“I live a charmed life - I think you’ll agree…”

Full Name: Yria-Nor, Jinan
Gender: Male
Age: 170
Race: Elf
Height: 5'8“
Belief: ??
Birth Date: November 10th
Sign: Scorpio
Occupation: Relic Hunter
Combat Skills: Spirit Magic, Close Quarters
Practical Skills: Dancing, Percussion, Performance
Birth Place: Umbala, Vahk’Sala
Languages: Elvish, Common, Quattori, Cascadian, Aruni
Theme - Traust
Voice - Lotor, Singing
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Jinan is a man far from modesty, though some might say vain, or pretentious, or at worst hopelessly narcissistic - and he’d argue part of his charm is his sanguine humor. Relentlessly cavalier, self-assured, prone to gallantry, he in no short supply of any of these qualities and makes sure everyone knows it. He comes on with a pride tempered by perpetual affability; so perpetual it’s difficult to determine if he has a temper at all. In the worst of situations, one can expect him to be as blithe as a breezy afternoon - often to a reliable fault. In worser situations… it might be best not to speak about it.

Like any of his kin, Jinan carries a natural grace that compliments his nature. Though if anyone can make insufferable laziness look cultured and elegant, he certainly can; he not only employs a devil-may-care attitude but way of life, ever dauntless and ever venturesome. It’s hard to dissuade him from a promising adventure, especially when there’s something valuable involved.

Jinan rarely dresses down (or at least seen dressing down), partial to bright colors and brighter jewelry - even when it comes to getting his hands dirty, it still doesn’t prevent him from looking as conspicuously extravagant as possible. His hair is a rich deep green with blue undertones, falling in long curled coils that look more natural than maintained than the rest of his appearance, and eyes a sharp green-yellow that contrast starkly against his dark skin and angular elven features.

Anything considered ‘normal’ stops right about there. Recently, the areas around his brows, cheekbones, and ears shift seamlessly from normal skin into leaf-like mutations. It could be mistaken for very convincing makeup or a mask from a further distance, but clearer on closer inspection it has an unearthly quality. It’s an excuse that falls short explaining the rest of his mutations on all over his body, along with scarification that was already there; he hardly bothers to conceal it all (outside of the Republic) but he could pass more for ‘dryad’ than ‘elf’, these days. Though for an elf, he is a bit on the shorter side… something he makes up for his ego, and maybe heels. Just don’t bring it up.

Jewelry Box A wooden jewelry box with a stained glass cover, holding an collection of similarly themed stained glass ornaments in combs, brushes, and pins. A gift from Avi.
Incense Box A wooden box carved with vines and leaves stained a dark green. It holds a number of incenses, all categorized with extreme care. A gift from Avi.
Marigold Bracelet A bracelet of wooden beads with three carved into little marigolds. For good luck.

Recent Developments

Against better judgment, Jinan follows Avi in the second group of volunteers to the Tanglewood. But he does not come out the same - the Wood has its grip on him, mutating from the inside out. Mutations and the strange dreams that come with them aside, Jinan spends a good deal of his time now with the nomadic settlement of the Veiled Sun. It’s as good as home, even though he knows he won’t be staying forever.



  • Cassiopeia Caelus - “The Academy certainly has tempered you, but there’s glimpses of that daredevil yet.” - A childhood friend also from the jungles of Umbala, and recently stumbled upon in the Seeker’s Camp. Jinan’s not usually one to pry (much), but his old friend has gotten up to a fair amount of trouble in his absence - he doubts that’ll hold her back any.
  • Heathcliff - “How is it that you’re better friends with my friends than I am? Stop that.” - Another old friend from Jinan’s later years; despite having as polar personalities as they could possibly get, they have a mutual passion in their music.
  • Irha Ithe - “If you’re looking to run away from your feelings don’t rat me out either, my dear.”
  • Qisma Tazi - ”Don’t worry, you have plenty of years of pining ahead of you.”

Friends, but a little to the left…

  • Avi Poirot - “Keep this up and you might just get stuck with me.” - Not really a rival, not really a partner, but somehow a near-constant presence in Jinan’s life. Leaving each other alone never seems to work for long - a part of him may never want him to leave.

With the Wood

  • Lydia Sokolov - ”Unexpectedly, I’d like to think we get along.”
  • Maeve Miller - ”You and I, we’re ill-advised daredevils.”
  • Sybil Price - ”Can’t say this is how I thought we’d meet again…”
  • Lunette Gael - ”You really remind me of someone. You know, same face? Temperament?”


  • Alexandra Fairweather - ”For all that you ‘d like to refrain from being competitive at other people’s expense, I think you should embrace it - it suits you.”
  • Annette Collins - “Young and already so strong-willed! You have a bit of a frightening side…”
  • Glynth - ”You certainly are a professional jester, but how often do you let people underestimate you?”
  • Kosmenos Argent - “Aren’t you just a pepper?”
  • Laira Helthorne - Intimidating. But I like that.”
  • Nadine - “I know a showwoman and a kindred spirit when I see one.”
  • Poet Vitale-Ellery - ”I’m glad my using you was beneficial to the both of us.”
  • Tetra - “I’m fairly certain shooting at those three wasn’t even remotely the most questionable thing you’ve done.”
  • Aoki Yuno - “I’ve a feeling you’re plenty reckless, which means you’ll fit right in.”
  • Jake Laddir - ”Why’d you have to go off and lose a leg? You were one of the good ones.”


  • Jane - “You’re charming, in the will-shoot-your-balls-off sort of way. I wonder if you’ve moved on.”
  • ?? - “Let’s just say I have a friend at the bottom of the sea.”
  • Aoki Miho - ”Too much loss, too much responsibility… It explains many things.”
  • Mike Royal - ”I’m still not above pulling your bones out of your nostril.”
  • Severo Russo - “Couldn’t just die simply, could you?”
  • Gavin Steele - “Why doesn’t the Wood have anything to say about you?”
  • The Wolf - ”Cute. Don’t touch him again.”


—- Main art @juhaihai

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