Noah Harper

“I won't ever let anyone tell me who I should be - I am me!”

Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Light Elf
Belief: Atheist
Birth Date: January 18th
Sign: Capricorn
Occupation: House Baefor Model
Skills: Swordsmanship, Dancing, Singing, Modeling
Birth Place: Glastheim
Character Sheet
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Singing voice

Personality and Description

For the first half of his life, Noah was the very definition of a spoiled rich kid - taking advantage of every luxury he had, abusing the help, never having to face the consequences of his actions. He was a hateful, spiteful child and didn't care one bit about it.

Something changed him though, something big enough to change his core. Noah grew up to be a little nicer to people and to reel back the obnoxious behavior though in the form of being anti-social. Though he does retain some of his original nature mostly through his trademark grumpy face. If he doesn't have to waste his energy on something, he pretty much won't.

Still, he's better than he used to be though he's not happy where he is. Due to reasons he prefers to keep to himself, Noah is very vigilant and sometimes he has a hard time fully relaxing. He has trust issues and usually relies on himself before choosing to depend on someone else. This can make him hard to work with when forced to participate with a group. He prefers being a lone wolf.

But despite his otherwise difficult personality, he can be gentle and kind when with the right person. Even if around someone friendly with, he is awkward if almost in a cute sort of way.

Recent Development

  • Adjusting to living in his home with his fiance, his boyfriend, his fiance's newly discovered younger sister, as well as ten feline children. All the while he struggles to find his place in life without returning to his abusive and manipulative father. Soul searching is hard…


  • Lucifer Harper - Twin sister “Our family is screwed up but… if anyone can save it, it’s you.” His twin sister and now the new representative and head of the Glastheim Harper family branch after usurping the position from their father. Noah’s relationship with her has always been close. When she encourages him to do something, he most likely does it. Most of the time.
  • Isabella Harper - Mother “Luci’s taking care of you now but we both know you’re never coming back.” The twins mother who is now a shell of her former self. Unable to handle her husband’s constant infidelity and scandal, she fell victim to her fantasies early in their childhood, leaving them to be raised by their father. Her sanity left her long, long ago and all that is left is a soul soaked in alcohol and angel caress.
  • Adrian Harper - Father “I won’t turn into you. I’ll be better and I’ll put you in your place.” His father, a man he has despised since the tender age of five. A life of physical and emotional abuse has derived an ire so intense, not even talking it through would help. Adrian does his damndest to ensure his son is miserable, holding him back from pursuing the life he truly wants.

“My Starlight”

  • Irene Landevale - ♡ Fiance “There's hardly a time I'm not grateful for her being in my world. I never thought I deserved someone so wonderful but I can't imagine having gone through my life without her.” His whole world and everything that could ever matter to him wrapped up in one person. Noah’s spent all his life loving her and now is grateful to have her by his side until the end of time.

“My Sunlight”

  • Ion Sheridan - ♡ Boyfriend “His smile, his laugh, his voice - he's sweet sunlight wrapped in flowers. I don't think I could ever doubt how he feels about me… nor will he have to doubt me. ” Another model Noah met in Geffenia who turned out to be Freya's childhood friend. After an initial rivalry, the two became close friends and now much, much more. They bicker and challenge each other but it's almost… always loving and encouraging exchange.

“The Best of Them”

  • Laira Helthorne - “She’s probably the closest thing to a best friend that I have. We’re a lot a like and she’s always honest with me.” Glastheim’s assistant physician and someone Noah considers his closest friend. He values her opinion, even if he doesn’t always like to hear it.
  • Freya Leone - “She can be surprisingly wise when she wants to be. I think I look up to her now. Her light is very much appreciated. ” A girl who absolutely irritated Noah at first but eventually warmed up to him. She taught him how to sing and better express himself, although he was really hesitant at first.
  • Lux Albero - “Soulmates, huh…? Guess that's the only way to describe us. I'm really glad you're alive. If I found myself in that position, then I… I hope you'll be there to stop me. ” A boy Noah met while on vacation in Dorado that he found he related to on a deep level. After saving him from taking his own life, Lux became indebted to him.
  • Minho Weon - “He's the big, strong, and silent while also cute and sweet type. I'm glad he and Lux are finally happy together. ” Lux's boyfriend and a fellow orphan. Noah admires Minho's strength and willingness to do anything to protect the person he loves.

“They're okay.”

  • Aslan Yazdi - “Blacksmith who made me some pretty cool armor and weapons. He’s an okay guy.
  • Aeden Damon - “Irene said he’s a royal guard now. Eh.
  • Rurik Yorenguard - “I uh… realize I projected a lot of…… insecurities of mine on him. Made me kinda a tool, so…. I guess he's not so… bad… Tch.


  • Io Landevale - ”Irene's little sister couldn't be any less like her. It's hard to get along with her when she hates me so much.


With Irene ♥★

( Main art by me its me i did this )

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