Namikawa Sachi

“On with it.”

Gender: Female
Age: 29
Race: Human
Height: 6'0“
Weight: 139 lbs.
Belief: An Eye For An Eye
Birth Date: Early Summer
Sign: Cancer
Occupation: Bodyguard (Empress Crew)
Combat Skills: Swordsmanship, martial arts, infiltration, assassination, agility
Peaceful Skills: Falconry, diplomacy
Birth Place: Amatsu
Theme Distorted Swordsmanship
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Arrogant yet oddly charming, Sachi is a woman that is often hard to read. Whether she is paying fickle attention to the words of others whilst tending to her loyal falcon companion, or appearing to be focused on the task before her, her demeanour is invariably smug and confident.

Tall and lithe, Sachi keeps her form by carefully picking what she eats and keeping herself disciplined. Black hair and dull grey eyes make for a monotone appearance, coupled with her nonchalant personality. Her choice of clothing is situational at best and depends only on where she is and who she is working with at a given time.


Being the last living descendant of a family of samurai, her family disgraced by the crimes of her father, Sachi carries a burden. The burden of retribution. She knows the truth of the fall that beset her name, and she intends to redeem it in the way she knows best: By raising her sword in the name of the highest bidder. Some say a samurai must not kill for profit or personal gain. Sachi has forgone tradition in favour of results.

Recent Development

  • The truth comes to light, and Sachi is crushed under the weight of all she had done under a false pretense.


  • Namikawa Yue: Father. “Rest well, father. Your erroneous ideals die with you, but your skill and teachings live through me and Rhydian, now.”
  • Taka: Falcon companion. “We fly.”
  • Rhydian Stahl: Soul brother. “To think that for years I considered you a heinous villain, a worm, something unfit to even crush under my heel. Please forgive me, and let us live to see tomorrow under the same banner.”

The Crew:

  • Norah/Monroe-dono: Employer. “I will be repaying you for as long as I live.”
  • Zahira/Sol-dono: “A beautiful flower.”
  • Clover/Leaf-dono: “Green of form, ripe of spirit.”
  • Liv/Javier-dono: “The good doctor. Best you watch that rapier wit of yours.”
  • Aeden/Abs-dono: “Not very bright, are you.”
  • Aiveen/Inotiyr-dono: “A shame you would resign yourself to being eye candy.”
  • Elise/Denali-dono: “Take care of him, please. He never knows when to stop.”
  • Sorin/Sotelier-dono: “I begin to understand what Blackburn-dono sees in you.
  • Raissa/Blackburn-dono: “You stand out amidst the privateers. I wonder what your goal here is.”


  • None! Good thing, too.
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