Morgan Lynn

Art by BritishMuffin on tumblr! “So much for being a caged songbird, eh? There's enough out here to keep me busy 'til I die, heheh!”

Gender: Female
Age: 25
Race: Human
Height: 5'8“ / 1.7m
Weight: 156 lbs / 70 kg
Belief: Freedom
Birth Date: July 22nd
Sign: Cancer
Occupation: Traveling Blacksmith
Combat skills: Hammer & Crossbow Combat, Martial Arts
Practical skills: Mastersmith, Gadgetry
Birth Place: Al de Baran
Theme - Speed Buster
Voice - Lucina

Personality and Description

Morgan is a feisty woman with little care for the rules or laws of the world and the impact of breaking them. She considers herself a free spirit, though it may be more that she has resigned to doing what she'd like and dismissing the consequences of her actions. It's a mindset that's bound to get her into trouble, and yet she looks like she can handle it… This woman sports the kind of muscle that lacks tone, the sort that makes her look chubby until an onlooker spots her weapon of choice! A collapsible metal mallet never leaves her back, looking sort of like a strange metal backpack when it's folded up and requiring both hands to wield when it extends to its full size.

She dresses in an odd garb made of rough leather that seems deceptively sturdy and is adorned with many beads. It's certainly a much older style, though it looks freshly made of modern materials… Coupled with that is a pair of glass-lensed goggles that are either over her eyes or forehead and a thick scarf draped over her neck. It looks incredibly old, threadbare, and on the verge of falling apart.

Given her distaste and disregard for rules and regulations, Morgan comes off as a bit of a troublemaker… She never goes out of her way to break such laws, however, and merely does it for her own convenience when it's necessary. The woman can be rather blunt with her opinions and statements, as well, which can take some time to get used to. She's not unfriendly, however, so long as she isn't talked down to.

Personal Items

Tattered Scarf An old scarf in orange, brown and yellow that seems to be falling apart. It rarely, if ever, leaves her neck. She claims that it was once enchanted, but the effect has detereorated with the rest of it…


She'd rather not share.

Recent Development

  • Morgan sets out to take on the world, free from the ties that previously bound her. She bequeaths all that she owns to a certain company, barring what she can carry on her, and leaves to do little more than explore aimlessly. Also, smash things with a hammer.

Friends and Foes


  • A Certain Someone - ”I'd rather live out this dream with you, but I'll see you in the next life, won't I? And I'll have plenty of stories to tell, heheh.“ Morgan's deceased lover. Few days go by where she does not think of him, but it's with a bittersweet sort of sadness… In time, she'll be by his side again.


Art is © Muffin

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