I only have one life, so it might as well be an adventure!

Gender: Female
Age: 115
Race: Merfolk (Os)
Birth Date: Febuary 27th
Sign: Pisces
Occupation: Ambassador
Skills: Sailing, Navigating the seas, Magic, Studying, Dancing, Alchemy, Diplomacy
Birth Place: Thalassa
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Neptune is someone who thirsts for adventure and exploration, to learn everything the world has to offer. She may sometimes act like a fish out of water but don't let that fool you - Neptune is highly educated. She is a fan of stories and tales but yearns to live them out herself, to write her own story while experiencing everything herself.

While hindering warnings and the words of others, ultimately Neptune decides to face danger in her own way with confidence that she will always see things through to the end. In a way, she's defiantly fearless. When she starts things, no matter what, she will find a way to end things - wanting to live with no regrets.

She's a good friend to have around. She's loyal to a fault and takes pleasure in teasing for fun. She's naturally gentle and motherly and will become invested in her relationships with the people she cares about. There are often times she tires herself out by caring too much, but it's a flaw she has that she accepts no matter what. She's acceptive of pretty much anyone no matter their flaes, though that solely depends on whether someone intends on hurting others. Sometimes she may act naive but do not be fooled - Neptune is very self-aware.

And she's a real fun gal! She's very prone to laughing fits and is very easily amused. More often than not she's having a real good time just existing.

Recent Development


Friends at Sea

  • Vega - Even though I had to earn my way to be your pupil, if you could even call it that, what I learned from you I know will help me both as an alchemist and an ambassador. Thanks… really. An old and wise mermaid Neptune had to 'convince' to mentor her in alchemy. Known in her home as a witch of the sea, Vega is infamous for being… very strange but highly knowledgeable. She is the first Neptune comes to for advice.
  • Sirius - If anyone's going to discover what's in the deep black, it's you! I just hope you take care of yourself while I'm gone. How are you supposed to tell me about your discoveries if you're dead? Someone Neptune knows she can depend on when it comes to hunting, scavenging, and discovery. Some others consider him somewhat of an outlaw but not one to judge someone's lifestyle, Neptune respects him greatly.

Nice Folk!

  • Shailoh Hill - I used to be good friends with her mom. Wow, what a tragic end. She told me a lot about her daughter and I've kinda been keeping an eye on her in a way. I'm glad she's found a new family! Amelia would be really happy.
  • Simon Wallace - He's really fun to tease! I don't see him as often as I used to but I did hear he's engaged! Congrats!
  • Irene Landevale - What a stunning looking girl! She's so cute and nice aaand she can join me for a swim thanks to the shawl she won. I'd like to study some of her magical artifacts sometime.
  • Noah Harper - I love this elf he's also really fun to play pranks on. He makes the funniest faces! I like talking to him though, when he's on patrols. He wants to get out and see the world too. I hope you do!

( Main art by Cat! )

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