly able to avoid being knocked down for half of the trek. Derrick turns out to be the most reliable partner he's ever had and after transforming into a goddamn BEAR they are able to snag the first victory, though not without Oliver losing control and anger, entering into his own beast mode. He endures a final battle-esque type of fight with Rhydian until finally, after succumbing to his multiple injuries, poison, as well as some soul burns, Oliver is knocked out. Thankfully the goblins treat him and he's just left exhausted and sore. Both men then split the loot equally. Oliver now longs for Amatsu and it's onsens.
  • It had been months since the Royale and Oliver had left Glastheim, seemingly to just… disappear without a word to anyone.
  • For a couple of months, he'd taken residence in Payon, training with local martial artists, learning their style. It is there that he meets a local shrine maiden, Aoibhell, and comes across with the RDF's SpliceX - a pill to help with beastial rage. Oliver takes it for a couple of weeks before ultimately cutting himself off, unable to deal with the side effect.
  • Instead of swearing off beasial rage altogether, he wonders if there's a way to train his body to control himself when he enters that state - or better yet, being able to enter and leave it at will. If could do that… if he could use that to add to his strength, he could be strong enough to protect those that matter to him. Where could he go to learn all about rage? With the orcs! To Karnorc!


Blue Barrette: A hair clip his sister Charity once wore. Oliver keeps it with him in his back pocket at all times.
Red Handkerchief: A scarf he wears around his neck given to him by his good friend Dawn. It served as protection for his self inflicted throat injury but now he wears it as a good luck charm.
Paper Cat: Folded by the paper magician Poe Ellery himself! It's very special to him just because! No real reason! Stop asking him!
Golden Charm: Given to him by Dawn! While he doesn't believe in luck, Oli is willing to hope that it'll bring him better fortune.


  • Stella Chance - Sister ( DECEASED ) “You were always the smart one. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you… I miss your scolding.
  • Brooke Chance - Sister ( DECEASED ) “You always sang my favorite songs… I'm sorry you couldn't be the star you wanted to be.
  • Charity Chance - Sister ( DECEASED ) “My little baby princess… Life had barely been available to you. You deserved to grow up and experience the world
  • Laura Chance - Mother ( DECEASED ) “Stop it..! Just stop it! I-I can't stand the sight of you anymore! Just go away! I can't take it anymore!
  • Ashton Chance - Father ( DECEASED ) “I thought I hated you but we were more alike than we thought. You deserved better.


  • Aravae Selmer - ★ “My firefly. You've taught me a lot and your endless kindness and sympathy was something I never thought I deserved. I'm who I am, and alive, because of you.” A kind soul who offered to listen to him without judgment. They doted on each other like brother and sister, a relationship Oliver was very grateful for. They have a platonic love for one another and he knows he will do anything for her.


