Nouvein Abelasan

“I think… I mean.. maybe? I'm not sure.. what was the question?”

Gender: Female
Age: 19
Race: Human Demi-Harupi
Height: 5’ 3” - 160cm
Weight: 75 lbs - 34 kg
Belief: Agnosticism
Birth Date: October 5th
Sign: Libra ♎
Occupation: Student at the Wizard’s Guild of Aldebaran; Heiress; Initiate to the Guild of Heroes; Explorer's Guild
Battle Efficient Skills: Wind Magic, Summoning, Marksmanship
Non-Combat Skills: Exhibition Shooting, Creature Lore
Birth Place: Al De Baran, Kingdom of Rune Allied City States of Rune
Character Sheet
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Personality and Description

It takes bravery to be kind, while these words might hold true to Nouvein, she does not impose herself as a very brave figure. Nervous and lacking confidence with many aspects of her life. Being a patient woman, with a sensitive nature - she tends to care too much for others, too easily. Opening her heart without worry for the risks hurt. While Nouvein has a grim outlook for herself, she tends to have a more upbeat look for others. Wishing to be supportive and helpful to them, she is hopeful to have many friends and companions - to fill her life with adventure like the storybooks her mother would read her. Nouvein has a love of Aurora’s vast lands, creatures, and mysterious - a romantic storybook fantasy that dwells in her heart is what the young maiden's heart desires.

Items of Note

Gemmite Pendant A red gemmite coin worn on a thin silver chain around Nouvein's neck. It has a small phrase “Lights Out” carved onto the edge. - A gift from Helios
Beaded Bracelet Pink and white beads with Nouvein's name spelled upon it. - A gift from Helios
Pink Sun Hat A fashionable pink hat from swan silks to block the sunny rays of warmer seasons. Accompanied by a large red ribbon that adds just the right feminine and elegant touch to any wearer. - A gift from Helios
Platinum Medallion With the image of a trident rising above the seas, encircled by some sort of serpent, Nouvein has received this as her trials begin… it emits strange unfamiliar mana. - Given by Lady Rhiannon


Living off the fables her mother wove for her, stories fueled by dreams of a woman out of touch with reality. They were happy days, as a teen, she can see clearly that her mother was a woman she saw through rose-tinted glasses. She spent most of her time hand in hand with mother and her stories, along with their families attendants.

A wealthy father who face reality head-on, a merchant who believed the solution for all was a coin - enough coin could take you anywhere. While work kept him away most of Nouvein’s childhood, he was a doting man. Ensuring his family never wanted for anything.

With stories from her childhood and the vibrant imagination she inherited from her mother, Nouvein plunged herself into studies of magic soon entering the wizard’s guild. It was not long after she received the acceptance letter did her mother pass, joining the cycle of death.

Recent Development

RP Hooks
Being a Summoner comes with its own notability, thought Nouvein is a special case with her change in appearance and her previous fame for being 'worst summoner'. The last one to bring her summon to full form - she has never won a single practice duel, and her grades have always been sub-par. She does not inspire much confidence with the wizard's guild.
Seen frequently in Glastheim, favoring the library with Poet Ellery, or outside the Tea Shop. She used to be seen with many treats but now she seems to just enjoy sitting with a potent smelling tea that slowly grows cold…
As an initiate to the Guild of Heroes, Nouvein seems keen to meet the others and mayhaps even befriend them. Though she is a nervous wreck about it and often ducks away when she sees the other heroes. Too frightened to approach such imposing people.

The Abelasan Familia

  • Viorec Abelasan Beloved Father “I do not want to lose any more time with you - over silly things!
  • Lovisa Abelasan Dearest Mother “I miss you… I wish I had your stories to guide me still.Deceased.

Eternally Bound

  • PochemuWe have each other, always.

They haven't abandoned me yet…

  • Luna SafinaYou dazzle me with your bravery!
  • Aoide WallaceThank you for your support and kindness.. you really are someone to look up too.

When should we go exploring?

  • Neptunebeing a mermaid must be so magical.
  • Glynth “Ha.. ha.. ha.. Please… stop.”
  • Erebus “I'm.. not really.. sure.. you are pretty.. and scary? Pretty scary?”

They are the Heroes, not me!

  • Lady RhiannonUhm…?
  • DexterWhy do you keep looking at me?
  • Aoki YunoYou seem like a nice person.
  • Grog Whiskeyson“Oh uh… Well.”
  • NavaraYou are really good at uhm…
  • Pukla PukiIs that sparking… normal?
  • HeathcliffAre you okay, you don't seem okay…
  • Turoa RahalThank you for the gift.

It would be bold to call them Friends

  • Fenrich Galondel "Helios"I hope for you to achieve all of your dreams.
  • Poet "Poe" ElleryY-Y-Your praise is too much!
  • Rurik YorenguardWow.. you have done so much.
  • Alexandra Fairweather Uh-Uhum… I am.. sorry, I can go exist somewhere else now…
  • Aslan Yazdi “Sorry about Poche!”
  • Noah Harper “Uhm… Good luck.. with modeling!”
  • Alecto Della Corte “Thank you for helping me with… this.”
  • Westley Faolan “You seem awfully tired…”
  • Sora “You were v-very thorough.”
  • Marelyn Galondel “I don't think you need to follow me anymore.”



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