  • Dawn Elereth - “It's a real privilege getting to know you and being your friend. You're still the same as ever, huh? Never change.” A girl he's fond of because she reminds him of his sister Brooke. He knows she may be more fond of him than he of her but regardless, she is a good friend he would not like to lose.
  • Rhydian Stahl - “I'm real.. grateful to ya. I wouldn't have been able to be okay with who I am if it weren't for you. If you're ever in an adventuring kind of mood let me know, yeah?” A worthy companion to have alongside him in battle. He is still very attracted to the man though he's also very happy they're good guy pals.
  • Song Shin - “She and her sister are like royalty. I kinda feel like a peasant around them sometimes.” Someone he thinks is wiser than her age. He's very intrigued by the sisters Song and their weird bird. He's surprised she enjoys his company.
  • Song Suyin - “She seems like she likes to fight a little more than Song. I'd like to sit in on one of their training sessions. Maybe she'd spar with me.” The other Song sister he's very interested in knowing more about. He finds both she and Shin very beautiful, almost like Ba Jinian princesses. He definitely respects them both.
  • Chef Kenichi - Sensei… I'm sorry I never called you that until now… I should have thought to protect you too. Thank you for everything. You helped remind me of the talent I forgot I had. His culinary teacher that taught him more than just how to cook like a real chef. After learning of what happened to his soul after the events of the Unclouded, Oliver will make it a point to visit him where he now currently works.
  • Watanabe Shino - “You've been really great to me. I really appreciate it. Could you maybe tell your uh, friends to stop hitting on me? I think one sneaked in my room the other night… I wonder how she's doin' now.” A friend he's glad he met during strange circumstances. She and her rather large family welcomed him with opened arms and provided him a place to stay and a job as a chef.
  • Elliot Denali - “I forgot he's like a hundred years older than me. Still, he's pretty cute and one hell of a musician. He's even got fans!” An incubus he formed a friendship with during that expedition. They fought along with each other and Oliver's seen how strong the guy can be.
  • Poet Ellery - “I was able to tell him some things but he can't know the real shit. He'd never look at me the same way again… I'm sorry, Poe. Maybe you're better off knowin' me from a distance.” A man Oliver cares about a great deal but worries that his current mental state is a little too much to handle.
  • Melody Ellery - “Poe's twin sister. She's got a good head on her shoulders. I can tell she really loves and cares for her brother. She's pretty tough!” A woman Oli quickly befriended through a mutual care for a certain librarian. He respects the hell outta her and can sympathize with her worry over her brother. He thinks she knows how he feels about Poe but hopes she doesn't. How embarrassing!
  • Freya Leone - “Songbird. She's got a quiet strength but a loud heart. Something about her inspires me to do everything I can to save Flora. Don't give up on yourself. You're a hell of a lot stronger than you know.” An elven girl that just radiates sunshine and warmth, someone Oliver could be in the company of more often. He enjoys hearing her sing - a brief reprieve from the horror movie his mind plays 24/7.


  • Alecto Della Corte - “I'm pretty damn proud to have worked with you. For someone so mysterious, you've shown a lot of courage and wisdom. Probably one of the smartest people I've met.
  • Elise Denali - “I'm… real happy for you. For the both of you. I really hope you both find happiness and uh, lots of booze.
  • Aja Rahal - “Girl's got guns! I wouldn't mind having a workout partner like her.
  • Helios - “Do you got a problem or somethin'? He actually turned out to be a formidable opponent in the Royale. Maybe if you get that stick outta your ass, we could spar sometime.
  • Anja Leitner - “Poe's daughter. She's a cute kid but a bit of a handful. I worry she'll get herself in more trouble than she can handle… I'll try to keep an eye on her when Poe can't. We… have a similar trigger. I want to protect her even more now.
  • Richter Callahan - “He's a good kid just trying to find his place in the world. Doesn't look like he's got much to look up to so I'll… try to do what I can. Keep him from making the same mistakes I made. His father, though… No, I can't think like that.
  • Dusk Elereth - “Dawn's twin sister. Their looks are about the only thing they have in common. She's an acting captain filling in for her boss. Wow she's pretty tough.
  • Rush - “Another splicer– a captain even. He's pretty nice. He and Songbird make a nice pair. Take care of her, yeah? Make sure you take care of yourself too.
  • Tahni Mayor - “A witch of Heidelberg who's willing to help me out with my investigations. Even gave me money to stay at the inn to rest up.
  • Rurik Yorenguard - “Doc is.. okay I guess. I don't like doctors but he's alright. A little eccentric. Surprisingly reliable but I guess that's his job.
  • Derrick Ryder - “Are you kiddin' me? A fucking bear? He's got a lot more tenacity than I initially gave him credit for. Glad we were able to rely on each other like that, win or lose - it was fun. Not half bad lookin' either. Kinda wanna talk to him some more.
  • Westel Vitale - “Nice enough guy with an interestin' job. Sorry for worryin' you. I'll be okay-ish for our 'trip'.
  • Sasaki Suzume - “Real cute girl from Amatsu. I told her I'd help her out with her Common and translate whatever I can for her and she just might teach me her…. ribbon… acrobatics.


  • Glynth - “I don't find him charming or amusing. Just highly annoying and inconsiderate.
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